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    Crystal Palace

    The world had once been so beautiful. So perfect. But that was the past. That was 50 years ago.
    Neo Queen Serenity, the world’s beautiful and graceful ruler was gone, as was her entire court.
    Many assumed that the daughter of the Queen and the daughters of her court were dead too. 8 girls, one to each of the Planets. However, they were mistaken.
    Inside the Crystal Palace, in the center of the city, the girls lie up in the highest chamber. Frozen in time as they were on the day they were trapped in crystal. Ever unaging, ever unchanging.
    The halls of the majestic palace had long since not heard a single sound. A perfect serene silence that now was broken by the creaking of an opening door.

    Down one of the halls stood a grand door. The Space-Time door that was guarded by the last Sailor Senshi alive. Sailor Pluto.
    The gorgeous green haired woman stepped into the quiet palace, her heeled boots clicking softly on the crystalline floor. She had waited for this day to come, and there was no time to waste.
    Sailor Pluto, who had also been graced with the title of Queen Pluto, head straight to the highest chamber in the building.
    Up there in Serenity’s Palace, as it was called, stood seven stone structures in a circle, with an eighth stone in the middle. On top of each of them crystals protruded, with one of the princesses inside each of the crystal centers.
    The last remaining Queen took the Garnet Orb off of her staff and held it in front of her. At first nothing seemed to be happening as the red stone in its center glowed. However after a few moments the crystal structures started to creak and crack.
    Bit by bit the crystals turned into light as they broke away and formed an orb of light by each girl’s side.

    The talisman of Queen Pluto stopped glowing, and so did the orbs of light.
    Next to the seven girls in the circle a pen like shape appeared. Beside the eighth girl, Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity, the light made way for a round brooch.
    "Wake up Princesses." The warm soothing voice of Pluto called out. "The world needs you."

    Life was breathed back into the still girls. Stirring them to move again.
    Beside the princess in the center another small figure started to wake. A young gray cat, named Diana, with a crescent symbol on her forehead. She was advisor to the Moon Princess, as her parents had been before her. Unaware of the urgency to wake up, the feline stretched again before curling up closer to Chibiusa.


    Why the Catacombs were built was unclear. They never had been used to bury the dead. Most at that time didn't even know it existed. It puzzled the members that lived here. Why would the Queen create anything of this magnitude, only to never use it? Some, the former leader of the Resistance, Ryuu Tsukino, included, speculated that perhaps the Queen somewhere knew that one day they would need this place to defend the city. Perhaps she knew she wouldn’t be able to protect her beloved city one day, and made it for those that could. Answers, however, would never come.

    Calm, tranquil moments were rare, and far and few between in the Resistance. Ever since they waged war on the Dark Empire it had been one thing after another.
    Right now was no exception. There was a shipment coming in from the North. It carried many essentials for the wellbeing of the Resistance’s members, and components for their next step.

    One of the five points was in the hands of the Resistance. It needed to be maintained, rebuilt, and protected. The four remaining points of the star shaped city were now more heavily guarded than ever before. With each day new tension at the borders to the free district.
    Taking the first had been a major feat for all of them, and at that rate they would have been able to free the remaining points in another 3 or 4 years. However, the Dark Empire had struck back, heavily securing the remaining points, and poisoning them further.

    Poison. It came in many shapes, through entertainment outlets, fogs that crept up and swallowed entire neighborhoods, and propaganda, to name a few. It clouded the minds of people. It even warped kind gentle souls into vicious fighters at times.
    Shin Tsukino, the current leader of the Resistance, sighed heavily. Down here the poison could not reach them. Down here no one that was infected could enter. It gave some ease and peace of mind for the weary man.

    The many years of fighting and battling it out both mentally and physically had left the 38 year old with more scars and a weathered, older appearance than was befitting of his age.
    With a quick pace the leader walked down the corridors of the Catacombs. He never had time to stop. Never had time to take a breather. Right now the shipment was all that was on his mind.
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  2. In the back of her mind, the sound of cracking could be heard. It wasn’t till after the cracking stopped that Ryoko, the princess of Mars, gasped for a breath. Her eyes snapped open. Black orbs staring straight up to the crystal ceiling.
    A familiar voice resonated somewhere. Bidding her to wake up. It didn’t fully register. Her mind was preoccupied. What was she doing here on her back. How did she get here? What happened? Where was the Princess.

    The thought of Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity brought her to her senses and she shot straight up on the stone platform that she had been laying on.
    Over by her sides were the princesses of Mercury and Venus in a similar state as she was, on stone slabs, in the process of waking. But where was the princess of the Moon? Ryoko turned around to look behind her. In a circle she saw the other girls that she was raised with. Finally her eyes rested upon the decorative, almost altar like, stone with the familiar pink hair draped elegantly over it.
    "Princess!" Ryoko called out and slid off her stone bed and made haste to the heiress.

