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  1. Sabatron's Roleplay Emporium
    Heya. I'm Sabatron, an adult roleplayer. I usually spend a ton of time relaxing at home, doing nothing. So, instead of trying to find the perfect roleplayer on ads, I'd like to make my own roleplay ad!
    • I like most genres.
    • I do most pairings, though I would prefer some to others depending on my mood.
    • I'm usually online very often, but due to my timezone my posting and online schedule will be shitty. So expect me to usually respond to posts at least once a day, or at the most once a week.
    • Adaptable - I don't judge short or long responses. A single paragraph, as long as it describes your character's actions, I won't really judge!
    • I plot out ideas with my partners, so don't be afraid. I won't bite! I would probably fuck up more than you, honestly.
    • I usually talk OOC, maybe I'll share Steam or Discord information with you if you'd like someone to talk to!
    • I'm much more comfy with two original characters or at most, a crossover with two characters.
    For my partners, I expect you not to godmod, control my characters, to be able to share and contribute to the story, and so on.

    • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (Motherfucker I will love you if you are willing to do this but I will flay you alive if you spoil anything past the anime)
    • StarCraft
    • Shadowrun
    • Steven Universe
    • Counter-Strike
    • Vampire: The Masquerade
    • Far Cry
    • Overwatch
    • Star Wars
    • Halo
    • Elder Scrolls
    • Deus Ex
    • Metal Slug
    Random Small Plot Ideas
    • Kidnapping, with a bit of Stockholm Syndrome.
    • Our characters had a one night stand before, and first day on the job and my character is incidentally your boss.
    • The Hell Gates have opened, and dawns a new age of fear and the 'Rapture' told by books of yore.
    • A small group of medieval adventurers meet their match - ala Samurai Jack style, their villain sends them all to the future. But instead of said villain becoming a timeless being of infinite power, not all of your friends are sent into the future. They say, time unravels a person - and this time, it may not be the evil that's in front of you. Your former party members become crime lords, top dogs - maverick mercenaries, and maybe whacked out paranoid.
    • In typical FTL fashion, you play as one of the crew - with my character serving as the captain. Will you like your commanding officer, or will there be mutiny aboard the ship - maybe even worse, capture?
    • Your dead lover reanimates as a half-decent zombie.
    • Vietnam is torn apart by nuclear fire. Now, at least a hundred years into the future, you wake up in a thawed out cryo-pod, left to explore the now desolate, overgrown jungle that is Vietnam.
    • Androids are the norm, but what happens when one of them grows 'independent'?
    • In the world of mechanical augmentation and the ban of augmented people in fear of 'people losing their jobs', how would two mechanically augmented United Nations Security Council agents accomplish their mission in 'anti-mech aug' China?
    • A soldier of fortune from the future - packing a decent amount of ammunition and state of the art laser weaponry. But what happens when he's transported back to World War II?
    • You were sent to kill my character as your first and foremost mission into a foreign country. However, you were involved in a helicopter crash, and I unwittingly rescue you, without knowing your intentions.
  2. I'm into the Stockholm Syndrome thing. And Elder Scrolls. I also like the one night stand being your boss idea.
  3. Sure, PM me. Also, hopefully you could decide which one you would really like the most - I have someone RPing the one night stand being your boss idea already.
  4. I like the assassin being rescued idea. I has my mind dancing a bit. PM me if you are still into that one..Thanks!
  5. Cool, shoot me a PM!
  6. This was another I really think looks good, is this taken already?
  7. I don't usually do fandoms but I'm interested in:

    • Vampire: The Masquerade
    • Far Cry
    And then plot wise I'm interested in the first one for sure. Just pm me if you are still looking.
  8. PM me. She hasn't gotten back to me - but I'm not going to promise anything. If you have any other plot ideas, please pass them to me via PM, and we might just be really good roleplay partners!
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