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  1. Rune duelists

    Plot summary
    You live on a planet called Coelus, which has advanced magic instead of advanced technology. On this planet many humanoid races thrive, yet its society if very similar to ours. In this world though, magic duels are frequent and widely accepted. People do magic duels for fun, money, or to finish day to day disputes.

    On a cruise ship called Aeternam necessitatem, a magic duel contest is being held. It cruise is free for participants, and the winner gets a grand prize of 10,000 gemins, a dragon egg, and a wish (wishes are raw magic energy confined in a jewel). The only condition is, that you must have rank three or higher magic. You have decided to enter this contest, for what ever reason. How will you do in the contest? How will you get along with others on the ship? What are the true motives of the context organizers? Find out in Rune duelists.

    Coelus is a planet with a similar society to ours in another universe. It has many races living together on it, and uses magic instead of teleology. High powered magic duels are part of normal daily life on Coelus. Some basic information is:
    Humanoid races: Eight
    Main language: Runic latin (but we'll post in English)
    Currency: Coelani
    Main religion: Tenitra
    Capital city: Gemins
    Typical clothing: Race dependent, but generally loose, comfy clothes, boots, and capes are worn.

    Magic categories:
    There are four categories magic can be put in to. They are:
    • Boosting magic- this category of magic consists of enhancing the properties of an inanimate object, powering up certain physical attributes of a living being and creating restoration potions.
    • Draining magic- this category of magic consists of dis-enhancing the properties of an inanimate object, powering down certain physical attributes of a living being, and draining energy.
    • Summoning magic- this category of magic consists of summoning mythical, spirit beings to help you, requipping (instantly equipping) magic weapons and armors, and taking magic from a magic item (magic can be stored in inanimate objects)
    • Combat magic- this category of magic consists of firing magic missiles from a certain place unto a target, creating magic barriers, and changing area terrain.

    Magic elements
    Magic elements change the properties magic spells have. There are sixteen basic elements, and three forbidden elements (the forbidden ones are obviously forbidden). Most people can use all the basic elements, but have a few they favor. The basic elements are:
    • Fire- burns and heats objects.
    • Water- neutralizes and flows around objects.
    • Earth- grows and stabilizes objects.
    • Air- frees and directs objects.
    • Ice- freezes and cools objects.
    • Electricity- energizes and stuns objects.
    • Poison- corrodes and infects objects.
    • Metal- solidifies and traps objects.
    • Time- edits the how finite and the time around objects are.
    • Space- edits how large and the distance from other objects, objects are.
    • Light- reveals and blesses objects.
    • Shadow- hides and curses objects.
    • Blood- heals and diseases objects.
    • Love- infatuates and charms objects.
    • Spirit- posses and haunts objects.
    • Mind- send mental messages or pictures to, and takes information from objects.
    The three forbidden elements are:
    • Black magic- brings death and end to objects.
    • Gold magic- makes effects permanent on, and changes the laws of science for objects.
    • Gods magic- calls upon the powers of ancient/retired gods or goddesses.

    Magic ranks
    There are six magic ranks. The higher the rank is the more training required, magic power required, and powerful it is. Different rank require the use of different body parts to control. Each rank requires activation- you can use basic magic instantly, and for the other ranks you must activate each rank in order until your at the one you want. The time to activate a rank is about 5 seconds, and you are less vulnerable while activating a rank. The ranks are summarized in this chart:


    Magic rank Training needed Magic power needed Power Body control needed
    Basic Next to none Not much Very weak None
    One Basic school training A little bit Fairly weak Hands
    Two Good school training A fair bit Average Arms
    Three A fair bit of extra training Almost quite a lot Above average All of body except head
    Four Lots of extra training A lot Strong Whole body
    Five Life dedication to training Hell loads Very strong Combat avatar

    Magic spells
    To activate a spell you must say an incantation (except for basic magic). Incantations must be in Latin (use Spell names can be what ever bad arse name you like, so long as it makes sense. Here's how to form an incantation for a spell for each rank:
    • Basic- N/A
    • Rank one- Rank one, spell name.
    • Rank two- Rank two, element, spell name.
    • Rank three- Rank three, element, category, spell name.
    • Rank four- Rank four, your race, element, category, spell name.
    • Rank four- Rank four, your race, element, category, spell name, activate.

