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  1. Why,HELLOThere!

    Hello there, and thank you for clicking on my search thread! My name is Kismet, or XIII. I'm just going to give you a few requirements;

    required level of WRITING
    » literate | Now, I say this in a very loose way. While some think literate is more than 8
    paragraphs, I don't see it that way. At least 4, well thought out, fully functioning paragraphs
    per post. I will usually write between 2 and 6 paragraphs per post, unless I'm having writers
    block. Then, I write about 2 paragraphs. I expect the same from you.

    area of WRITING
    » threads | I only role-play in threads. I refuse to do them in messages. I like to use messages to plot
    and to talk. (because I like making friends.)

    favorite GENRE
    » romance | Okay, so pretty much all I do are romances. I play girls, and only girls. And
    not because I wouldn't enjoy playing men, because I would. But I am absolutely terrible. I have
    been the death of many role plays because I've attempted to play men. Also, I only do MxF pairings...

    Now that we got a few things out of our way, lets get to the stories I would LOVE to do! The more ☑'s, the more I'm craving it.

    ☑☑☑☑ Species + Duchess
    A young girl has found herself at the center of an assassination plot, a duchess to be exact.
    Fearing for her life, her father sends her off into hiding, hiring her an array of bodyguards, one in
    particular to be her personal guard, to be by her side 24/7. (This one has a lot of room for

    ☑☑ Angel Princess + Evil Prince
    The angelic princess is finally of age to marry, and decides she wants to find a man who loves
    her. Given five years to find a suitable husband, the princess sets out and starts searching.
    But every town she comes across holds men who all know who she is, who all worship and
    bow before her. The princess decides to expand her search, and finally comes across a town
    filled with people who not only don't know who she is, have never seen an angel before. But
    these people all hold darkness in their hearts, all creatures of shadows. Vampires, demons,
    incubuses, and more. The Prince of these lands, who is a cruel and evil man, falls in love with
    the angel. Not knowing who she is, he has his men kidnap her. But after many years, when
    rumors begin circling the town, the prince finally begins to piece together who his angel slave
    is, and his desperation to keep her hidden begins to take hold.

    ☑☑☑ Human + Vampire
    As a child, a young girl lost her family to a vampire attack. The creature was closing in on her
    as she ran in the snow, feet bare and frozen. As he pinned her to a tree and lowered his lips
    to her throat, the girl let out a scream, scared for her life. But another vampire came and saved
    her, killing the creature that ruined her life. The vampire, a seemingly young man, gives the
    orphaned child to a man and woman who had tried for years to have a child. The little girl grows
    up, always having her vampire protector around. As she gets older, the girl begins to realize
    her love for the vampire, but not wanting to ruin their friendship, keeps her feelings secret.
    But what she doesn't realize is that he loves her as well, and their feelings for each other are
    tested when she is kidnapped for the secrets she knows and the powers she possesses.

    Faery + Vampire Rock Star

    Every rockstar has a gimmick, something to make them stand out from the crowd. Whether
    it be a strange sense of fashion, a stand-out voice, or something they claim to be true.
    Vampires have always found their way into our nightmares, into every little story we've managed
    to imagine. In most, they're dark creatures, feeding off the life force of the innocent, killing for
    their own enjoyment. In modern times, one band arises with the claim that the lead singer is in
    fact a creature of shadows. While most believe that this man is simply a phony, the few who
    know the truth either try and silence him, or stray far away. The world's last fae finds herself at
    the concert one night, pulled backstage by a friend. What her friend doesn't realize is that faery
    blood is irresistible to vampires. What happens when the two finally meet?

    ☑☑☑ Human + Vampire
    A young girl is one of Chicago's best private detectives. If one wanted to get information about a
    crime boss, a cheating spouse, a dirty cop, all they would have to do is hire her. Eventually the
    girl is hired to gather information on a young man who has been stalking the shadows of the
    Chicago nights. The only thing she is told? "He's dangerous." Quickly the girl realizes she is in
    much deeper than she wanted to be when she finally discovers that he's a vampire. But before
    she can get out, he finds out about her and from that moment on, their lives are intertwined

    Obviously, I'm more than willing to take your ideas into consideration. This is not all that I want to do. So please, post your ideas! Or message me!

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  2. *waiting for someone...*
  3. Bumpage.
  4. *twittles thumbs*
  5. *le sigh*
  6. Do you have a plot you're craving?
  7. U'm, really any of them listed. I think I'm craving the detective one and the angel+prince one the most though. Did you have a plot in mind?
  8. We can do angel+prince. :)
  9. Still searching...
  10. We can try the faery +vampire rock star. But I'm not good at playing guys.
  11. I hope you still have the detective story open
  12. I most certainly do! :)
  13. If my lady is up for a vampire-human one, I will more than be happy to fulfill that role.
  14. Alright. :) Which one did you want to do?
  15. Is the angel and prince story still taken? I'd absolutely love to do that with you, or plot something new!
  16. AAAAAH Sansa! Lol. All my character's names are Sansa. Haha.
    ANYWAYS! That story is still open. ^^
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  17. Great! I'd love to edit it a bit, but feel free to PM me if you'd like.
  18. Hi, I was really interested in your Bodyguard + Duchess one.
    however I will be straightforward and admit that I usually do not do hetero pairings given I am a gay male myself.
    Though I have been really wanting to work on that and start a few well planned out plots with a hetero pairing.
    This plot has caught my eye because I have been thinking up something rather similar and I feel like we can combine the two.
    if you are ok with suffering through my awkward posts when it comes to intimacy in the plot I will gladly do this plot with you ^^
    I also warn that I am currently in school and working so my posts may be a bit delayed at times.
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