    A soft groan escaped a small, frail teenager. The sickly princess of Saturn shifted, and moved her muscles slowly. She went by them one by one, as she always did, to wake them up gently.
    As she did, she nudged against an object by her side. Hisako pushed herself up a little and took hold of the object. A pen of sorts with the symbol of her planet at the top. It looked similar to how the pens looked of her mother and the Queens when they were young. How did this come by her side? And for that matter, how did she get here?

    Sitting up straighter, Hisako looked over to her side, seeing Tonbo in a similar state. On a rock outcropping that was neatly styled. Curiously the youngster looked over to her other side. But before she could see if anyone lay on her other side, her eyes stopped at a tall green haired woman. The uniform she wore was that of a sailor senshi, and a smile came to Hisako’s face. "Sailor Pluto." She breathed, her voice still weak from having just woken up.
    "What is going on?"

    Behind her she heard the voices of the other girls starting to come up. Clutching the new found pen in her hand she turned around as best as she could.
    Sailor Pluto had taken place between the princesses of Mercury and Saturn, at the beginning and end of the circle.
    Hisako frowned. Whatever was happening, it wasn’t good. She recalled how the Queens went out after a loud crash, the eight of them had stayed inside, but at some point her memory went blank. Now Queen Pluto was here. This did not bode well.
    Pluto gave a soft nod to Hisako before walking to the Moon Princess at the center.
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  3. ~*Chibiusa, Princess of the Moon*~
    It had been ages since the Princess' fragile ears had heard the sounds of anything. The tower had been empty for how many years now? Fifty was it? Fifty years of silence filled the once joyful palace. However, with a loud and rather irritating cracking sound, Small Lady Usagi was being awoken from her slumber. One loud crack shattering her stone encasement into 2 large halves and millions of tiny fragments that scattered the floor around her. It was then that the small lady felt her senses rush back to her, like a sudden wind that filled her aching body. Her mouth opened almost automatically to breath in the air she had been missing for years. The gulps of air she inhaled quickly began to inflate her lungs and she could feel her heart beating again in her small chest. Blood began to pound and circulate her body and a new power rushed through her veins, filling her body with a new found strength. The pink haired girl's eyes flew open and she saw the decorated silver ceiling of her home. Blinking again and then settling her eyes on the light above her waiting for her eyes to adjust, Chibiusa began to recall where she was and just who she was. Her peaceful thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice. The Princess of the Moon quickly shot up and turned to see from just where the voice had come from. "Ryoko?" She asked as she stretched her arms out from either side to feel the joints in her body crack again. Looking around as the princess now sat straight up she saw the 7 other princesses and felt the cold stone alter beneath her. Beneath her hand was a small circular object and Chibusa's small finger wrapped around it as she picked it up to examine it. The small circular object lay flat in the palm of Small Lady Usagi's hand and as Chibiusa's pink eyes narrowed to further inspect it she realized the object she held in her hand was her mother's brooch. Used to transform from her regular self into Sailor Moon. Startled to see the object resting in her hand, Chibiusa's head shot up to see Ryoko and her small voice cracked out. "What's going on?" Her eyes glanced quickly around the room and settled on Queen Pluto. "Your majesty.. What's join on?" The small princess dared to ask in her meek voice.​
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  4. Kiyoshi Nakamura(Sailor Aries)
    "1, 2, 3!" Kiyoshi had woken up early today, he was doing his regular exercise regiment. First, he did 200 push ups, then he ran 15 miles. If he was to ever battle someone from the Dark Empire, he wanted to be mentally and physically prepared. After finishing his push ups, Kiyoshi stood up. He was sweating in his little room, inside the Catacombs. He wiped his face off, taking a seat on his bed. He heard a knock at his door. "Come in Nano!" Only one person would be at his door this early, his childhood friend Nano Hashimo. They had been friends for forever, their parents joined The Resistance together. The short, muscular guy walked into the room, plopping down on Kiyoshi's bed.

    Kiyoshi smirked at his friend, Nano had no boundaries, most people would take a seat in a chair, but Nano got right up close to people. "So, what's up now?" Kiyoshi waited for Nano to spill his guts. He always had something to tell. "Ki, guess what?" Kiyoshi sighed and shook his head. "What?" Nano stood up. "There's a new shipment coming in from the North!" Kiyoshi stood up, he hadn't heard of a new shipment coming. "Really...wait how do you know?" Kiyoshi raised an eyebrow at his friend, he tended to stretch the truth a bit.

