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  1. Blake Belladonna ♥

    12:00 ♦ Tuesday ♦

    Boots pattered against the floor, echoing throughout the empty halls. The Hallway was dark, almost gloomy in a sense. Everyone being asleep right now, other than Blake of course. She was wide awake, book at hand. The dorm had gotten quite irritating to be in, since everyone was snoring very loudly or talking amongst themselves; Literally. Of course, she loved Yang, Ruby, and Weiss. But it was quite hard to read with all that noise, even to sleep.

    The moonlight shown through a window, in which she had decided to sit down right below it just for some light, and so she couldn't exactly be seen by people who decide to pass by.

    Maybe it would be the right thing to go sleep, but she just wasn't tired anymore. From the previous events, it just made her feel anxious and just absolutely terrible. It was like her adrenaline was one drugs while her brain was addicted to razors.

    The initiation was excruciating, but she made it, and was now in a team. The other teams seemed quite nice too, since she had met a few during these past few days. Team CRDL wasn't the greatest, but she guessed it could be worse. Almost immediately, memories from The White Fang came rushing back, making her sigh softly. It could be like that, so she should be more grateful.

    Yang, Ruby, and Weiss were nice.. Although she wasn't a huge fan of Weiss, since Weiss gave off the impression of a spoiled princess. Blake had many problems with people like that, and honestly never got along with most. It was quite surprising that Weiss and Ruby got together, as friends and teamed up during those few attacks that they had just gone through. Yang was the only one who really talked to her, even though Ruby tries really hard. It was sweet of the young girl, too.

    Somehow it seemed like this year was going to be more hectic than anyone had ever anticipated, it was exciting, and very.. Dangerous, as you could call it. She could die at any moment, as could her friends. It's best to live for your friends, before giving your life up to the world. Which was why she would take a bullet for her friends; Secretly of course. No one could really ever find that out, because that would be quite embarrassing for both her, and her friends.

    Blake's black hair fell onto her face, covering her eyes. She didn't really mind though, since she wasn't even reading. Her thoughts were too busy to register the words, so what's the point?.

    After what seemed like hours, but in reality had only been a few minutes, her head turned and looked up, staring at the bright moon that shined down onto her. It seemed, from afar, that she was almost like a ghost. The light from the Moon almost completely changed her appearance, if whoever saw her was nearly half asleep.

    "Hush little baby, don't you cry. You know you're my little sunshine, no one can take you away. The moonlight shines, showing beauty. Hush little sunshine, you're all right."

    Her soft, almost velvet voice echoed throughout the halls. No one would really hear it though, since she had tried to be quiet, not wanting to disturb anyone. Blake's voice wasn't perfect, but she wasn't in front of people, so it truly didn't matter.

    The soft lullaby was by Adam, her old partner. He sang to her as a child, and ever since it had been her most favorite song in the whole wide world. Even if she hadn't seen Adam in a while.
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  2. Cypher had been up all night designing blueprints for new attachments for Alghieri and the insomnia dominated his body at full force. His teammates themselves were in the deepest of sleeps, a soft noise, a snore, emanating from Pyrrha's direction. He had been working on blueprints for new attachments that would coincide with his weapon, his gun blade, Alghieri. They were a great team, JNPR, and he was glad he had been assigned to them. Slowly backing the chair he sat on from his desk, he gazed out at the night time view of Vale from the windows of Beacon. It was a beautifully starry night and the sky was alight with those stars, a landscape for an artist to behold. However, gazing downward, he saw a figure in the darkness, sitting on a bench. Grabbing his jacket, he exited the room slowly to avoid waking his teammates up.

    Outside of Beacon now, he looked toward the bench, spotting Blake. Smiling as he walked over to her, he sat on the arm of the bench, as close as the Faunus was willing to get to her. "What is the great Blake Belladonna doing on her own on a night like this?" He asked pointedly, smirking. "Surely you should be in bed."

