Sacred Scales

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  1. In a small town near the beach, a person lays unconscious on the shore. Their lower half is covered in sand and kelp, so they seemed like a normal human being.
    There was a large gash on the side of their arm, which was still bleeding quite a bit. It appeared to be a cut, as if they had gotten deeply scraped on something.

    They lay unconscious on the shore, sand in their short black hair and their face in the sand. They were pale, as if bleeding out. If they didn't get help soon...

    So I'm thinking the first other character finds my character and tries to help.
    There are other roles like friends or family or teachers or whatever of the second character. Local conspiracy theorist trying to prove he saw the mermaid.
    All kinds of roles. *shrugs*

    Setting is modern time in the US.

    Rules: I'm the only mermaid/mythical creature unless I give you permission otherwise.
    Take it easy on action. Not my biggest genre. I'm looking more for something laid back-ish. I mean some is okay but I don't want it to be an action rp.
    If I ask you not to use a word/behavior that I find offensive to marginalized groups I will warn you to stop and if you don't comply you might get kicked out. I want this thread to be open and fun for people, not offensive to oppressed groups.

    Go ahead and jump in!
  2. Aria cut the light to her living room off and dug in her pocket for her keys. The front door was wide open where the cooler and her bag waited for her departure. Things were certainly easier and much calmer now that she had her own apartment, but the silence of an empty house was still something she was getting used to. And now that she had a couple days off she had alot of spare time on her hands... alot of spare, boring, quiet time that is. She just needed to get out of the house, do something fun, and the beach was the perfect place.

    After she locked the door behind her Aria loaded the car. It was nothing special, all she knew about it was that it was silver, and it did it's job. She turned the radio on not really listening to it as so much as watching the road and passing scenery, it really was a beautiful place, she was only five minutes away from the beach and the view was amazing. The central part of town was not far away as well, she had gotten a good deal.

    Pulling up to the beach the tension just seemed to melt away. The smell of the salt water hit her full on, but it was not unpleasant. She dragged her bag and the cooler all the way from her car leaving a trail through the sand. This part of the beach was perfect. As she turned to pull her towel from her bag something on the shore caught her eyes. Right away at a glance she dismissed it as being an offering someone had left. People tended to leave odd things at the beach, for whatever reasons she did not know. Her mother had warned her not to touch them, you never knew what they were for or who had left them. People were weird.

    She shook the towel out but her eyes were again drawn to the shore. When you really looked at it, it kind of looked like a... Aria narrowed her eyes, and stepped forward a little to get a closer look. "What in the... is that a..?" She was walking forward slowly and then stopped dead and gasped. It was a person. Dropping the towel she ran as fast as she could in the sand, skidding to a halt on her knees besides the person. Black hair stuck to their neck from being in the water and they were faced down. She put her hand on the person arm one resting in the sand, only to pull it back covered in blood.

    "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, what do I do?" She looked around for help only to come up to an empty beach, the waves crashing were the only sound she heard. Her heart was beating fast and her hands began to shake. "Oh gosh pleases don't be dead."

    She immediately began patting down her pockets looking for her phone but came empty. She groaned, it was in her bag. She quickly got out of the sand ready to run back and get it but stopped. What if the tide pulled them back in the water, then they'd be dead for sure. She could not just leave. " I so sorry about this, this is gonna hurt." She knew they could not hear her in their condition but she spoke non the same. She grabbed the uninjured arm, getting a tight grip on it then went to grab the other.

    Putting all her strenth into it she pulled as hard as she could, in the process sliding on her butt in the sand. She got up an tried again, able to move the person further then before. While she was pulling, seaweed that was tangled on the persons legs began to slide off and what she saw was not legs. Her eyes went wide and she dropped both arms, causing the not human to fall back to the sand. Realizing what she just did she began to panic a bit.

    "Oh my goodness I'm so sorry, oh gosh I probably just killed it, oh please don't be dead. Just perfect the first time a merperson shows up on a beach and I kill it. Oh my goodness." Aria bent over the not human, dug her hands into the sand beneath it and pushed to flip it on it's back. It's arm was bleeding heavily, and it had a tail, a tail! She could not call the ambulance this was a merperson of course she couldn't, because then everyone knows what would happen next. She poked its cheeks, the black hair covered its face."Hey please tell me you're still alive." Maybe she should have rolled it back into the ocean. It was part fish.

    "If it's pale elevate the tail if it's red lift the head. That should be right." She ran back to her bag grabbing her towel on the way and ran back, folding the towel. She gently lifted the head placing the towel underneath and dug back in her bag for any kind of cloth. This was crazy. She found her extra shirt and began to pull at it to rip it. She had to do something before it bled to death. "Just hold on a little bit longer okay?"
  3. The mermaid gave a slight, weak groan when they were dropped onto their face. They were still alive, but extremely weak. They had very pale skin, due to both the blood loss and the fact that they were a water creature.

    Aria was struck with the feeling that the creature looked somewhat familiar. It took a moment, but then it hit her that in the middle of the town square, there was an old, partially broken down statue of a water deity- A mermaid.

    When the town was first founded a century ago, there was a pagan religion in this area, that worshipped an apparent God/dess of the sea. People had always left offerings for them on the beach, but now only a select few people even entertained the thought of the deity's existence.

    This mermaid couldn't be... No way. But then again, they were a mermaid, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch...
    So not only had Aria found an injured mermaid- she quite possibly just found an injured GOD.