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  1. Hello, I am Aradia, and I am a newbie here at Iwaku RP. I am not new to roleplay, but I have been wanting to branch out for awhile from my main fanbase.

    A few things about myself: I have no preferred genres or anything, so no matter what the story is you can call me in! The reason I have come here is for experience in plenty of styles, stories, and settings ;)

    I love to draw, so if you would like a visual representation of your RP character I would be more than happy to do just that for you, darling.

    No triggers, go crazy!

    Thank you for listening to my senseless babbling, I'll be off to writing my characters now :) ciao!
  2. No triggers. Nice.

    I am October, local mod, ex knight and all leche! Welcome to the site!

    Let us know if you need anything!
  3. Greeting Aradia! >:3 Welcome to our forums!
  4. Hiii! Welcome to IwakuRoleplay aradia~!

    Pardon me for the small writing, since i'm actually used to it. Anyway, if you have any questions to ask you could visit the website, like it was stated from above, or ask any of the admins/staff and users who might help you with your problem. Every one of us are friendly to new users so don't worry, we won't bite unless your a tasty snack-- well ignore that last part anyway.

    We have lot's of different genres that will really help you, so don't mind posting in any of them. Good luck in finding your way, maybe in the future we might as well bump into each other. Byebye!

    r a y n e ~