    @C r o m i c a l♥
  3. Blake Belladonna ♥
    Gold Cat-like eyes stared up at the moon, not really paying attention to her surrounding. That is, until Cypher. The gaze that was once staring up at the moon, turned towards Cy

    "Why are you so curious? Are you my mother?"

    Her eyebrow raised slowly, scooting a little away from the male. She didn't have a problem with the Faunus, it was just quite weird that someone other than her was awake. Blake sighed softly, her hands moving upwards to her head, fixing her bow a bit since it had moved just a bit when her head turned. Cy was a nice guy, and he had the looks too. But he wasn't going to be.. Anything other than a friend, at least not now. They hardly knew each other, because she highly doubted that he too, was in The White Fang. Even if he was, she didn't remember him at all. He too, didn't show any interest in her, which made her feel a bit more comfortable around him. Friends were nice, safe.

    ".. I couldn't sleep. You?"

    The wind blew, making her hair flow with the wind in a way. She sighed, pulling a few strands of hair behind her ear. The only reason why she gave him a proper answer, was because there wasn't a point in being cocky or anything. Her irritation was the only thing that kept her from being remotely nice in all honesty. Maybe she should try and get some sleep, just so she could be her normal self again.

    A shooting star passed by, and she watched it intently. Her instincts kicked in, making her smile and wish for whatever she deemed interest in.
  4. "Hey, I was working on Alghieri. You're just out here for some odd reason, Belladonna." Cy exclaimed with a smile as he breathed in through his nose, letting out a sigh. She wasn't the most vitriolic of people, but she could certainly give the death stare a run for it's money.

    "I was working on attachments for Alighieri and the insomnia just caught me like the old Venus flytrap." Cy exclaimed as he fiddled with his jacket, her derisive gaze making him squirm a little. Watching the shooting star pass by, he wished for something out of the ordinary to happen to him. He didn't care what. A relationship, a new job for JNPR, something for him to do that would make his life a whole lot more interesting.

    "Shouldn't we go inside, y'know, and keep warm? It's getting cold, and you never know who might be out at this time. Unless you wanna take a walk around Vale?"
  5. ♥ Blake Belladonna ♥
    Blake was already up and walking away from Cy as the male spoke of leaving, her eyes becoming heavy and her body almost numb. Not that Scarletina was boring, her exhaustion was just catching up to her. She slowly made her way towards her dorm, needing to lay down on something comfortable.

    "Good night, Scarletina."

    Her voice was followed by a soft yawn, and before she knew it, she was back at her dorm. Blake smiled to herself, stepping inside and shutting the door closely behind her. In the midst of a few seconds, she had changed into her Pajama's and was in bed passed out. The dreams were just plain black, besides every once in a while she would picture her old friends face; Adam.

    The next morning.
    The morning sunlight has risen, and the blinding rays shined down on Blake's face. Her eyes fluttered open, almost immediately shutting them afterword because of the sun, so she covered her eyes before opening them again. This time was a nice success, and she realized that everyone was getting up to go out and train, which made her rush to put on her clothes.

    Luckily she finished just on time, so all four girls walked out to the back of the school so they could train together. It was Ruby against Weiss, and Yang against Blake. Seemed pretty fair enough, since all four girls knew how the other fought. Ruby and Weiss started, so Yang and Blake followed close behind. Yang was quite strong, she had to admit.

    Being lost in her thoughts, she almost got hit by Yang. Blake was able to dodge the attack just in time, and her shadow came out, detonating once it was close to Yang. The fire wasn't very hurtful, since the girl had seen it run towards her, but Blake was able to get a hit on the girl.​
  6. The outside world seemed so different looking through the window of a ship. Oceans of clouds and the distinct hum of flight engines seemed calming, despite the given situAtion Koru has been presented with. He's leaving home, his career as a world-class master fighter, and his friends behind for a new life at Beacon Academy. On board with him were about two hundred other applicants that fit the bill for this unique and mysterious school. Koru could feel the aura of anxiety around him from his future colleagues, stinking like a fresh pile of werewolf dung.

