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  1. I grew a bit tired looking through the ads, so I decided to make one for myself. Despite desiring a purely 'original', if not heavily inspired roleplay plots, I do want roleplay involving worlds that are purely up to the player to interpret, or isn't heavily acted upon. For example, the Ace Combat universes of Strangereal and beyond, and Dark Souls and Bloodborne. I really love building a story in another perspective. What would it be like if you weren't the chosen undead, or a soldier in the Lesath army? Or, you were one of the unnamed sub-characters that survived the ordeal with the player character in that series?

    I really love long roleplays, and my posts are long -- but if the roleplay really clicks with me, I would be completely fine with one paragraph, but take heed, if I start off the roleplays I usually do around three paragraphs, basically around the story's background -- or how my character started off. Usually, they are in great detail, and I don't judge people for length! But, I really, really prefer if you matched my length, or more.

    Now! If you read this far, I have a few plots to give a bit of flexibility to those reading and are interested!

    I am also very interested in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, just plain Medieval and many other 'generic' plots that we can create worlds together! If you would present me with plots pertaining to those, I would be glad to roleplay with you!

    Of course, I am a big fan of Ace Combat, so if you want to do a roleplay involving Ace Combat 3, 4, 5, Zero or X, I would be glad to indulge!

    Fandoms I am willing to do (Just the settings only):

    Ghost in the Shell
    Ace Combat
    Endless Legend
    Deus Ex
    Star Wars

    Lost Wings

    It has been four years since the famous 'ribbon squadron', Mobius One -- dotted the skies, taking down enemies in the defense of the Independent States' Allied Forces. Indeed, he saved them all from inevitable defeat. At what cost, exactly? Mobius One, the ace fighter pilot that rose from the shadows following a shocking victory over a 'final defense' over at North Point, that manage to drive the enemy back, and Mobius One shook the battlefield by being almost unstoppable.

    While it was true that Erusea attacked the outlying nations in a heinous act following the destruction of their economy, and using the asteriod-destroying railgun facility 'Stonehenge' to be re-purposed to take on the skies, being effective as an anti-air battery capable of decimating entire squadrons, ISAF forces were pushed back hard. With Mobius One on ISAF's side, he managed to destroy the Stonehenge, the infamous Yellow Squadron, and even destroy Erusea's last hope of ending the war in their favor, 'Megalith'.

    This is history.

    War has burned the hearts of many, inciting the nationalism of countrymen, and is used to bring 'peace'.

    What kind of peace? Their own peace?

    Another rebellion has sprouted up. This time, they have taken up arms and want to unify all of Usea. Brought upon by a sudden appearance of a superweapon, the Falken.

    The Falken, their 'flagship' fighter plane has taken down many with it's bristling lasers and missiles, that have complete dominance of the skies, bringing the unified governments of Erusia and the Union of Usea to it's knees.

    Their insignia? A striking resemblance to the Mobius squadron's logo, with a bright red recolor, and it does not bear the ISAF logo anymore.

    What happens to men who don't disappear the way you want them to?

    They come back to haunt you.


    This is a plot I had in mind following the events of Ace Combat 4. Ever wonder what Mobius One was like, underneath his superior flying skills, unquestioning loyalty, and him causing the Storyteller Boy and the Barkeep's Daughter to be entangled with the lives of the Yellow Squadron, and eventually facing the truth of their deaths at his hands? Do you think he might have remorse?

    The story follows that following his sudden disappearance, he has come back, gathering a few other former ISAF pilots, former Eruseans and many other men in order to reappear again, to bring back justice. His form of justice. A full-scale rebellion, starting by quickly making 'blitz attacks', then after capturing airbases, using them to launch his own extremely powerful air squadrons, and with his connections with sympathizers, he managed to engage in surprise attacks by men suddenly attacking their allies.

    My character is enlisted in the ISAF airforce, where the age of paranoia has seeped into the minds of many as extensive screening and precautions are being done to ensure that his loyalties are in check. The main conflict of the story? Trying to survive, and live in such a world where one slip-up and it's game over for him. He was drafted into the worst branch of them all, flying old outdated planes while the enemy shoots lasers.

    Who will our character meet? What horrible nightmares will he endure? Will he survive the first hour? Who is in control of the rebellion?

    Find out, if you PM me with regards to this plot!

    Subject to massive change as I just dumped all my ideas into one post! Please, don't hesitate to suggest some things!

    Will not necessarily mean the characters need to be in the airforce! Please suggest more ideas to make this more flexible!


    What creates a human? Is it the distinct body parts? Personality? Emotions? A soul? The consciousness that drives them to do what they want and need to do?

    What makes the human a 'human being' and a 'monster'?

    Man has been the sole dominant being on Earth. Although, we, as a human species, are completely unique. Wars have been incited on things humans can't change, such as race. Many have been fought for resources. Many for the basic commodities that allow humans to live in varying degrees of comfort. Show a man from the past what happened in the future, and let him either shed tears, or watch in vain as the country that he once lived on, has become separated and fractured, and the hometown he lived in a bombed out ruin.

    Technology, science. Named the demons of the modern world. Mechanical parts have long been seen as merely attachments to things that don't have the capacity to have a life. But people have long since accepted these so called 'mechanical augmentations' on the surface. A metal man. A cyborg. Even though conflict has been drawn on this, they were all swept under the rug in the end.

    But, when science is this advanced, they begin tinkering with artificial life. Artificial intelligence. Possibly the ability to learn, to have conscious thoughts and feelings. Underneath a metal exterior lies a living heart, so says some. But the idea of machines coinciding with humans? Unimaginable. Odd. Perverted. For people who cannot socialize with other people. They are outcast from the social norms of life.

    Even the more advanced, almost purely-human looking robot companions -- 'androids', many humans think that people who allow these beings to have a free will is simply preposterous. Something about some sort of robot uprising. But despite their programming, and all the tests -- science has unwittingly given androids the ability of free will.

    Love. Sadness. Fear. Happiness.





    Follow the story of a creator, and his creation -- as they try to survive anti-android thugs, the scorn of society, and eventually the government cracking down on 'android free will'. Will they survive? What will happen?

    Follow this plot by PMing me about it!

    Of course! You can present your own plots you want to present, but these are just the two 'cravings' I have as of the moment. Please, PM me your own plot ideas -- either related to these or completely different, as long as they aren't fandom related in a sense that we take actual characters that have character development! If we roleplay as OCs, but in that world, please start a conversation with me on PM!

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you take up on my ad!
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  2. Still looking.
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