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  1. "The hell you looking at?" A grey haired teen asked a fellow teen tat was giving him odd stares. The other teen quickly turned away in fear I guess. The teen that was sitting down while mostly every one else was looking outside the airship windows for Beacon was Genya Suzuki. Genya comes from a family of hunters and huntress. Hid dad was a hunter, so was his mom, and his older sister and one of his older brothers. He was the youngest of his family and the last one to finally begin training to become a hunter. However from the looks of him he didn't want to be here. He laid back in an lounge chair with his chain whip sword Slayer beside him. Genya also had that 'I really wish I wasn't here' kind of face, but he was the complete opposite. He couldn't wait to start training. His weapon skills were already good and he couldn't wait to hone them better. After all he was going to the best academy for hunter training. Still he was going to play it off like he didn't care. No way was he going to act like some bubbly all happy like a school girl.

    Phacia looked out the windows out of the airship. "So that's Beacon academy.....I-I think." She whispered to herself. You could she a castle like structure from the distance. Indeed it was the academy. She was excited yet nervous. What would people think of her? Was she ready? Was she good enough? All these thoughts came rushing into her mind. Then she thought well she was good enough if she was able to go here. She decided to cast her negative thoughts and maintain positive ones. This was the beginning of a whole new chapter for her.
  2. Lusala sat alone on the airship flying to Beacon academy- very alone. Nobody would sit within a meter's range of her. If anybody came too close to her, crossed the invisible barrier, they were greeted with an icy stare, a hostile hiss, and a mental injection of fear. Lusala's worries for Beacon Academy? Only that her poisonous attitude towards everyone might impede her studies. Other than that, she had high hopes for Beacon Academy. While she had a bit of experience fighting, she couldn't wait for proper huntress training. As the academy just came into view in the distance, Lusala stole a glance of the grand structure through the window. She wouldn't show it, but such a building took her breath away...for a moment. Then she was back on guard, hands gripping the handles of her hidden whips.
  3. Soriku was walking around on the airship and saw that there was a free seat next to girl who everyone seemed to steer clear of. He sat down next to her and crossed his arms and a leg over the other and waited until he heard everyone 'Ooo-ing and Aah-ing' over the building that had came into view. Beacon Academy huh? I wonder how This'll work out if I'm just the silent one. Will they hate me if they know how I truly act or will they actually try to befriend me unlike those kids from my childhood? Guess only time'll tell this time around. he thought to himself then looked at the girl next to him who seemed to be a bit unsteady. He'd ask if she was alright but figured she was giving off that 'unapproachable type' aura. He shrugged and wondered how teams would work out and how they'd be assigned.
  4. Iced eyes gazed out of the windows as Beacon Academy came into view. It was a magnificent building filled with magnificent teachers, and professors that would teach, and train her to become a top notch Huntress. She sat alone, away from most others, and though some braved an approach, or even a greeting, they were gifted with a venomous gaze that could only belong to Blue. It was what everyone settled on calling her. Blane was a very intimidating girl, with her icy looks, and her equally icy personality, she could already see that many disputes, and fights would break out among herself, and many of the other students attending the school itself. After scouting over those on board the airship, she had seen two students who would most likely butt head with her more so than the others. One male, one female, and both equally as alone as she. Hopefully they'd stay that way.