    He scoffed, then proceeded to walk over towards the front window of the ship. He leaned his back against the wall, then peered out the window with a plane look. Out of his left ear, he heard the subtle sound of girls giggling. His reflexes were near instantaneous upon looking in their direction to see a group of girls eying him from a far with hearts in their eyes. Being a champion had its advantages, but it also made it hard for Koru to have abit of peace. He felt a bead of sweat skim down the back of his head,then pulled his hood over to cover up his expression. Feeling illusive, he steadily walked away from their gaze only to hear them follow him around. Just as he could feel them closing in, he heard the captain announce they were arriving at Beacon. Koru wasted no time to run through the door as it opened. Underestimating the speed of the door, Koru ended up ramming it with his shoulder and breaking it down without losing momentum.

    He was about a mile ahead of the ship and its inhabitants, and came to a halt just outside Main Avenue. Koru took a minute to admire the open scenery of trees lining the pathway, bushes and grass greener the emeralds. Looking up at one of the flag poles, Koru could feel it in his soul that this was the start of something new.
  7. "Goodnight Belladonna." Cy exclaimed with a chuckle as he walked briskly back to the dorms, the night air chilling him but helping him to relax, the coil of insomnia slowly receding back into oblivion. As he entered Beacon and took the stairs to the floor with his dorm, he entered the room for JNPR, everyone seemingly still asleep. That was, until he heard a low mutter from the corner of the room. "You're up late, Cy." Ren stated matter-of-factly, eyes closed in the dim light, seemingly meditating.

    "What's it matter, Ren?" Cy added, incredulous at his patient team mate. "If you were going to train..." The other boy began. "I wasn't." Said Cy, frowning now. "Go to bed, Ren. That's what I'm going to do."

    ~The Next Morning~
    His team seemingly sharing a unanimous yawn, they all got up, Pyrrha moving into the next room to change from her bedclothes into her battle armour. Equipping his jacket as Jaune equipped his armour and Ren his own jacket, they were ready to go. "Hey Jaune, Ren, Pyrrha?"

    "What do you want to talk about, Cy?"

    The three spoke one after the other, lighting a smile on the face of Cy. "Pyrrha, I want you and I to be on a team, versus Jaune and Ren. Give us some combat practice for the new term, and let me practice with some new weapon modifications I've been working on." Cy said as Jaune smiled, strapping his sword to his left thigh. Then he and Cy spoke in unison.

    "Let's do this." They both spoke.


    Cinder's Team:

    Chorus sat gazing off into space as Mercury walked over to him. "Oh, Accelerando. I figured you'd be here." Mercury exclaimed as Chorus gave Mercury a death stare, making the man back up a little. "If you want to speak to me..." Chorus exclaimed, his gauntlets charging electricity, "You ask permission."

    "And what if I don't, Chorus? What will you do?" Mercury exclaimed with a sly smile, his sly smile extending to his eyes.

    "I'll end you, Mercury." Chorus explained, lightning now a solid covering over his gauntlets, the bolts sparking off, ready to be utilised in combat.
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  8. ♥ Blake Belladonna ♥

    Before the new arrivals came, Yang and Blake had decided to take a break just so they could meet them and show them around. Yang was already there, while Blake was just taking her sweet time. Coincidentally, she had grabbed her book, taking her attention off of her surrounding, but to the words of peace. She let out a soft sight, proceeding her way towards the group. How many had they said would come? Maybe ten.. Fifteen?. Obviously one was missing, which was quite weird. But then again, whoever it was could have just found their way around themselves, or they had a family member who worked here or a sibling.

    Once she reached the group, she smiled and waved at them, finally looking away from her book. Her eyes sparkled a bit, shaking some of their hands. None of them told her their names though.

    "Hello everyone~ I hope you had a safe trip."

