Salutations, or Something.

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  1. Since you guys haven't seen me before, it's probably safe to bet this is not a departure.


    I'm just signing up 'cause XC told me to.

    I've been forum-RPing for about five years now, so I'm not a noob, but I can be a picky bitch sometimes. Comes with, well, whatever you get from five years' worth of sitting around on your arse writing.

    Also, I'm dragging this out as long as possible just to annoy XC.

    Peace out, or whatever it is you crazy people say.
  2. Ah! So you are that 'person' he talked about in the CBOX. Interesting, interesting....

    Well Sir or Madam. Welcome to the Community!
    I'm Doxa, pleasure to meet you.
    Please if you have any questions let us know.
    Other than that, have fun and enjoy yourself!
  3. I hate you.
  4. O..o Talking about the devil...
  5. I'm curious. "That 'person'" doesn't sound like it bodes well. What has he been saying about me? *suspicious glare*
  6. Nothing! -hides behind a door-
  7. Welcome to Iwaku XC's friend that he recruited after Charlie and Mo... but anyway... HI!
  8. Ahoy! Welcome aboard Iwaku!

    If ye be needin' anything don't be afraid to ask!

    Enjoy yer stay!