    Nano gave Kiyoshi an annoyed look. "I just do." Kiyoshi opened his door, walking out in the halls. Nano followed behind him, but he stopped him. "I'll be back, you stay here." Nano grunted and walked away. He loved his friend, but there was a reason why Nano didn't do any missions, even easy ones, he sucked at scouting and tracking. Kiyoshi wanted to be there when they got the shipment.
  5. [BCOLOR=transparent]Tadashi Mizushima[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The city was bustling with life from the shop owners and shoppers alike. Mothers with their infants during the morning shopping and students making their way to school. Among these many people was 21 year old Tadashi Mizushima. The slim young man was walking pass the numerous shoppers, carrying his own set of bags. Today was like any other, Tadashi running errands for his co-workers who were busy with daily duties and experiments. He knew many of the shop owners and would make small talk with each one he came across. Each of them said their hellos and offered their wares to the young man. Tadashi, in turn would give his own greetings and checked out what was for sale. He picked up different fruits and vegetables for his mom, she liked to have fresh vegetables to cook with, but she hated going all the way to the city. Tadashi was just having a normal morning and he wouldn’t have it any other way.[/BCOLOR]
  6. For fifty years, Shizue and Tonbo had been suspended in an ageless slumber.

    To Shizue, princess of Neptune and vast oceans, the sensation was quite similar to drifting away at sea, a sensation she was not unfamiliar with, as she would sometimes rest her tired and aching body by lying partially submerged in the waters of Crystal Tokyo's beaches for hours. But the sensation was not peaceful and soothing, but rather, filled with a nagging feeling of anxiety. As though she was being pulled further and further down to the bottom of the ocean, without being able to swim upwards in order to catch her breath.

    To Tonbo, princess of Uranus and the expanses of the sky, the sensation was not unlike catching the breeze and flying away on it. It reminded her of the sensation she would get from running, breaking free from the shackles of earth and becoming one with the air, so effortless and carefree. But instead of giving her a feeling of release and freedom, it made her feel as though she was being pulled further and further away from reality, floating away from the face of the earth only to never return.

    For fifty years, the princesses had been suspended in this state of unrest. Until, one day, when they would break free from their cages of emotional suppression, and face the world once more.

    Even though she had been set free, Shizue felt as though she was being choked as the protective casing surrounding her dissipated. Coughing, she grabbed her neck, trying to squeeze air through her windpipe. A vague recollection of the day they had been locked away shot through her mind, and a tear ran down her cheek as she turned her head, coming face to face with her twin sister, who had already taken a few staggering steps towards Shizue. Relief went through their muscles as they fell into each other's embrace.

    "Oh, Tonbo... It feels as though I've been sinking, and drowning for longer than I can remember." "I know, Shizue, I know..." Tonbo calmed her sister, gently stroking her hair. "I feel like I've been running away, far, far away, without ever stopping to catch my breath. But it's alright, we're both here, and..." Shizue pulled herself away from Tonbo, with an expression on relentless worry on her face. "But the princess! And..." Shizue got up, treading past Tonbo's now unoccupied pedestal. She fell to her knees, clutching the shoulders of the princess of Saturn.

    "Hisako! You're... You're alright! How are you feeling? Are you lightheaded at all?" Shizue stroked the cheek of the small girl with the palm of her hand, a relieved smile once again spreading across her lips. Meanwhile, Tonbo noticed a pen next to where Shizue had been resting just moments ago. Looking over at her own "bed", she could see one of similar design, and she immediately realized their purpose and use. Picking up Shizue's pen and her own, she went over to Hisako, casting a glance at figure of Queen Pluto. While she had many questions she would like to ask, she was certain that they would be answered in due time.

    "Hey, champ, how are you holding up?" She asked with a grin, ruffling Hisako's hair.
  7. Koishi found the slumber to be quite comfortable. She had never been a morning person, and she was often told that if she didn't have people looking out for her, she could easily sleep 100 years in a row.

    As the crystal that had been protecting her, shielding her from the outside world for so long cracked and disappeared into nothing, she wasn't quick on her feet like some of the other girls. Instead, she rolled over, still comfortably asleep.

    "Silly bucket, bears are for trampolines..."

    She muttered while tossing herself a bit too violently in her sleep, throwing herself off the stone slab, landing head first on the floor.

    "Ouch! What was that? It really hurt..."

    Grumbling, she rubbed her now bruised forehead, finally opening her eyes to look around. She was a bit confused by the somber mood in the room, and why all the princesses had been gathered in this manner. Then, as her eyes wandered, they found her best friend. The Moon princess.


