Sadistic Tendencies

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  1. The original demon of ''Sin'' has lost all of his power to a certain demon named.. The Devil. After this they were imprisoned in a statue for 100 years before an unlucky human destroyed the statue on accident. Releasing the soul and becoming cursed in the process, this meant the demon had to stick to the human and could not steal their soul or kill them or let them die unless by natural causes.

    They both hate each other and have to live in an apartment, where the human has to survive day in and day out of demons trying to kill him and watch many sacrifices take place.

    Life is literally a living hell for this guy.


    So.. yeah.. what a weird idea! Now this idea was inspired by a comic that I'm reading right now and I wanted to try it. Yes, it sounds very demonic and such.. But I just want to see if anyone wants to do it.

    Hope it's allowed though, it's just intense amounts of gore and funny moments occurring between the two.
  2. That actually sounds pretty cool. o: Who would be playing what role?
  3. Well.. I'd play the demon, because I know what I want. Hehe.. unless you want to? We can discuss this over PMs.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.