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  1. Based on RoosterTeeth’s animated series,
    A fan-based homage to Monty Oum’s latest creation…

    Red White Black Yellow

    Under the Veil

    “Legends, stories scattered through time.

    Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts of a forgotten past.

    Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful. But he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness, creatures of destruction—the creatures of Grim, set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning Man’s brief existence. . .to the Void.

    However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time Man’s passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named ‘Dust’. Nature’s wrath in hand, Man lit their way through the darkness. And the shadow’s absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly. . .life.

    But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die.

    And when they are gone, darkness will return. . . .”
    --RWBY Episode 1 (Pilot)​

    Plot: The City of Vale is decimated by relentless waves of creatures of the Grimm, and an unseen force prevents all forms of aid from the outside. Meanwhile, Beacon Academy is terrorized by a mysterious group who has come to claim the heads of the Academy’s staff. Just who is this shadowy cabal that threatens not only the instructors, but the next generation of Huntsmen and Huntresses? What is their connection with the Academy’s Headmaster? With the body count only increasing, and many questions to be answered, the world is put its knees when their only hope against the darkness is threatened to be snuffed out of existence.

    Characters: On first come, first serve basis, you will be allowed to play the four main characters of the RWBY series, or one of the individuals terrorizing the Academy, or a student of the Academy of your own original design. Keep in mind that though this is clearly a fanon (fan canon) roleplay of the RWBY series, anything from Volume 1 should still serve as the basis of how you play your role. You will find that names were given to the Open spots for the Shades of Black. I just put them there to give you an idea. You may discard the name and come up with your own if you want the spot.


    [​IMG]Ruby Rose: [OPEN]

    [​IMG]Weiss Schnee: [OPEN]

    [​IMG]Blake Belladonna Played by Sin

    [​IMG]Yang Xiao Long [OPEN]


    [​IMG] Juane Arc [OPEN]

    [​IMG] Nora Valkyrie Played by Accelerator

    [​IMG]Pyrrah Nikos [OPEN]

    [​IMG]Lie Ren Played by Urdnot-Grunt

    “The Shades of Black”

    Vradica Voidance

    Alexandria Abysselia

    Diana Dimmer

    Esther Eclipse

    Students of Beacon Academy

    Template for Students and Shades



    Killing a PC without permission
    --When posting, you are encouraged to write a minimum of two paragraphs; if you need help, contact me. Though to be honest, I'm not too concerned about length, but more so on detail and content.
    --Use of proper grammar is highly encouraged.
    --The GM/DM has total control.
    --In order to participate in this RP, you must PM me about which character you wish to play, and then I will make changes to the roster.
    --If writer's block is that bad, or if you're stuck, contact me for help. I don’t bite.
    --If you must quit the RP for any reason, and you play Rose, Weiss, Blake, or Yang, please notify me as soon as possible. Whatever original character you made will belong to me. And I will do with it as I please. Not to be taken personally by the way. 99% of the time, I simply write them out of the story.
    --Violation of the rules will result in me flipping a table over.

    Sources for your references:

    RWBY Wikia
    RoosterTeeth YouTube
    RWBY Volume 1 on YouTube
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  2. Reserving Blake.
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  3. Nora is mine!
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  4. I want to reserve Lie o.o
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  5. Just a random question. Can there only be 3 OC Students? Or did you only make three marks.


    If it is three, shouldn't it be 4 so their is an OC Team?
  6. There can be more, I just simply made three slots because I assumed people would sooner gun for the canon characters.
  7. Alright, thank you for the answer.
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