    That was all she said before Yang began giving them instructions, which Blake began walking away from the group, knowing that she didn't have any other reason to stay. Unless she actually wanted to meet the group, which, sounded like a good idea. She had a few things to do anyways, plus she planned on seeing if she and her Teammates had a job ready.

    It seemed as if, just by all the training that she had done so far, she had gotten stronger. Which was nice, even though she was already quite.. Nice, at fighting.

    "Blake Belladonna, how has your training been?"

    Ozpin asked, having just come out of the Dining hall. Blake smiled a bit, giving him a shrug. Many thought she wasn't very.. Sociable, which was true. She only felt like talking to people whom she had become quite used to, but that was now. Maybe, coming to Beacon would help her out.
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  9. As team JNPR went to the training zone they passed by the dining hall, and they all seemed to remember that the had not exactly had any form of breakfast. He counted everyone up. Jaune, Ren, Pyrrha, but where was.... "COOKIE!" He heard Nora shout as she jumped on his back, covering his eyes. As Cypher stumbled, she laughed childishly. "Damnit, Nora!" Cy laughed as the ginger haired girl laughed at him, the "Queen of the Castle" as she was so called ready to take on the obvious tribulation that was breakfast. Sitting down, Cy had himself a stack of honey and maple syrup glazed pancakes, Nor the same, her sweet tooth, if measured by distance, a mile wide. Ren went for a simple bowl of cereal, chattering away with Nora as Pyrrha and Jaune sat together, awfully close, and chatted about her face on the cereal box.

    Munching on his pancakes, he seemed to ponder his team mates relationships. He'd come in late to them, and they'd taken him under their wing, sure. But they'd already developed so close together and he had one connection so far. Blake. She seemed to like him. Seemed to, he though sarcastically.

    "Guys, I'm gonna go for some fresh air. Too many pancakes." Cy exclaimed as Nora stole his plate and he left, bumping into Prof. Ozpin and who would have guessed it, Blake, on his way out. "I'm sorry Professor. Hey, Blake." Cy exclaimed, hoping to get a decent conversation going.
  10. ♥ Blake Belladonna ♥
    Professor Ozpin looked at the boy who had run into him, his eyebrow raised. He remembered how the male had done during the initiation, which was surprisingly quite well.

    "Ah, you're Cypher Scarletina correct?, well it's perfectly fine. You don't have to apologize. Now I must go, I have some duties to attend to."

    He spoke calmly, looking at both Blake and Cypher before heading off to his office.

    Blake watched her Professor walk away before turning her head towards Scarletina, a small smile on her face. She found it funny that Ozpin could keep such a straight face at almost any time, which was kind of like herself in a sense. She gave him a small wave, not really sure what to say. This is what happens when she's around people, she was just always confused.

    "Hello, Scarletina. What're you doing out here? Or.. Wait no, bad question. I mean... Uh... Yeah forget it."

    She muttered out, shaking her head as she clasped her hands together. Her eyes looking at everything else but Cypher, everything felt a bit awkward. After a few minutes she just told him that she needed to go do some stuff, and that they could talk later. Of course, she may have been telling the truth, but it was uncertain since she really did have things to do, so who knows how long those will take. Moving towards the Dining area so she could have some food, she opens her book once again, reading it with mild interest. Of course, Blake loved the book, but she had read it quite a few times now, so she knew exactly what would happen.
  11. Cy nodded toward Ozpin as he was addressed. "Yes, Professor. Thank you, Professor." Cy exclaimed, steeling himself with formalities as he sidled over to Blake. "I'm just with the rest of team JNPR. We were going straight to a training session, but then we all decided to get breakfast." Cy looked at her steadily get more nervous, his other eye seemingly gazing at the rest of team JNPR finishing their breakfast in his peripheral vision.

    "See ya, Blake." He exclaimed as he headed over to the three, who all chattered with him about the training session. Off they headed.
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