Sables are here!

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  1. I think it might be too much to hope that my life has straightened out enough to plunge right back in, but without your pesky influences to pester me into role playing, how will I ever recover?

    So yes, a Sables is finally following the crowd (and my lady) to Iwaku. >_> ;;

    Please, don't eat me. Or at least do it sexily.
  2. "She's awakening as we speak. And it'll be confused, scared even so the flames will lash out, it won't discriminate between angel and demons." Melissa warn.
  3. Hmm...

    Two weeks.

    Then the arty will be falling on your head.

    McCarthy didn't shoot you on sight?

    You must be something special!
  5. *An XM-32 Wraith crests a hill and rolls over TZS. It backs over her several times then makes a mud donut over her. The hatch pops open and Carl climbs out.*

    Do not tempt me...
  6. Also, random question, is your profile picture from Your Lie in April?
  7. Mars quickly pull Diane close to her, "You're scaring her! That's not the way to make her cooperate John."

    Diane cower behind Mars. Her ruby eyes, much like Kunari's was staring at him with fear, something Kunari never did.
  8. Probably not. I wouldn't even post them, unless Takumi or Crow or Bomb or someone got on their knees and begged me to post a Mason fic.

    If that's the case... I better go log in to Wattpad.
  9. "Mm.." Kunari was confused by the kiss at first but she slowly start to kiss him back.

    Victoria giggles as she gave John the ring.

    Anjuu pounce on Mars, "Come on. I'll help you talk to Diane."

    "But Anjuu.." Mars didn't want to leave John alone with Kunari but Anjuu drag her off anyway.

    Ichiru pick Evelyn up and cover her eyes, "Ahem.."

    "Hey, what's going on? Ichiru.." Evelyn giggles softly.
  10. Lucius pulled her into a deep kiss.
  11. I can So See Sorey Making Fun of Eds size and Ed engaging in one of his little size rants. XD

  12. C'est la D-Class.