    Blane rose from her perch on a lounge chair, Her typical school uniform; a white, button up blazer, blue tie, blue plaid skirt that cut off mid thigh, black knee high socks, and simple black slip ons made her oddly normal compared to what the other people were wearing. She didnt much care. She walked over to where the other, icy looking female stood, ignored the glare she probably gained, and looked out the window to get a closer look at Beacon as it became closer, and closer to the airship. Vaguely, Blane's icy eyes caught a glimpse of the platinum haired female grasping at what she would assume to be her weapons. Instinctively, Blane's own hands ran along the loosely bound ribbon looped about a button loop on her skirt. She couldnt trust anyone.
  5. Just as the airship had been closing in on the school, just as Lusala thought she wouldn't have to confront anybody, two idiots (at least in Lusala's opinion) approached her. In fact one sat right next to her, much to Lusala's dismay. It took a lot of self refrain from Lusala not to attack both of them, right there and then. Yet, with a slight grimace on her face, she managed to refrain from causing a scene. Lusala didn't exactly think attacking her class mates before they even arrived at the academy would get her anywhere with the teachers. Although...she could just slip some of her whip's poisoned laced blade heads from the pouch around her waist to her company's pockets? So if they were careless with their movements it might prick them? That way she might keep them away from her without gaining too much attention, maybe. Or perhaps she should wait for later, for a more opportune moment... Lusala weighed up both options in her head, and after a minute came to a conclusion. Subsequently, she turned to the blonde boy on her left, and tried to give him a smile that said I'm-only-doing-this-to-keep-every-one-else-happy, but who ever you may be, it's hard to speak with smiles. So accompanying that, she also muttered to him, "Well since your sitting next to me, I better introduce myself. I'm Lusala, you?" Lusala offered him her tense hand to shake. Although concealed in her hand, forgotten by Lusala, was one of the poison blades she'd been fiddling with, from when deciding whether or not to lightly poison her company.
  6. After having taken a light nap and being awoken from it by a voice that randomly seemed to chime in he looked at the girl he had sat next to. He heard her introduce herself and he simply looked at her although his bangs seemed to cover his eyes. "Soriku.." was the only word he uttered in response then he added "You should calm down before you do something you'll regret. You don't want to get kicked out of the Academy before even stepping into the building do you?" due to the fact that he could see her trembling lightly whether she knew it or not plus her hand was clenched around something so it was obvious what she wanted to do. He wasn't one to be intimidated by someone else so easily especially since he could barely see the other party involved in the intimidation tactic so why would he be shaken up by a nervous girl.
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    After Soriku's curt reply and threat, Lusala realized what was in her hand. With a nod, she shoved it back into her belt, and stuck her hand out again to Soriku, still trembling with the fear that she would actually get herself expelled before she entered the school. She knew too well that her self control wasn't the best. Regardless, Lusala retorted, "You never know. Might be worth it with somebody who won't even be polite enough to shake my hand." Lusala attempted to look Soriku in the eye while saying this, but she had to put up with staring into his fringe instead.
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    After glancing at her hand Soriku hesitantly grabbed it firmly and gave it shake. "So you're saying that being expelled would be worth just because someone didn't return a simple gesture. That's pretty foolish if you ask me.." he replied in response to her statement then withdrew his hand and looked at. "Why are you so tense? You're giving off this 'Back off or else' aura but you don't want that do you? No one would at least not any sane person anyway so why not relax? You've already made an acquaintance so now the next level is friendship...I guess."
  9. When Nolan boarded the ship, he really wanted to take a look at the complex mechanics that made this huge construction fly. But the thought of maybe making something malfunction restrained him. After all, he surely wouldn't make allies like this.

    He took a seat near the windows and just stared out, enjoying the view, with his weapon on his back.
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    Lusala stared at Soriku's hand along with him, since it was more interesting than his fringe. "Hey, it's all a matter of opinion. Maybe it would be foolish, but I wouldn't care one bit, " Lusala explained frostily, "Anyway, 'Who's not sat tense before another's possible heart's curtain,' as Lowell said, or something like that. And don't go deciding we're friends by yourself! Talking to you is just a good...distraction." And for once Lusala was not lying. The conversation really did distract her from the thoughts of repulsion always floating through her mind. But...her eyes did creep over to where the other intruder of her space stood. Lusala noted to confront her another time.
  11. Genya didn't really pay any attention to the other student sitting in the other seats. He could really care less what they were talking since he was in his own thoughts at the moment. Genya did have a smirk on his face when the airship finally landed and the metal doors came down "Well it's about damn time." Genya said. He got up from his seat and brushed his jacket off before putting Slayer in place. On the inside of his jacket was a small magnetic plate which allowed Slayer to stick to attach onto his jacket without any harnesses or straps. With his weapon in place he proceeded to get off the ship an onto the academy.

