RWBY: Simple Souls

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  1. Based on the hit web series by Rooster Teeth, this RP takes place in the World of Remnant, where scattered points of civilization are constantly beset by creatures that feed on fear and negativity known as the Grimm. Combat these ferocious beasts are elite warriors known as Huntsmen, trained at one of four Academies as protectors of mankind.

    Set two decades before the events of RWBY Volume One, this RP follows the era when Ozpin and his partners are just beginning to discover the secret of Remnant:

    That legends are real.

    For those that have seen RWBY Volume Three, this RP directly relates to the discovery, search, and protection of the Maidens (female individuals who can use superpowers without aid, akin to actual magic).

    "Victory is in a simple soul."

    Character Sheet:
    Description: written or image
    Race: Human, Faunus, or android
    Semblance: if any
    Weapon: with main modes, function, and alternate modes described

    Players can be apprentice Huntsmen or Huntresses, graduates of a Huntsmen academy, or non-Huntsmen.

    Though OCs are encouraged, the time of the setting (20 years prior to Volume One) allows for certain canon characters to be playable (see below).

    I am looking for 3-4 players.

    Available Canon Characters
    1) Ozpin
    2) James Ironwood
    3) Glynda Goodwitch
    4) Qrow Branwen
    5) Raven Branwen
    6) Taiyang Xiao Long
    7) Summer Rose
    8) Peter Port
    9) Bartholomew Oobleck
    10) Winter Schnee
    11) Junior
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  2. -Expressing my interest here and will probably create a character-
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  3. Imma' just showing my interest.
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  4. I'm interested.
  5. I'm game for another RWBY rpg.
  6. Interested as well.
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