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      Full name»
      Felix Philippe Fallow


      Fell, Fallow



      Well the first thing you would probably notice if you saw Felix is his deer rear. He has the legs, ears, and antlers of a fallow deer's and the abdominal of a human's. The markings of this animal paint his human skin, spreading faint flecks on his back, shoulders, and chest. A streak of dark brown blotches his nose and the bridge, while his skin has a lighter hue around his mouth and down his throat. This also appears around his belly button. Felix is incredibly tall and has a lissome body like a classic deer, however he tries to make up for this by exercising to gain muscles. He has bright, emotional green eyes, and his face is crested by his large ears and decent antlers, with thick brows and sideburns that give his jaw a scraggly half-beard.

      We can all agree that people are complicated. So here's another complicated person! Felix, like pretty much everyone you meet, has two sides- in a nutshell. He is an extremely energetic and chipper guy, and he also is a sensitive fellow that often cries, hates to cry half of the time, but enjoys crying in the other. Beginning with this delicate side, Felix often bottles his sad emotions inside him, and dwells very much on these things when he's alone. The faun has built himself a shield from negativity, however he is mostly hurt when it comes to loved ones, or being betrayed. His heart is soft and squishy like a pillow, often supports you with friendly comfort, but easily attracts dirt and sharp things. Heading back to the "bottle" mentioning, Felix refuses to tell people how he feels in fear of their opinion of him, to sum it up. So his saddest feelings are held captive inside him until he explodes, because thinking and thinking alone about these feelings isn't enough sometimes.
      Felix can be incredibly cruel, whether it be in a joshing way or a hatred way. Though he tries to simmer this down, he has a short temper compared to what you might prefer. He can openly insult you with needles on his tongue, and even gets physical. Felix does, however, fear of actually hurting someone in the long run, unless they manage boil him down to the bone. When he gets real pissed, he'll snap someone's neck if they happen to step in front of him on the sidewalk. This bite to Felix may or may not influence his strong tongue and leadership skills. He often enjoys being a leader, and has surprisingly wise opinions. Or this may be the fact that he can back himself up with the snap of the fingers. So Felix is interested about his well being, and can muster some good ideas for himself.
      So now that you think Felix is hot-headed, and a ready-to-pop water balloon, here's the good stuff- and everything else! This lad is a vastly happy person. Due to the fact that Felix likes to, and can, push away negativity and make it fun, he can rise a few spirits here and there. He loves to have attention, even though he doesn't admit it too keenly. Felix enjoys socializing and being a comedian, because when people laugh that makes him laugh too. He can become extremely giddy and develops a very loud, throaty laughter. The boy can become devilishly mischievous, shooting out sassy comments and openly accepting a fake, razzing fight with big arms. He has a lust for new things and adventure, and can develop some thick will to certain things.
      Felix is also a very suave, and chill kind of guy. Enormously flirty! He has that cool smile spreading his lips, and the thing with the half-closed-looking eyes with the alluringly flirty gleam. He has the flicking of the eyebrows down pat with his sidelong glance, even drawing his tongue over teeth as he stares into someone's eyes. And he will do this to anyone. As well as he will hug anyone, and wrap his arm around anyone. If you sit next to him, he'll snake an arm over your shoulders if he's in that kind of mood. Felix does get real pervy sometimes, just as a joke. The faun enjoys the reactions of other people when he does these things.

      How did they get to Seasonal Island Kingdoms?»
      Born on the islands, specifically to Sprinfata. He doesn't think about residing his loyalty with any other island, regardless he adores what each island has to offer.

      Extra Information»
      He likes to punch things, run around, and yell out his lungs. These actions are like stress relievers, and Felix very much enjoys the feeling. Just as much as he enjoys watching things crumble to his force, and even though he's against it, he thinks about tearing skin until blood oozes out. Did I mention he gets a really creepy sometimes? ...Well there's enough stuff in the personality description anyways. I'll just put it here.

      He sings to trees all the time, but if you're lucky, you may be able to get him to sing for you with a little passion.
      Felix is extremely artsy, and expresses very much of his happiness and intenseness with pencil and paper. He aspires to do large scale paintings, but often gets to impatient.
      Lastly, Felix is constantly traveling. He does have a small home in Sprinfata, however he rarely stays there for long. The faun absolutely loves every single island. Winturof, for the bitterly cold whether, the snow, and the shaking blizzards. Felix does relish the sight of the island- cold, dead trees, clouds. Sumenoto, for the relaxing sunshine and lush growth, as well as rainstorms. Autunmei, for the dazzling colours of the leaves, the perfect temperature of coolness and warmth, and the dead leaves littering the floor. He also gets a homey, cozy feel off of this island, which he doesn't know why. Sprinfata he loves for the blooming flowers and the fact that it is his home, where he grew up. He travels to meet the different creatures on each island and to fill his hunger for new things. He is fascinated by new people on their islands, so feel free to invite him into your place if you see a faun boy walking around the area. He is quite the guest.

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