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    Twenty years ago freshwater became a rarity.

    Irrigation, and a toxic atmosphere decreased the earth's supply of fresh surface and ground water from 30.3%. to 11.5% The world went into a panic and country's governments scrambled to conserve what little water they still had. Third world countries that had little water to begin with began asking for help from the United Nations. At first, the UN were willing to help. But then a disaster of epic proportions struck the United States.

    A minor earthquake triggered the explosion of the Yellowstone volcano.

    The center of the US was ravaged, and there were no survivors. With this crisis on their hands the US retracted their offer of aid, and when they pulled out other countries followed suit. These countries closed their borders in an attempt to focus on and solve their own problems without any outside help. The third world countries were left on their own and with no help from anyone else; the continents of Africa and India seemingly perished as did the region of the Middle East.

    With the great decimation of their population, the US was conflicted. On one hand, they didn’t have to worry about that many people to provide for anymore, but on the other hand, they still had no water and the entire world knew of their weakness. If nations like Russia or China wanted to, they could attack the US and they wouldn’t be able to do a single thing to fight them. The US government knew they needed to find a solution to the water problem quickly, for if they gained the upper hand, everyone would become submissive to them. But what could they do?

    Their solution came in the form of a group of young scientists called F.Y.M (Fresh Young Minds). The group was made up of college students who had been researching the earth’s ice caps, before the Yellowstone Disaster. They suggested that the icecaps be melted to release the 68% of freshwater that was trapped inside of them. When the US expressed concern that the water might not be safe to consume, F.Y.M reasoned that any bacteria in the water would have been killed by the severely cold temperatures. And so, because they were desperate for leverage and salvage, the US granted the group permission to begin melting the caps.

    F.Y.M drilled off chunks of the ice caps and brought them back to the US, where they covered they placed them in protective containers and heated them up until they melted. They had several people of all ages, races, genders and sizes to taste the water and when nothing bad happened, the US green lighted it, although the finished product given to the public was heavily purified and injected with vitamins. The United States thrived on this water and when other countries heard of this news they demanded that the US share. However now that the US government had experienced the terror of the war on water, they knew that they couldn't let others know how they had saved themselves.

    Eleven years ago, the US became the only habitable place on earth.


    On February 6, 3040, the US dropped an atomic bomb on the UK, Europe and Russia. There were no survivors.

    On April 10, 3040, the US invaded Canada and forcefully merged with them. The Canadian Prime Minister was assassinated and the government was liquidated.

    On July 3, 3040, the US invaded Greenland and massacred all of its people. Australia was also invaded, the Australians were killed and the island was reverted to its original purpose; Being a prison. The prison was named 'Waste', and only the most severe criminals and traitors were sent there.

    On July 7, 3040, the US sent some of its military to the Caribbean Islands and South America as those were the only two locations that they saw as useful. The Caribbean Islands were renamed Prime and South America was renamed Zenith. The people in both areas were forced into eternal servitude. Prime and Zenith were where the US got most of its food, so naturally they had to keep the people somewhat healthy, so calling it servitude and not slavery was good for moral.

    On January, 1, 3041, the US was renamed The Chosen Land.

    June 15, 3050


    The descendants of the original taste testers began falling ill. The younger children simply became feverish and eventually died, but the older descendants, the teenagers and young adults began to crave water. But not freshwater, salt water.

    F.Y.M the scientist group which has evolved into a bigger corporation with tendrils and roots in the government, wish to study these ‘survivors’, but everyone knows that once you become a guinea pig for F.Y.M, you can never hope to achieve a better life. The group manages to get their claws on a thirteen year old girl named Ana. F.Y.M indulges her salt water craving and something miraculous happens right before their eyes. The girl becomes a mermaid. A beautiful creature, with razor sharp teeth, glittering black eyes, unparalleled beauty and a tail longer than half the size of her body. Ana’s physical capabilities increased drastically and she became stronger than ever before. The scientist saw potential in her, and they wanted to see how strong she really was and so they tested her. They electrocuted her, pitted her against sharks and psychologically manipulated her. At first, she seemed to brush all of this off, until one day, she dies.

    The other descendants feel this like a bullet ripping through their hearts and they get snippets of her last thoughts and memories. They know that they have to run or F.Y.M will catch them and do the same thing that they did to Ana to them. The death of Ana brought the minds of the descendants together and they slowly begin to notice that they can sometimes hear snippets of other descendants’ thoughts and memories. They use these hints and clues to find each other, and start to plan their escape.


    It’s been ten years since the world was massacred by The Chosen Land, surely some parts of the earth have recuperated enough to provide a home for these descendants?

    There will be two groups in this rp; The West Coast Descendants and the East Coast Descendants.​
    The West Coast Descendants need to meet up with the East Coast Descendants so that they can all leave The Chosen Land together. However the West Coast Descendants cannot travel by land and instead need to navigate through the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Islands to reach the East Coast meet up place where they will merge with the East Coast group and begin their longer journey.

