Sad song(s) you can relate to?

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  1. Mine are Slipped Away, Beauty From Pain, Don't Laugh at Me, If Heaven Wasn't so Far Away, When She Cries, and Human

    Links to songs:

    Slipped Away

    Beauty from Pain

    Don't Laugh at Me

    If Heaven Wasn't so Far Away

    When She Cries

  2. I have to say Carrie Underwood's "See You Again."
    While most interpretations of the song aren't sad, I kind of interpret it a little differently...

    Also, while I can't relate to this song, I must point out that "Christmas Shoes" sends me into sob fest every time I hear it. :,c

  3. I always enjoyed this one.

    From Rurouni Kenshin.

    He just killed his wife by accident and got all somber and brooding for the next decade.

    Later, saves Japan. A couple of times.
  4. I worked in a medical examiner's office for a short time.
    This song was basically how I began to feel. Minus killing myself.

    Far Away - Nickelback. Hits me when Scotty and I are doing the distance thing.

    Thank You For Loving Me - Bon Jovi. I get really down on myself sometimes, gratitude songs invoke the feels

    I don't know if a lot of the other songs I listen to when I'm down would count as 'sad songs'. I mean, they're about sad stuff, and I identify with them when I'm feeling down, but they're hopeful, and usually have happy endings, or at least a 'keep your chin up' theme. Like, 'Saturday Night' by Bon Jovi is one of my favourites when I've been having a bad time. Have a look at the lyrics:
    Show Spoiler
    Hey my name is Jim
    Where did I go wrong?
    My life's a bargain basement
    All the good shit's gone
    Been sleeping in my car
    My dreams moved on

    My name is Billie Jean
    My love is bought and sould
    I'm only sixteen, I feel a hundred years old
    My fourth stepdaddy went and took my innocence away
    The street life ain't much better
    But at least I'm getting paid

    And tuesday just might go my way
    It can't get worse than yesterday
    Thursdays Fridays ain't been kind
    But somehow I survive

    Hey! Man!
    I'm alive
    I'm taking each day a night at a time
    Hey hey hey man!
    I gotta live my life
    Like I ain't got nothin' but this roll of the dice
    I feel like a Monday but someday I'll be Saturday Night

    Same kind of 'shit's about as bad as it gets - but it can't keep going forever' theme in "Livin' On a Prayer" (Bon Jovi again), "Wasted Time" (Eagles), "Tidal Wave" (Owl City), "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (The Rolling Stones), and "Two Story Town" (Bon Jovi. Again. Guessed my favourite yet?)
  6. Very few sad songs manage to touch me, because they lack humanity to me. Like they're not genuine. Well that and my natural reaction to just dwelling in sadness is anger, so go figure. "Woe is me" doesn't really work because of that. Those who do not put up a fight for their selves have it harder contracting my sympathy. One song that does touch me however, is;

    Rather than just being about sad, it's about being defeated. More than about pain, it's about being exhausted. There's a sense of caring in it and acceptance that the world, the self and people are the way they are. It's not written to complain but to communicate to others and because of that contains a strength of character I simply can't find in most sad songs.
  7. One of the best sad kind of songs I relate to xD

    I cannot decide !@_@. They are waaaay to many sad songs I can relate to ..

    Alesana <3

    And this song ... Makes some cry literally and gives me goosebumps every single time I listen to. In many ways I relate to it..>:(

  8. Tried to include a diverse range of genres

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  9. I listen to 'Hurt' at least once a day. It's sort of a motivator for me, "There's no going back or doing it all over again, so you better get it right first time."
  10. No lyrics for this one, but if anyone listens to it, perhaps you'd understand how I feel. Even without lyrics it is one of the most demoralizing songs I know of. I feel like it fully describes my experience with depression, anorexia and PTSD.

  11. Nicotine by Panic! At the Disco
  12. Say something by AGBW and Christina Aguilera makes my heart weep. It's too close to home and pretty much embodies everything that has been going on in my life recently.

  13. Obviously there is Enya <3. With the soundtrack from Gladiator..

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