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    Quick Summary

    It is set in the 30th century. All was well in the land, Pluto took up her position at the gate again (NPC) while the other senshi lived in Crystal Tokyo with Neo Queen Serenity. Each of the Senshi took up the mantel of Queen of their ruling planet and remained as Neo Queen Serenity's counsel.
    Over time children and even grandchildren were born to the senshi.

    Then disaster struck, Crystal Tokyo came under attack once more. Neo Queen Serenity and her court fought bravely, as did Small Lady Serenity and her court, but they couldn't save the world, their power wasn't strong enough. Sailor Juno, Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas were killed, their Sailor Crystals taken from them in a heartbeat.
    Not wanting the dark forces to lay their hands on the rest of the Sailor Crystals, the Senshi gave up their powers, and died.

    The grandsons and granddaughters of the original senshi were sealed into an ageless slumber, until now. Now it is time for them to wake up, and take up their roles in reclaiming the kingdom.

    So that's basically the story.
    The children (ages 14-20) can be either males or females.
    Everyone is a 3rd generation senshi. That means for example: The new Sailor Moon is Usagi's grandchild, Chibiusa's child. The new Sailor Mars is Rei's grandchild, etc.

    The goal of the RP is simple: Reclaim the kingdom.
    To do so they need to do the following: Try to work together as a team, figure out who their enemy is, and defeat it.

    Let me know what you think, do you think it could be an interesting story, would you participate, and which senshi would you then want to be, any questions, etc.
    (You may play up to 2 characters)

    Moon (reserved)
    Mars (reserved)
    Jupiter (reserved)
    Venus (reserved)
    Neptune (reserved)
    Uranus (reserved)
    Saturn (reserved)
    Pluto (NPC)

    The children of Sailor Juno, Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas will not awaken until the Sailor Crystals of those four are returned. So for now they can not be chosen.


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  2. Reserving Venus
  3. I have a question.
    I understand that this is an RP,and it's not completely canon.
    However I was wondering if moon is supposed to be Sailor Mini Moon,or did this is Usagi have a different daughter OR is it Mini Moon's child.

    If it is mini moon though,is her sailor team included. Ceres,Pallas etc.
  4. Originally speaking the story I was going with was more based on the original anime, there it isn't made clear that Chibiusa has her own set of sailors, so they weren't included in my rendition.
    Chibiusa would take the place of Sailor Moon in this case, and the children of the others take the place of their mother.

    However, with some of the revising that I've done, parts of the story didn't work anymore, so I'm overhauling it completely. Currently working on editing that in. It's there for a portion, but not everything. Will let you know when it's done.

    What will be the same: the originals are dead, evil forces have taken over the world, and it's up to a new group of sailors to pick up the task.
  5. Alright, I think I got all the details straight now.
    Let me know if there's anything else!
  6. I've tried to join quite a few Sailor Moon next gen rps, and they all fall out. So fingers crossed this works out.

    If given the chance to reserve I would love to play Jupiter and/or Neptune.

    I do wonder how exactly posting would go (free for all, posting order, every two post, etc)

    I'd also wonder your stance on lgbt+ characters within this rp.

    Another question i'd have is would we have to stick to the original attacks or could we ix it up (staying within the sailors theme of course)

    Last question i swear. Would they all awake at once, or would it be a series thing. Where it'd be one at a time?
  7. I'd like to reserve Moon or Saturn! =D
  8. Yay, questions. To be honest, I like answering questions about a roleplay haha.

    To the point: most of your questions/points would have been answered in the official sign up/OOC post, but I'll do my best to answer them here as best as I can.
    1: I've started a few next gens... and always had the misfortune that it died before we could reach very far. I'm hoping it'll stick this time too.

    2: If you've managed to figure out which one (or both) you want, let me know so I'll put it on reserved. Since more than half then will be placed on reserve I'll try to get the sign up thread up as soon as I can. Got to revise the original text a bit hehe.

    3: The posting order is something I'm still struggling with. I think what I'm going to do is not have a strict posting order, as in, a little bit of order where I make sure everyone gets a chance to post before moving on the main story, but if people are in a conversation they can post more frequent.

    4: lgbt+ characters are a part of the original show, I would be a fool to not have them be part of this rendition.

    5: The element/theme of the characters stays the same, so Mars is fire/spiritual, Jupiter has thunder/flowers, etc. but the actual attacks will be up to you to decide. You can make them inspired on the originals, keep one of the original attacks, or explore beyond that (within the same theme).

    6: The new senshi are all trapped inside the palace inside crystals. Imagine how Neo Queen Serenity was placed on a stone altar like thing, and she was encased in crystals. That's basically how the guys and girls will be. The start of the RP will have them all waking up at once (The original 8, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Juno won't be waking yet) and receiving their transformation device at once.

    Since Saturn is already reserved, I can place Moon on reserve for you.
  9. Alright! I would Like both then. If any other questions come to mind, i'll be sure to ask.
  10. Awesome :)
    Hm that just leaves Mercury and Uranus. Cool.

    Just so y'all know, the opening post is going to be lengthy, with a LOT of info. A large part of that is simply to establish the world around them. So please don't be too intimidated by it when you see it ^^' (Once I get it rewritten and posted that is)
  11. Oh! Somehow I missed that! XD I'll reserve Moon and Uranus please! =D
  12. I've thought of another question, since some of the Sailors were in fact lesbians. *everyone stares accusingly at the english dub "Cousins"* Would they have adopted, so their psychical features might not call back to their original sailor?
  13. That is a really good question. XD Probably, to keep the genetics, they had to have artificial insemination.
  14. The grandchildren are blood related to the original senshi. In most cases, that's not too difficult to figure out how that might have happened. In Michiru and Haruka's case... I was planning on leaving that in the hands of whoever would be playing Uranus and Neptune.
    It could indeed be through artificial insemination, after which the two children were revised as siblings.
    Or Haruka changed herself to become a male, so both children were of the two of them.
    And I'm sure there might be another few options one could follow for that to work.
    In the end, those two would have been raised as siblings, meaning the generation of this roleplay will be cousins. For real, and not because of some weird dub censorship XD.

    And I'm secretly laughing, last time I did a rendition of a sailor moon RP, no one wanted Mercury. Now it's the last open spot again. Poor Mercury XD.
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  15. Good point! XD That works for me!

    And poor Mercury... If only she had the powers the element. Then we'd be talking. XD
  16. (Though with artificial insemination that does mean that both Haruka and Michiru would have to have been pregnant)

    Anyway, well in theory water/ice based powers isn't all that boring, it actually is quite interesting depending on how you make it work. It's just less interesting than some.

    Oh right, they don't have to have the same personality and interests as their (grand)parents. For example, in a different rendition I once had a Sailor Mercury that was a fashionista, ballet dancer, and not one to even touch a book, let alone study it willingly. So if you want to divert from the original, go right ahead.
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  17. And yes, I agree. XD I actually used to rp Mercury a lot. Uranus and Moon are a first for me, lol. XD But Mercury element is AMAZING!
  18. Won't be able to post the OOC today, visiting my parents, and it's unlikely that I'll be able to post it tomorrow either, but it'll be up soon
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  19. Take your time. ^w^
  20. The OOC/Sign up thread is ready for all of you to enjoy and join in!

    @Angel Evans

    Now as I said, it's a lot of text, so please don't be scared away by it right off the bat. It's just a lot of informative stuff that is handy at some point and needs to be mentioned so no one runs into any unwanted surprises.
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