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  1. i really want to do a mature role play loosely based off sailor moon or a magical girl them id prefer it be modern your character can be a villein a good guy a bystander what ever you'd like id prefer a male for this role but i do not mind if another female would like to play this with me an another male it dosent bug me but i really hope someone would want to play with me for this idea

    this is my character ^.^ she just has longer hair for the rp ^.^
    cbce37e0361911ddd99175713b87d03ebf04c5b9.jpg sample-3d36e2e580987c1107500ba24e8949e0.jpg

    this is her magical girl outfit -^.^-

    and her power is song
  2. update this is the castle and the main city ^.^


  3. i soo would play this with you if you want.
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  4. update ^.^ these are some of the girls and weapons not required but these are some other magical girls around town =D

    device_rh.png itoe_moon_s_weapons___colored___by_nads6969-d6v64xc.png magical girl stuff.png

    magical girl1.jpg

    magical girl2.jpg

    magical girl3.jpg

    magical girl4.jpg

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  5. id love it if you would! -^.^-
  6. send you a pm -hugs-
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