    The west coast group isn't the only one that has it rough though. F.Y.M's main head quarters is on the East coast and they are on high alert while looking for the descendants. The East coast group need to be cautious when making their move or risk capture.
    The descendants are all teenagers and young adults from the age of 13 to 25. The sexes, races and sizes of the descendants are all very diverse.
    When a descendant transforms into their mer form, their eyes become all black, their teeth become razor sharp, and their natural beauty becomes enhanced so that they look like the best possible version of themselves. Their physical capabilities such as swimming, and overall strength increases.
    Example: Lifting up a car engine with one hand and throwing it. It would take two mers to throw an actual car though.
    The lower half of a mer is also more than half the size of their body, however that depends on what sea creature they take after.
    Example: A typical mermaid with a fish tail, would be longer than a shark.

    When on land and not exposed to copious amounts of saltwater, a descendant will remain in human form but they will experience discomfort such as dry and itchy skin, dry or itchy red/pink eyes, and possibly dry mouth. Drinking salt water will temporarily relieve these discomforts for about thirty minutes, however transformation is not possibly simply by ingesting salt water.
    ANA - The first mer.
    F.Y.M - Fresh Young Minds, a corrupt and powerful organization that controls the government and wishes to acquire all mers.
    DESCENDANT - A descendant of one of the ice cap water taste testers.
    MER - Unisex name for mermaids and mermen.
    PRIME - The renamed Caribbean Islands.
    ZENITH - The renamed South America.
    THE CHOSEN LAND - The renamed US.​

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  2. I'm all for this! Would this be an all female roleplay or would mermen be in here as well?
  3. @Alexa
    No, there would be mermen.
  4. What would the different genres of this be? It looks like a science fiction and low fantasy type deal.
  5. It would be modern fantasy
  6. So we'd be focusing more on the fantasy elements than the science fiction ones. Gotcha.
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  7. I am totally in!! I love this idea!
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  8. Question: How would the merpeople be able to get around? Do they have human disguises?
  9. When I make the Sign Up/OOC I'll put in more detail of how they transform from human to mer.

    The descendants do have human forms so they will be able to travel as such until they reach the ocean and at that point they'll have to use their mer forms. However because the mer form is their dominant form they will be very uncomfortable as humans. Itchy skin, dry eyes, dry mouth those types of symptoms. ^^

    :D I'm happy that you're interested! Hopefully this gets some more interest, so it can take off. :]
  10. I like this idea :)

    I would just like to make a few suggestions. And they are only suggestions:
    • How about all that war stuff happens between 2000-2050? The story could take place 1000 years after, giving more time for the evolution/mutation to develop. The mutation could be the result of the radiation.
    • The technology level is low (maybe society is back to the agricultural age) since the chosen land would have to rebuild after the war, because the other countries would have retaliated with their own nukes.
    • The F.Y.M. could have access to modern/futuristic technology while purposely keeping the rest of civilization at a low tech level, so they can better control society.
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  11. A bit of semi-science input on those suggestions
    So far as I can tell, the mutation is caused due to microbiotic organisms that were in the ice caps. Sure, radiation could be a triggar, but that would require specific circumstances. It is very likely that there is little to no tech anywhere in the world besides the US anyway since the land is either unihabited or enslaved. As you state it, with 1000 years after the war, most of the radiation would have 'hopefully' dissapated from the major war sites, but apparently, the Chosen land would have always had the upper hand and likely wouldnt' have incurred very much damage as it then was able to then take over many other countries.
    Not specific facts, but that is as far as I can gather from both the prior stated fact and your suggestions @Muse
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  12. Thanks for the suggestions, but aside from the few additions that I'm working on now, I think I'll keep the background and science-y stuff as is.
  13. @Shadicmaster

    The US/Chosen suffered a lot of damage from the Yellowstone Volcano's eruption according to the diagram that was provided if I'm reading it right, but it wouldn't be unreasonable to imply that the US/FYM had developed tech that could counter the ICBMs of their rivals. Otherwise, we would have a mutually assured destruction scenario.

    Can I play an octopus like merman? @Polystical
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  14. Interested!
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  15. I want to be in this as well!
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  16. @Muse
    By merperson I meant the lower half of the body could be any sea creature from the usual fish tail to shark tails or squid tentacles. :o So yeah, you can have octopus tentacles.
  17. @Alexa

    Hey guys! I have @ -ted you because you've expressed interest in this rp.​

    First of all thanks for that and - Oh, does this sound like I'm cancelling the rp? I'm not! :D

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I added some information to the first post, and I am working on creating a Sign Up thread. I'm also working on making an advertisement thread for this rp, because I really do need more than six people, not that I'm saying you guys aren't lovely, because you absolutely are! :D


    So thanks again for your interest and sit tight! :D (But also tell your friends, please :3 )

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  18. I'm interested too :)
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  19. I'm curious would anthros be ok? Not like merpeep anthros where they have the fish tail and legs, but just the tail. So for example instead of looking like Ariel they would actually look like half sea animal half human
  20. @Akira
    I'm sorry could you clarify please? Are you asking if they can have a human lower half and an animal upper half?
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