    Phacia tensed up upon the ship landing and the crowd of students making their way off. However she took a deep breath to calm herself down and proceed to merge with the crowd. As she stepped foot upon the campus a wide smile went across Phacia's face. "Wow, this place is so huge. B-Bigger than I expected." She got out. She was a awe seeing all the other students at Beacon with different weapons and armor.
  12. When the airship finally landed on Beacon Campus, a loud commotion broke out. One that consisted of mostly "Ooo's" and "Ahh's". Blane huffed to herself having completely ignored the conversation going on behind her. She'd make it a point to wait until most personal had left before she even attempted to exit the ship itself. When She finally made it off the ship, she took it upon herself to stand to the back of the massive crowd that had gathered in front of the school, slowly making its way into the entrance hall of the academy. It was nearly thirty minute before she'd even reached the front doors.

    Once in side, just as before, she took it upon herself to stand at the back of the crowd as it gathered, and awaited the greeting from the headmaster. Students chatted among themselves, greeted old friend, instantly made new enemies. She took no part in this. Crossing her arms over her chest, Blane sighed, and leaned against a pillar, her eyes closing as she waited for something to happen.
  13. Lusala watched happily as students began to stream off the ship. She waited until the last few were left, then turned to Soriku and said "Well I suppose our little chat is over. Who knows, I might have the bad luck of seeing you again later." Although some small part of her, subconsciously, wondered if it really was bad luck. Some small, subconsious, wondering part. Lusala strolled off the ship, wondering what to do now. She caught sight of the other person that had intrigued her early, the cocky girl dressed in a blue uniform. The girl was leaning against a pillar, eyes closed. Unable to resist the childish fun of it, Lusala crept behind the pillar, then announced in the girls ear, "Boo!"
  14. During the flight, Nolan avoided contact with his future classmates somehow, and thanks to that he had more time to work on his weapon. 5 modes were working, but for some reason the Chaotic mode was not safe for use yet.

    When the ship landed he let out a sigh since he couldn't finish his work. But on the other hand, they were finally there.
    He left the ship and followed the crowd.
  15. After hearing the slightly displeased tone in Lusala's voice Soriku rolled his unseen eyes and watched her get off as soon as the ship landed. He stood up after everyone else had walked out since he wanted to avoid crowds for personal reasons then looked at the huge building in front of him. "It's definitely bigger up close. I made an acquaintance who doesn't want to accept friend and other friends have yet to be made." he mutters with a sigh then walk towards the building but then takes a detour since he didn't want to just go with the crowd plus it's not like they were going to do anything major since they just got there so why not learn the layout of the land.
  16. Tevik was napping. It was wonderful. He dreamed of eating infinite amounts of cakes, but it suddenly ended with the lack of movement under him. He opened his gray eyes to see the school. It was extremely pretty and utterly humongous. He had never seen something this massive in his life, and he wondered how many bricks it took to make it. It was probably a lot of bricks. But the school was surrounded by trees and he also thought about all the little animals that lived there. Were they disturbed by the school? Surely huntsmen and huntresses make a lot of noise and maybe even hurt some without thinking.

    Tevik ended his train of thought as he looked down. He was on the nose of one of the airships transporting students.Tevik didn't quite remember how he got here, but he remembered how comfortable it was. He saw the mass of students heading towards the school. It didn't seem right how most of them looked so plain, but a few of them caught his attention. They were so colorful and bright. There was blue, green, red, and even brown although he didn't know why her color caught his attention. He decided he needed to get down. He jumped off without much thought for his own safety. Right before he landed he threw some red dust below him. It exploded and ceased his motion. He always liked dust. They were fascinating. So many different pretty colors and different effects and uses. Tevik was kinda scared of the big crowd. They were like a living mass of people. And people scared him. They thought he was strange. He thought he was perfectly normal. Other people just complicated his simple life and he didn't particularly liked complications. Simplicity was best. The animals lived simple lives, except when dealing with monsters. Now those were crazy. He wanted to protect people and animals from them. Maybe that was the reason Tevik wanted to be a hunter. Certainly he had fought his fair share back in his home. With all these thoughts spinning in his head, Tevik wandered about.
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