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  1. This is a roleplay advertisement for a Sailor Moon based roleplay, based on the Sailor Moon franchise.


    Quick story summary

    It is set in the 30th century. All was well in the land once again, Pluto took up her position at the gate again (NPC) while the other senshi lived in Crystal Tokyo with Neo Queen Serenity. Each of the Senshi took up the mantel of Queen of their ruling planet and remained as Neo Queen Serenity's counsel.
    Over time children were born to the senshi.

    Then disaster struck, Crystal Tokyo came under attack once more. Neo Queen Serenity and her court fought bravely, but they couldn't save the world, their power alone wasn't strong enough.
    In the future a power would rise that would aid them in the saving of the city, but it would be too late for themselves.
    Knowing their daughters could save the world one day, the Senshi gave up their powers for their girls and died.

    Now, 50 years later, the princesses are to wake up in a new and broken Crystal Tokyo. To reclaim the city they will have to find this new power and bring evil to its knees once more.

    The power they seek comes in the form of twelve additional senshi. Twelve boys with the powers of the constellations. However they might prove more difficult to find than they thought. And what if one, or more, of the new senshi decides not to participate... or worse... joins the side of evil.

    So that's basically the story.

    The goal of the RP is simple: Reclaim the kingdom
    To do so they need to do the following: Find the remaining senshi, figure out who their enemy is, and defeat it.

    There are still many roles for the guys to be taken up, and Sailor Mercury.

    I hope you'll be interested in it and would be willing to join. If so, the link to the sign up thread is posted below.
    Sign Up Thread

    Thank you for reading.


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  2. Bumping this, since we still are in need of 1 girl in order to start.

    The position of Sailor Mercury is still open.

    There are also a lot of guy spots left, but we don't need all of them.
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