INTEREST CHECK ~Sacred Heart Academy for Mutants~

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  1. Just an interest check!

    Sacred Heart Academy is, to some, a place where every mutant is sent to get some decent education but for the mutants, a safe haven away from the people who think of them as 'freaks of nature', 'dangerous criminals' etc. But not only is this a place of education, it is also a place where mutants can find experience true friendship and sometimes...true love.

    In addition to regular subjects like Math, Science, Literature etc., they also hold classes that teach them how to use their powers properly.

    The academy is located far beneath the Pacific ocean, surrounded by a gigantic dome that functions just like the sky. It changes from day to night, rains, snows during winter and allows students to experience all four seasons properly. Inside the dome lies an extraordinary campus which includes a four-story main building where classes are held with an underground mall beneath it, a cafeteria, a library, a green house, a gym, football/baseball/soccer fields, tennis/badminton/volleyball/basketball courts, an Olympic sized swimming pool, a view room where you can see what's outside the dome, two five story buildings(one for boys, the other for girls) that function as dorms for the mutants, and a three story building for the teachers dorms. Dormitory buildings have ten rooms in each floor, that means fifty rooms on each dormitory building. Each dorm has three rooms, this for the boys, and this for the girls. It also has a bathroom(Boys & Girls), a lounge(Boys & Girls) and a study.

    There is a teleportation device that is built into the envelope you get your acceptance letter in. (You're character won't know that until he/she appears in the school yard for orientation)

    This will start on the first day of school. The last few days of summer. Right before fall officially starts. Follow Iwaku rules and have romance is HIGHLY encouraged. (I may or may not have this moved to mature...just depends on who joins and how explicit it can get)

    (Respond if you're interested)
  2. I'm definitely interested and it sounds like it'll be tons of fun to be a part of, but after today, I'm going on vacation and it'll be really hard to post during those two weeks. Can I still join?
  3. Of course you can [MENTION=5277]Vanessa[/MENTION]. I totally understand your pain. I've been gone for the past three weeks and I just got back and people hated the fact that I was gone for so long. But yeah you can join and post whenever you can...I'll make sure that not too much happens in the rp in between your posts. :) And [MENTION=4535]Free Spirit[/MENTION] you're in!

    Oh and btw this thread is also in the Fantasy OOC so I may delete this one a little later and transfer you guys to that OOC
  4. How do we get to the fantasy ooc?
  5. OMG JOIN!!!!!!!!!