Saga of Darren Shan rp?

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  1. Okay, so here's the lowdown. This was an roleplay on another website, that soon closed down and after I moved it to its sister site, none of the original people were interested anymore. In the beginning, it was a rather silly idea, based off of a fanfiction I wanted to write, but now I think I've gotten a better idea for it. It is based in an alternate reality, where Darren Shan never existed, Kurda Smahlt never existed, Larten Crepsley never died, and anything related to Mr Tiny and the books never happened (So, in reality, Mr. Crepsley should be dead, but for sake of plot, he isn't.) . So, Mr Tiny is bored. So, he decided to f*** up some peoples' lives. So here's the deal.

    You are a vampire, vampaneze, Little Person, maybe even a member of the Cirque du Freak, if you want. I would actually be more than happy to either be or have someone as a vampaneze, just to spice things up. If you want, you can also be a character from the books, but PM me first so I can tell you if they would or wouldn't have existed if not for Mr. Tiny f***ing things up in the universe. Whatever the reason is, you are at Vampire Mountain. And, a human party comes to the Mountain, asking to speak with the Princes, who at the moment are Paris Skyle, Vancha March, Mika Ver Leth, and Arrow. And for all you fangirls, Gavner is still alive!

    Anyway, a human party wishes to speak with the Princes. Such a thing has happened before, and the Princes have always made the Generals handle everything and subsequently get rid of the humans. But these men claim to work for a vampire. So, their case is taken to the Princes, and they say that their superiors had come before them, some seventy-odd years ago. Showing a sketch of their boss, it isn't hard to recognize him as none other than Adolf Hitler. Then, the men give the Princes a letter, full of demands the short dictator wants.

    1) Join his secret army

    2) Help plot against those who stand against him, which, in today's world, are America, Russia, China, and Japan

    3) Fight for him to the death

    Failure to comply with these demands, he says, will result in the extermination of the vampire race. He has a facility prepared to do so, and already holds the rest of the vampaneze clan in captivity, giving them the choice of dying in one month, all at the same time, in a gas chamber, or joining him. Of course, the Princes do not succumb to Hitler's demands, holding true to their beliefs of honor. The men leave, and all is quiet for several weeks, making the vampire clan believe that all is fine, and that he was just full of hot air. But then, Vancha March goes missing. He had decided to go out into the world once again, after Paris Skyle returned from his previous venture. He had promised to send word to the other Princes via the Stone of Blood, but a month came and went, without any indication he was alright.

    This was the beginning of the phenomena known as the Disappearances.

    Reply below if you're interested!! A basic knowledge of the books is wanted, but if you have questions, ask me.