    She stuttered, stopping herself as she noticed not only Ryoko, the princess of Mars, but also Queen Pluto addressing Chibiusa. It had to be pretty serious. She got up, and once again positioned herself on the stone slab. As she did so, she found a familiar pen. She threw a quick glance at Sasako, who was positioned next to her, trying to see if she was OK, before turning her head back to the gathering in the middle.
  8. The lids of Sasako's eyes budged, as she opened them for the first time in decade. For a while, she stayed in place, adjusting to the light. She sat up, cracking her neck to the side, trying to remember what had happened. But her sense of recollection was weak, and most memory of the incident that had put her where she was escaped her. She had a look around the room, seeing that all the princesses were gathered. Across from her, the children of the outer senshi were gathered, next to her was Koishi, and Sasako gave her a light nod as their eyes met, signaling that she was OK. And, in the center of it all was Chibiusa, princess of the moon, with Ryoko at her side. In front of them was none other than Queen Jupiter, the guardian of the space time gates. But why was she here, and not the mothers of the princesses? What had urged her to break one of her taboos?

    "Pluto? What's going on? What... Happened?"

  9. Crystal Palace

    The queen that ruled over Pluto looked at Chibiusa with a heavy heart. The sadness evident in her eyes. Kneeling down on one knee she spoke up at last.
    "I am truly sorry Small Lady, but there is no time to waste. You must go to the Catacombs below the palace."
    "Why?" The voice of Ryoko sounded. Pluto looked over to the side of Chibiusa, to where Ryoko was standing.
    "All will be explained to you soon, but Crystal Tokyo needs you. All of you." She looked over her shoulders to the other girls. Each were getting up, some more disoriented than others.
    "Your mothers left you a gift. Hold on to it, you will need it." With that the woman got up and walked down the corridor that lead to the door to the Catacombs.

    She knew these girls would need to hear the news soon, and that they would need time to grief, but it would be better if they didn't hear it now. They had to see what they would be fighting for first.


    Heavy steps sounded through the hallways. It didn't take long before they were met with an echo of another pair from the opposite direction. Shin looked up, seeing a familiar face coming his direction, no doubt wanting to know about the incoming shipment. "Kioyshi." The stern voice called out. "I need to speak to you."
    He came up and stood still in front of him. "I need you to go out to the East point. There is a shipment coming in from the North via the East route, but it is late. It should have arrived by now. It hasn't. None of the posts have relayed back either."
    Along the way they had outposts, or rather, people hanging around the areas where the shipments would come by, so they could keep an eye on things and take action of anything went wrong. So far, he had not heard back from a few. Which was troubling. Very troubling.
    "Don't take a team. Check it out, contact me if you notice anything."
    With that he stepped aside and walked on. The less people knew, the better.
    It was true that the shopping district was a busy place, and it could just as well be that the shipment was stuck in the masses, but he had to be certain.
  10. With a quick look over it seemed that the princess was alright, so Ryoko sighed in relief. Curiously she looked over to what Chibiusa was holding. Neo-Queen Serenity's broach? That made no sense at all. She couldn't help herself, and glanced behind her. Sure enough, on the stone she had just walked away from an object was displayed as well. A pen, like that of her mother. This all just got even stranger. And it wouldn't end here.
    The guardian of the Space-Time gate had come up to Chibiusa and knelt down. Hearing her words to make haste to go to the Catacombs Ryoko couldn't help herself.
    "Why?" She asked. There had better be a good reason for them to go to the Catacombs. No one entered there normally.
    Pluto's reply was only more troubling and confusing. She could feel deep down that something was wrong. Terribly wrong. Why didn't Pluto just say what was going on?
    Ryoko heaved a shaky sigh. Whatever the answers were, the only way they'd know is if they followed the queen. Briefly she glanced at Sasako, worry painted across her face like a canvas. She turned and walked over to the stone she had been on and picked up the pen. Time to get some answers.

    The familiar voice of Shizue made Hisako smile and look over. Her friend had come up and knelt down in front of her, worry seeping off of her expression. With a smile she shook her head. "I'm alright. Really. I feel surprisingly well." The last two years had been relatively good to her in general. Wait... somehow that felt off. She could remember it as the past two years, it certainly felt that way, but at the same time something was amiss.
    Her thoughts had no time to mull over it longer as Tonbo came up as well to ruffle her hair. Hisako giggled. "Really, I'm doing well."
    Hisako's gaze was drawn to what was happening behind the twin.
    Queen Pluto had knelt down and delivered a puzzling message to the moon princess. "What's going on." She breathed. Looking at the others she clutched the pen even tighter.
    Silently she watched how Ryoko picked up a similar pen and went after Pluto, like she had instructed. A bit uncertain Hisako looked at the two near her. Now what?