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  1. Hello,

    Although it has been a while since I have pulled myself from seclusion in the real world. I have decided once more that writing by myself has proved un-inspiring lately. After much consideration and probing other unique forums; I have decided that this forum maybe the best place for me to once again engage in Role-Play writing. Despite how new I am to this forum in particular I am quite experienced in writing, and prior Role-Play experiences. While I was young I flocked to sites that had good writers, however they were all too arrogant, or dismissive of others. However after lurking un-registered on this forum for a while. I have decided that this place may indeed suit the environment that I may grow to love. Please bear with my need for confidentiality to my writing experience, and anonymity. I would much rather be known for my ability to write other aspects. So let me first give compliment to the set-up, and maturity of the forum at large. Then thank you for having me as a fellow contributor.

  2. Kiwi is my favorite fruit... >> *Debates eating said 'Kiwi' person...*

    Welcome to Iwkau, Kiwi! 8D

    My name is Iliana, and it's a pleasure to have you here! Since you've been stalking us lurking before joining, I suppose you know a good bit about how tings work here. If you're still kinda confused,
    this guide will help you out beautifully. :D

    If theres anything you need, we Staff Members will be glad to give you what you need!
  3. So very polite you are!

    It is good to have you with us, Kiwi!

    If you need anything, bug us for it ^^
  4. Hello, Kiwi!

    I'm Hirohashi. I can tell you that I came here looking to rekindle my roleplaying spirit. I was pleasantly surprised by how warmly I was welcomed, almost shocked. Iwaku is the fifth board I've joined, two of the previous ones were like you described above. I haven't looked back, or elsewhere since coming here. I hope you make a home for roleplay here just as I have.

    Welcome aboard. ^^
  5. Welcome to Iwaku fellow newbie!