s-CRY-ed: Civil War

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Professor Crane

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Excerpt found from a diary recovered from the lost ground.

The years since the Mainland lost control have been violent. Alter user after alter user has vied for control. Now, the three major players in this conflict are about to collide. This conflict might be about to end.

The real question is, who will win? The resourceful James Short? The defensive Kiera Willow? The aggresive Howards? Or is it another alter user that has not yet gained the stage?

I'm not sure, but this conflict is going to escalate soon, and it's going to escalate around the region that used to be the Alter Forest.

January 2015

The Lost Ground, to one it looked like a place of savages they called alter users. Some others would say it is a safe haven from the Main Land and their lifestyle. All in all both of them were right, freedom was a true treasure here, and with every treasure came a price, the renegade alter users. With three factions constantly fighting, average life has become nearly impossible to live. Not only was it just these main factions but those on the side who thought they could rise up against the three. The resulting power imbalance usually ended up with the rubble of another town. To end these meaningless fights alter users were hired. One of the more predominant of them, and probably the most known throughout the Lost Ground, was Atrum Ryu. With his name floating about some alter users would hide rather than face his deadly attack.

Yet, there are some cunning ones who thought they could get their hands on the alter user and have him join their side. Unfortunately for them they usually wound up getting hold of an imposter and dieing to the real dragon. Through all of his missions not a single person knows what Atrum Ryu really looks like or its alter user for that matter. However, the people know when he strikes and that is enough to save your skin.

-Liona Village, Near the Original Alter Forest

Being in The Willow's territory was somewhat of a kindred experience. People seemed to be happy working hard planting seeds and watching crops flourish. The kids played in the streets pretending to have alters and such. It was a pleasant scene as Vincent traveled down the walk. He tipped his hat up toward the sun. It was a clear sky and the sun warmed his face with its gentle rays. "Hello Mr. Coalgate, nice to see you again!" A woman said waving from her front door. She was sweeping the dust out with a broom. Not long after her greeting the children came out with big smiles on their faces.
"It is Uncle Coalgi!" The first one said to the others. Everyone danced around him happy to see his face.
"Hello everyone. I brought you a souvenir from the west." Vincent said pulling out a brand new soccer ball from his pack he had slung over his back. The children quickly thanked him and went off to play in the fields.
"So what brings you back to Liona?" The woman asked as the kids went off to play.
"Just business. I found some great medicines when I went to the west." Vincent replied as he pulled out a few canisters. Some of it was manufactured stuff from the Main Land but most of what he pulled out was herbal. He handed a good bunch of it to the lady. "I hope it helps you Mrs. Julius. Your kids are growing up fine."
"Yeah, I can only hope that this silly war is over soon." She said putting the herbs inside. "You stay out of trouble too Mr. Coalgate, I would hate to see the children's reactions." Vincent nodded as he turned back toward the road.
"Tell your husband I said hi." He said quickly heading down the road. Mrs. Julius looked confused as he did not give a long farewell. As she went back into the house three men were picking up speed and heading in Vincent's direction.
Siriana brushed a wisp of hair from her eyes, looking up at the wide sky. It was chilly, somehow, she thought with a frown, pulling her jacket around herself. The sun was shining, but still she felt chilled.

Walking slowly back towards the little shop where she worked as a tailor for people who could hardly afford even her discounted prices. Still, she worked hard to patch their scruffy work clothes they needed so much. These were people who could not afford to buy new shirts when theirs tore or became threadbear, so they had patches and stitches from her skillful hand.

Entering the little shop and closing the wooden door behind her, she examined the small room. Threads and fabrics lay across tables, many spools of white and black with patches of fabrics ranging from the two extremes scattered around. In a precious cabinet were bright colors that she never seemed to get to use, clothes no one could afford.
Rin walked through a small market place in the country town. This was Willow's territory, and while she didn't believe it was right to claim areas using alter powers, this area was usually peaceful. She certainly enjoyed getting out of city and enjoying the countryside every now and then.
A parasol over her head to protect her skin from the blazing sun, she stopped to buy an apple to snack on before continuing on her way.
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