Salutations, all!

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Slade Dragoon

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Just dropping in to say hello and to introduce myself!

Name's Slade. I'm new to the whole Iwaku thing, but it seemed very shiny and bright, so i got drawn to it. Not new to Roleplay in general, though, so I'm raring to go!

Anyone feel like starting a fantasy or sci-fi RP, or adding some new blood to an existing one, drop me a line and I'm sure I can add something constructive and/or fun to it (or at least not mess it up too badly)!

Also, any questions, just drop me a message or post something here and i'll do my best to reply to it quickly and coherrantly.
Welcome to Iwaku Slade! And you've joined at a great time, there's a lot of Fantasy games and a few new Sci Fi games just starting up in the Roleplay OOCs~ I'm Zypher, your local RP global mod and if you need help with anything just shoot me a message and I'll be sure to help you right away~
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku Slade, I am Ike and if you need any help with something besides roleplaying just ask and I can help. *lols for some reason I thought your name was salad dragoon*
Hi Slade! I'm Rayne(:
I'm a newbie to Iwaku but I do like RP so if you want to start something new send me a message :D
Since you are a fan of fantasy and scifi, might I recommend, Tapestries? >:D
Iwaku is bright.....?

*shoots the searchlights and goes back to his dark theme*

Hi there Slade. I'm Vay, part of out ever caring staff team around here. And if Diana and Zypher are busy, or you feel like honoring me feel free to direct any questions you may have my way. And please remember the number one rule of roleplaying.... Fun is mandatory. And the computer is watching. And congratulations on writing your resume, saved me having to link you.
I will take you up on that, be warned, when I have time to GM another roleplay!
Nice to meet you, I'm Kitti. Please look at our roleplays and join them, I'd love to get to play with you ~ <3
Hello, Slade! ^^
Welcome to this lovely site of insanity and writing and such. =P
I hope you enjoy your stay here, and I'm always open for questions, just like those above me. ^_^

Also, is your avatar hand-drawn? =o
Welcome to the site.
Good to see another 40k player on Iwaku, we need more Space Marines.

BTW if you have a Daemon problem, call me.
Good to see another 40k player on Iwaku, we need more Space Marines.

BTW if you have a Daemon problem, call me.