RWBY: The Devestation of Remnant

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    After watching the second season of RWBY, I've been craving a roleplay set in the universe of Remnant. This roleplay itself will be an intermingling of OC and Non-OC. Meaning if you can handle more than one character, please do so. I'd love to try out an entire school experience for Hunters and Huntresses, from 1st year, all the way to when they graduate. We'll have to play two characters each as a prerequisite in order to create the "RWBY Team" so to speak. Weapons will probably also have to be original. Meaning no Gambol Shroud for all the fanboys and fangirls, unless one of us intends to play Blake.

    1) As this is set to adept, I expect at least 2-5 paragraphs with minimal spelling mistakes, and good use of punctuation and grammar.
    2) Characters must either be named after a color, or be part of the full team name that can be named as a color, such as RWBY (Ruby) and JNPR (Juniper).
    3)Be sure to let me know if you can't post, if you have no muse, or anything else is bothering you. Communication is key.
    4) On that note, don't just up and leave without telling me you're going to do so. I'd like to know if this is the case.
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  2. I'm very interested in this I would prefer to play a female Non-OC Faunus. I have only watched the first season, but I am watching more. I think the show is very unique and I been craving a Role-play with this as well. Would it be OK for some slight romance? Also, will this be on a thread or in a private chat?
  3. Slight romance is good and yeah, a thread is tthe best place for it.
  4. Id be interested if you're still searching :P
  5. No, I'm not, sorry. ^^;
  6. No need to be sorry :P
  7. Eh? Done already? Damn, and here i thought this would be good...
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