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  1. The world contains many species, and a sub race has been found. People with runes etched into their skin, as if they had been burned into the skin itself. The runes produce special powers based on the five elements, fire, water, earth, air, and spirit. Nobody is sure why this sub race exists, but many people suspect that it's a sign from the Goddess that she has sent the world protectors.

    Species: (vampire, werewolf, demon, human, etc.)
    Sub-race: (Normal elementalist, or a rune)
    Background history:
  2. Kurayuki Okagami, Aqua
    Name: Kurayuki Okagami
    Age: 19
    Species: Yuki-Otoko (Snow Man)
    Sub-race: Water Elementalist (To control water and Ice)
    Personality: Kurayuki is kind and charming, usually being very calm and gentle.
    Background history: Kurayuki lived in Alaska most of his life with his parents and has always loved the snow seeing as he is attuned to water and ice, he has always done well in school and always helps thoughts that need his help. Now nineteen he decided to live away from his parents in an apartment of his own in Japan.
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  6. Name: Jason Moxley
    Age: 17
    Species: Bezerker, one of the last
    Sub-Race: Elementalist, Fire and Heat
    Personality: Jason is sarcastic, and sassy, but hes also fiercely protective and possessive. He has a fiery temper that matches his element, along with a soft side that could melt hearts when he shows it.
    Backround: Jason grew up with his twin brother, and was almost immediately on the run, both of them being one of the few last Bezerkers in the world. Unlike his twin though, Jason became outgoing, an charismatic. They are currently in England, running from those who want to kill them due to their purer bloodlines filled with the Bezerk gene

    Name: Warren Moxley
    Age: 17
    Species: Bezerker
    Sub-Race: Elementalist, Air
    Personality: Warren is calm and collected for the most part, hiding his emotions well. Its rare he loses his temper, but when he does, its always best to run the other way.
    Backround: Warren became the protector, and the steady hand that Jason needed. He aged well before his time, becoming serious and mature, able to level off Jasons wild emotions. On their run, they ended up in England, but Waren is already looking for the new place to go, his need to protect Jason always pushing him to be one step ahead of the people chasing them
  7. [​IMG] m_4140280937280477.jpeg Kazu Shirayuki
    Name: Kazu Shirayuki
    Age: 17
    Species: angel/ demon hybrid
    Sub-race: Water Rune (To control water and Ice)
    Personality: Kazu is a very calm person but when he detects danger another personality comes out. which is that of a demon.
    Background history: Kazu lived with his mother in the heavens for most of his life and has always loved her and the snow power she controlled. his mother seeing him taking an intrest in it she taught him to use his angelic power to control it. But then his father to him away and forced him to learn how to harness his demon power as well. using that power he murdered his demonic father and set off to go and find his lost mother.
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  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Indigo Sky
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Sub-race: Spirit Rune
    Personality: Indigo is a serious girl but at times she can be energetic and playful. If she let's her guard down when she is around you then she trusts you.
    Background history: Indigo is an only child, her mother died giving birth and her father a busy man with no time for his daughter because of this she grew up and matured faster than most. This is where she gets her serious nature from. Yet because she grew up so fast at a young age sometimes she can be childish and playful, which embarrasses her. When she was 15 she discovered her powers, she somehow could use invisible forces and secretly trained herself.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Name: Gata Jaraxia
    Age: 21
    Species: Werecat
    Sub-Race: Spirit Elementalist
    Personality: Gata is a very playful, energetic individual. He is no stranger to racial discrimination and because of this he usually keeps his tail and ears hidden. Gata is very observative notices small details most others would miss.
    Background History: From a young age, Gata lived around humans. When he was little he didnt realize he was different from the other people that lived there. Needless to say his first years of school were a disaster. The carefree kitten was happy to introduce himself to the other children but was quickly shunned because he was different. His torment was never verbal or physically, as people soon realized his increased strength and reflexes made him nigh impossible to beat up, but he had no friends. Ever since then, he has gotten into the habit of rarely speaking to others unless he has to.
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