    Weapons and armors
    Weapons can be blunt or sharp. Most weapons are mundane, but some have magical enchantments on them. Magical enchantments on weapons must be rank three or above. Mundane weapons can be used with magic/conduct magic, but weapons with magical enhancements have unique spells and their own supply of magic power. A maximum of five weapons are allowed on the boat, but if you use summoning magic you probably have around fifteen in storage ready to be summoned. You can have any kind of weapon, except guns. No guns of any kind are allowed, no exceptions.

    Armors can be any shape, size, material, or colour. Most armors are mundane, but some have magical enchantments on them. Magical enchantments on armors must be rank three or above. Mundane armors can be used with magic/conduct magic, but armors with magical enhancements have unique spells and their own supply of magic power. A maximum of five armors are allowed on the boat, but if you use summoning magic you probably have around fifteen in storage ready to be summoned. Armors can simply be another outfit if you like.

    Please be sensible when choosing weapons or armors. Think about your races abilities, how it suits your favored magic elements, and how much money your character would have.

    Coelus has many different races living together on it. Each race has it's own strengths and weaknesses, so here's a summary:


    Race Favored magic category Strengths Weaknesses Appearance Other
    Humans Offensive magic Strong, clever Slow, clumsy …you should know Most common race
    Orcs Offensive magic Strong, accurate Clumsy, stupid Large, green, have tusks Live in tribes
    Seraph Boosting magic Agile, quick Weak, lethargy Beautiful, have wings Holy beings
    Furies Boosting magic Clever, accurate Weak, slow Purple, sexy, have claws Have many lovers
    Vampires Draining magic Quick, clever Inaccurate, weak Pale skin, have fangs Drinks blood
    Demons Draining magic Strong, enduring Clumsy, slow Red, scaley, have horns Cursed beings
    Anima Summoning magic Accurate, agile Stupid, lethargy Humanoid animals Human+animal hybrids
    Elves Summoning magic Clever, agile Lethargy, inaccurate Tall, slim, have pointy ears Longest life span

    (Lethargy is the opposite to enduring)

    The contest
    Your character is taking part in a contest on the boat. Half to role play will focus on the duels, and the other half on what happens outside the duels. The contest is a knock out contest, so you can duel a few NPCs, and non-contest duels are allowed. Duel rules are as follows:
    • You can win a duel by making the opponent submit, having caused the more damage to your opponent than damage taken by the end of the time limit, or your opponent falling outside the duel area.
    • If time is up and both opponents have taken equal damage, then the judge will decide the winner based upon style.
    • You can forfeit the match at any time if you so wish.
    • You can inflict damage of up to 80% onto the opponent (they need at least 20% to live properly).
    • You can't interact with anybody other than the opponent or judge during the duel.
    • The time limit for a match is ten minutes.
    • You must stay inside the duel area.
    • You must follow the usual laws (eg. no rape, no forbidden magic).

    If your're interested in this rp, please post a character profile. Here's the profile template:
    Appearance: (if you're having troubles finding a picture for a race, use
    Personality: (around three-four lines will do)
    Hobbies: (other than dueling)
    History: (you don't have to fill this in)
    Favored magic category:
    Favored magic element:
    Weapons: (no guns please)
    Reason for entering contest:
    Other: (you don't have to fill this in)
  2. I'm interested, but I'm wondering how you're going to carry out (eg the fights and such)
  3. Are you going to go all math on us to make it fair? Like power of magic 50% damage of base damage 20 = 10 damage against opponent with 120 hp 5 agility so 25% of dodge and 4 defense so 40% buffered damage?... something along those lines?

