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  1. Hello! I'm new to Cosplaying and just wanted some help. I plan on going to Sakura-con next year (2014) I'm in between the Undertaker (from Black Butler) and Inuyasha. If anyone has cosplayed and has anytips please share :D
  2. Undertaker would be easier and original. The stitches on the face you could draw and you probably can find a wig on-line. The suit is something you need to buy oversized, a black coat. And the top hat, just buy a regular top hat and try to modal it to look a little messy, and then you just need to attach a cloth to its back. Black boots, and get a skull too.
    Also, if you're buying the wig, make it has all the details, people tend to notice everything and normally judge.
    Have fun! :)
  3. I will :D I love the undertaker and my friend told me I could probably pull him off. I'd just laugh at it all and make people tell me jokes.
  4. Agree, there's like, 100 Inuyashas at every con. This year there will probably be a lot of Homestuck, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online cosplays as well, since those are really popular this year

    Plus you can have a lot of fun as the Undertaker if you stay in character!
  5. Oh yes! I plan to stay in character for the whole thing! Even if people ask to take pictures I'll be like "Amuse me" and give creepy laughs and eat dog treats.
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  6. Will it be your first? :D My first official cosplay's [meaning, as an actual character] in October but I'm a regular at cons from my island. Actually, from the mainland.

    Stay in character. Know where you could get food and drink while staying in character. Know where you could rest in character. Be really patient as a lot of people will want pics! Some even want hugs. O_O And some could be rude, keep cool! And in-character.

    Be mindful of your costume! Take breaks to retouch every so often. Check your wig, most people do feel it when their make-up is fading, but not when the wig goes derp.
  7. Yes it will be my first cosplay. I'm not making the costume this time but hopefully next time I will be able to. I found everything I need, the wig has all the detials, the boots are his with the buckles though they are not thigh high. I also found the costume for him, handmade and looks really nice :D I'm excited to be going to Sakura-con.
  8. Yey! I hope to see your pics! :D
    If you need to ask other costume related help, feel free to ask.
  9. I defiantly will! Is anyone going to Sakura-con Washington next year (2014)?

    Edit: I am going to be making the Undertaker costume instead of buying it thanks to my dad :D
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  10. I am not going to SakuraCon, since it is across the sea, xhehe.
  11. Ah that sucks. :3
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