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  1. Hello there everyone!
    Today I have stepped forwards to look for an idea that I had in my mind for a while, but haven't had the motivation just yet.
    Now the time has come for me to actually look for one person or even multiple to join me on this.

    The idea is simple and considering you read the title you probably already know RWBY. For those who don't I recommend you check it out on the roosterteeth website, it's a web series with currently one season released and the episodes are not longer than 10 minutes.

    My idea was to make a roleplay based on that show, I really like the fighting and I personally haven't found enough story in the show, but that's exactly what I wanted to change, I post this in the mature section entirely for the reason that it will surely include some pretty heavy fighting and I also don't mind getting into the sexual topic with this.

    I wanted this to be an OC roleplay, meaning I'd prefer creating new characters and not use the ones from the show. In the show it is usually groups of 4, but for my version I'd just make it pairings and I'd start right after those were decided with the first trial. Of course if we find 4 people it would also work with the 4 person group.

    Personally I prefer writing in PM's, but I don't mind going for thread/skype/kik if that is preferred. That said I'd like to keep a nice balance between fighting, story and possibly sexual topics if desired.

    If any questions are open or you are interested to go for this, leave me a message or reply in this thread, thank you for the attention and have a a nice time on Iwaku :)
  2. I did a RWBY roleplay a while ago. If i may suggest something: Skip the initiation test. Most roleplayers aren't active enough for that one.
    Oh and i am in of course, regardless of 1on1 or group. I merely request it to be made in a thread.
  3. I was waiting for someone to reply to this first >.> Hmm. I agree with Lusterless. I tried a RWBY Roleplay awhile ago...didn't last long.
  4. I was going to skip that one anyways, I usually didn't stop a roleplay and have a few nice ideas for quests and trials up, so yeah, I will wait a while longer to see how things turn out, but I personally prefer 1x1 because I feel like it lasts longer.
  5. Sounds like a somewhat solid idea. Now then. Would you see one or two characters to choose from?
  6. Well, you can create one and send it my way if you want, I guess nobody will sign up for this anymore anyways so yeah.
  7. Kaldoro are you still accepting members
  8. That was almost a year ago...
  9. Im surprised this thread could still be posted in, and I cant believe I was following this thread.
  10. xD guess there is funny things like that ^^
    But yeah, the idea is not on my mind anymore, sorry.
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