    Name: Segno Sperare
    Age: 130
    Race: Elves
    Personality: (around three-four lines will do)
    Likes: Fighting challenging opponents that use their head as well as their skills
    Dislikes: Week opponents or strong opponents that don't think when battling
    Hobbies: (other than dueling) Like to practice magic
    History: Grew up learning magic spells and was the top graduate of his school. He wants to be respected and tries to uphold an honorable appearance. He worked hard for everything he has and things just seemed to go his way all the time.
    Favored magic category: Summoning
    Favored magic element: Mind
    Weapons: sword (Post a picture of it in next post... wont let me do 2)
    Armors: He can summon shards of metal to block attacks
    Reason for entering contest: Its seemed to be an easy task to complete and was interested in fighting tough opponents.
  4. Yeah, i'm still working out how to do the fighting, since i'm basing this on a dream I had. I'm thinking of doing something mathematical though. I'll post as soon as i've finished how it's to be worked out.
  5. Math based? What are we going to compete to see who solves the problem first? Lol
  6. Its like video game programing, we choose a move and she checks to see how much it does or if it even hits... -_-
  7. This looks interesting and fun. It'll be my first ever fighting roleplay. Will you like role a die or have a random number generator. Because in a video game (which I play a lot of) they have a set scale for damage and hit change. So will you, depending on the spell accuracy and damage, role from a set of numbers. Like 0-10 for hit chance and then 50-100 on damage; just as an example. And depending on the role chose how many hit points are taken from the target. And then take away the set amount of mana cost from the casters mana bar? If any of that makes sense, sometimes I babble and don't make sense. And as you can see, I play too many games, or not enough.
    Anyways I'm interested in how you will do this. I'm excited. So I' going to go make my character sheet now!

    Edit: Uh... I have a question. What is a Furie? I looked it up but I'm not sure I found what I was looking for.

    Another Edit: Also, will there be team fights? Such as; two vs. two or something like that.
  8. Name: Rein Zauber
    Age: (Trying to think of a good age....)
    Race: Seraph
    Personality: She doesn't like conflict and actually tries hard to avoid it. Rein plays the role of a support and tends to stay back and watch while giving support in both combat and socialization. She is kind and loving, but recent events have given her a meaner side that she tries to fight off. Supportive. She listens well to orders. Takes good care of her friends. Is like a silent guardian angel. Easy to manipulate if she trusts you. Worries too much. Often forgets to take care of herself. Careful, Thoughtful, Giving, Selfless, and Loyal.
    Likes: Friends, quite moments, watching the sunrise, caring for her friends, and caring for others.
    Dislikes: Lies, darkness, selfishness, anger, bloodshed, and trash talk.
    Hobbies: She often spends her alone time sitting in the sun and thinking about everything. She doesn't get a lot of free time to have a hobbies.

    History: Rein almost died once, but a man happened to fine her on her death bed and decided to save her. Her savior knew one of the forbidden magics; Gold magic. When she awoke he made her swear loyalty to him in return for her life. She did so. He slapped magic shackles onto her wrists and bound Rein forever to him. She then had to do everything he said; she was his slave. Being his slave began to corrupt her, and this can been seen in her eye. Her eyes were once blue like a clear sky, but now are black from corruption.

    Favored magic category: Boosting Magic
    Favored magic element: Light
    Weapons: A ball of colorful light that boosts her and can attack (Its more like a familiar since it follows her when summoned but can be used as a weapon)
    Armors: She can summon a cloak of light to surround her. She can also summon a shield of light.
    Reason for entering contest: Not being able to enter himself, her owner made her enter in hopes she would win the grand prize.
    Other: She has a shinning aurora around her, but its kinda dim when not in combat as not to blind everyone.
  9. A furrie is someone who likes half animal half human creatures. I think she is referring to the half wolf/cat/dog and half human creature though.
  10. I am utterly interested~!
    Sign. me. UP~!
  11. Name: Marshall White

    Age: 19

    Race: Human
    Appearance: anime beggar.jpg

    Personality: Marshall, despite his poor upbringing, is quite smart and wise. He's even mature for his age, having been forced to grow up and fend for himself at a young age. He also lacks a formal education having left school at the age of 8 to try and help take care of his family, or at least what's left of his family. Despite that he always read whatever he could get his hands and whenever he had free time. Marshall also has trouble talking to other people, focusing solely on supporting his family. Still, he has some friends that he trusts and relies on to help him survive. He also tends to avoid conflict, but isn't above a fight when the time comes.

