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  1. Ooooooooh Iwaku. I used to randomly stalk the site whenever I'm off from school, but I decided to join the family!

    I'm gonna be known as LegitimateVarlot in here for the duration of, oh, I don't know, forever, and since that's kind of a handful, you can call me just Di! (Which is pronounced as die, unfortunately.) Or Diane. That's where it's based off, if it isn't obvious enough! You can still call me LegitimateVarlot if you want to, though! By this post alone, you could tell that I love talking--or typing, I don't know. I always love saying the first thing that pops in my mind.

    I've been writing since I was small, and while my first story was horrible and vomit-inducing, it didn't stop me from writing. Twelve years later, here I am, typing up this post! (Obviously, though, by the time you read this, I'd be done, haha!) I'm that type of person that just wants to curl up in my bed and snore the day away, but since school starts waaay early here, and ends waaay too late, I'm afraid I can't do that. Luckily school's ending, so yay me!

    I'm a huge Shakespeare nut, and my classmates love teasing me about it, telling me that I really shouldn't put in effort into reading a dead man's works, but hey, I love the dude's plays, and I love how his plays were based on history. (Take Romeo and Juliet, for example. It appears to be somewhat based on Mark Antony's and Cleopatra's relationship.) Guess where I got varlot from? That's right, Shakespeare! It used to mean a servant or an attendant, but I think it's now loosely translated to 'punk.' Anyhoo.

    When it comes to actual roleplaying, I really love having one-on-ones with people. I get confused when there are many people in a roleplay, and I'm not sure to whom I'd be replying to. I could probably roleplay with 2 or 3 people, but not 10 or something like that. @.@

    Again, I'm LegitimateVarlot and nice to meet y'all guys!

    -LV x
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  2. Welcome deary ^_^ *Gives cookies * i hope you enjoy this wonderful site and make lots of friends.
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  3. Welcome aboard!
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  4. Huzzah for cookies! *noms into cookies*

    Thanks, you guys <3 I really do hope I get to meet amazing people :')

    -LV x
  5. Hello there! I'm Melon/Mel! I hope you have a nice stay here, and if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM!
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  6. Hi hi! I'm Minibit, I do only one x ones as well so I totally get where you're coming from there. Merchant of Venice is my favourite Shakespeare <3

    Welcome to the site!
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  8. Welcome to Iwaku -smiles-
    I how you find some great times and friends
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