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  1. Ok so I been watching the show RWBY a lot and I am in love with it! Does anyone watch RWBY or would be willing to RP an RWBY fandom. I was thinking about including just the characters in the show, but we can add our own little twist to it to fit them to more of our personalities and doesnt have to go by the story!

    Any takers? Q _ Q
  2. I would be up for it i love rwby.
  3. Sweet! If I get anymore with interest Ill start one. I call Yang! >.< Though depending if someone wants to be Ruby I could start a One X One i suppose.
  4. I've watched RWBY and like it very much too. My favourite character's Weiss even though she can be a snobby little princess at times :)
  5. I've watched all episodes of RWBY and I would love to join a roleplay based on it! I really like most characters, but Weiss is also my favorite. :)