Ruthless Zombie Survival

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  1. So I just watched that video and laughed myself to pieces.


    ... I do. c___c I plan for a lot of things. Including things that aren't likely to happen. I know what to pack and where to go should zombies happen.

  2. That video was silly. It's always great seeing someone actually believe something so outlandish.

    Otherwise the plan? Either fortify our third story apartment with it's stairwell. Or go a few miles east to the boonies with my family and wait for this whole thing to blow over.

    brb finding Max Brooks again
  3. My plan consists of sitting in the corner of my apartment with a kitchen knife while jumping at every little sound. And then eventually starving to death in that corner. It's the best corner.
  4. If they can in the first place, dense forests are a horrible place to run. Just get yourself a shotgun, supplies, a watchpost or something, and you'll be a-ok.

    Though I probably won't end up doing that. I'd be somewhere desolate. Far off, living off crops or something. A nice li'l mountain would be cool. With a cool cliffside or something.

    Then there's of course the Minecraft-esque alternative, build yourself a narrow, tall pillar of dirt, and stand on it, then live on slices of melon until day comes and the zombies all catch fire. Right?
  5. I have a plan! It involves some guns, and a piece of property with nothing more than a few trailers on it and some mesquite bushes...
  6. Ugh, don't remind me that The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z were things that existed. Fucking awful books that I'm pretty sure was written by a man who has no idea what he's talking about so he made shit up as he went. I honestly feel like if anyone actually followed those books as real advice, they'd not only die, they'd super turbo die extreme.
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  7. New favorite phrase. Though that isn't going to help against zombies.

    ...but do you know what does? A roman-style army!

    (As I wrote 'does', I his 'i instead of 'o' first, so the romans die, apparently.)
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  8. Get as much food as I can hold in my car along with my kids. Find a boat, and head out to sea until it blows over. Eventually they'll starve to death, or start eating each other.
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  9. Alternatively, a desolate island. Perhaps one deserted after an outbreak.
  10. I'd just hang around my apartment after stocking up on food and water when the news hits and keep living life normally as long as possible. I live pretty far North, with often hundreds of kilometers between towns and cities, so if it did hit somewhere, it may burn out way before it reaches where I live. Otherwise, I'll grab my bicycle and load it up with supplies if town starts to fall and find myself a canoe or fishing boat along the river and make my way upstream towards the mountains, setting up camp in secure locations along the way.

    Biggest thing is not to panic and treat it like any survival situation. Zombies don't matter if you freeze, starve, or die of exposure.
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  11. Why did you make this thread? D: I had a bad dream about someone turning into a zombie and now the thought of it scares the shit out of me. The was awful.
    Now this shall haunt me every time I click on the general chat.

    But to answer the question, nope, no plan. If it ever happens I shall die because I will be in total denial. Or else snap and go completely insane. ^^
  12. Me and my friends already decided on a relatively simple plan for this a while back

    1. Gather up friends
    2. Use one of our friends farm as a rendevous for anyone slow to arrive and to organize
    3. Move as far north as possible
    4. Live off the land with farming and hunting

    North Canada isn't that highly populated so it'd be relatively easy to clear out or at least avoid zombies.
    Plus, we'd still make sure to go in groups, keep lookouts etc.
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  13. ...trying to figure out if you mean kids or zombies? lol

    Also can we please point out the "you can only take one pet" question and response. I was laughing so hard lol.

    I am pretty sure i will die of an asthma attack so how can one plan when one can't even run? 8D
  14. The zombies. I sure as hell hope my kids won't starve or eat each other. Although the way they fight, I might have to worry about one of them throwing another one in front of a zombie....
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  15. I already have a plan for such thing. >_> It mainly involves keeping friends and family close by, no hesitation to kill and not trust anyone unfamiliar. I'd be pretty brutal.




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  17. Start a Cthulhu cult and eliminate the nonbelievers. With kindness, of course.
    at least for now
  18. My survival plan:

    -Trip all my co-workers that I hate
    -Get some generators
    -Get some treadmills
    -Place said treadmills around the house
    -Stock up on food (not in this order, probably while I'm getting the generators) and shit
    -Do what Michonne did in Walking Dead
    -Die probably soon after the generators give out
  19. Pack light, head out of the city, and stay on the move. Never stop and never trust anyone outside of the group. I have a few friends with whom I go to the firing range on occasion, so we're good on that front.

    Might stop at the library.
  20. Move to my friends up north. Laugh as the zombies freeze solid in winter
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