    Likes: Books, Cards, Rap, Poetry

    Dislikes: Rich Snobs, Living in the streets, people suffering, gangs

    Hobbies: Surviving, Gambling, Anything to bring in money.

    History: Marshall had a hard life ever since he was a little kid. Right from the get-go he had a family that wasn't economically stable and falling deeper and deeper into poverty. His family used to live in the middle class area of his city, but had to move across the tracks and live in the ghetto. Things had started to get even worse when his dad caught some mysterious disease and was bedridden. In his financial status, no one would help them. Meanwhile, his mother was out cheating on him and eventually left them for a richer better life. He resented his mother for that, leaving the three of them, him, his dad, and his little sister, alone to fend for himself.

    By the second grade he had to leave school and find some way to support their family, deep into poverty. He had ran around the neighborhood, begging and running odd jobs for people who could afford it. It wasn't long until it got so bad that he had to resort to stealing and gambling. He preferred the former, it was slightly safer and he didn't have to rely on loan sharks which could make things worse.

    Soon, he met his close friend Mark, who was actually a victim of one of his "heists". He was the son of a budding entrepreneur who had spotted Marshall breaking into his house stealing odds and ends to fence. At first Mark threatened to call the cops, but after defusing the situation and explaining his life Mark had taken pity on him.

    Mark was actually an influential figure in his life, being the one to rely on when things got bad and the person to teach him magic and how to fight. They grew close and Mark was the one who got him into the tournament.

    Favored magic category: Boosting

    Favored magic element: Shadow

    Weapons: Knife, Fists

    Armors: Nothing but the clothes on his back

    Reason for entering contest: He entered this contest because it's his last chance to turn his life around. Having hit rock bottom, and trapped in a dead end factory job he sees this tournament as a way to turn his horrible luck around.

    Other: Having resorted to stealing most of his life and close run in's with the cops he has learned to run and run fast. He knows a self-taught form of parkour and is more agile than the average human and relies on his own abilities in combat, rather than magic. He's learned to incorporate boosting magic to further enhance his natural abilities than using flashy combat magic.
  12. A furie is a mythical beast my friend was rambling about, so Im not sure...

    A quick vote, who wants random numbers involved? Because if so, IC editing is banned.

    Finally, if your interested post a profile asap, because Im banning reserves. They annoy me.
  13. Well I think we should do whoever comes up with the cleverest battle decisions that are creative and doable, judged by yourself. Otherwise I think it should be as I said earlier. I'm not sure if that is what you mean by 'random numbers.'
  14. i am interested in playing though i would like to know how the duels will be fought?
  15. Ive almost finished the battle system explanation, I'll post it as soon as its done. Then you people can make edit suggestions.
  16. *waits impatiently and is anxious to start. He pokes his character who is also waiting on the sidelines*
  17. *waits impatiently and is anxious to start. He pokes his character who is also waiting on the sidelines*
  18. Right then, sorry for the delays, i've been on the run from some clocks. I warn you, this will be a long post, plus it needs polishing for perfect clarity. All word equations are in brackets. Also, I shall create an extra thread for calculations. Here are all the battle rules (finally, once again, sorry):


    These are the stats your character will have to distribute points for:
    Health points- If these get to zero, you lose. It is only 80% off your actual life points, keeping in mind the basic duel rules.
    Mana points- You pay for spells with these. If it gets to zero, you can't cast any more spells.
    Strength- The stronger you are, the heavier a weapon you can wield.
    Agility- This boosts your weapon attacks.
    Accuracy- This increases the chance of your attacks succeeding.
    Speed- This decreases the chance of your opponents attacks succeeding.

    These are other stats that will be used:
    Weight- The heavier the weapon, the higher the strength required to wield it, and the more damage it does. Measured in scones (I made that measurement up to save confusion between metric and imperial).
    Attack damage- Damage done to the opponent.
    Rank points- The higher rank an item is, the more points it gets. These points will effect attack damage. Here is a table of rank points for calculations:



    Weapon/armor points- (Weight*Rank) This is the base damage/protection of a weapon/armor.

    Each race starts with different stat amounts to start with, then you have a further 100 points to distribute according to your own will. The starting stats for each race are:



    After each battle you win you may distribute another 15 points.

    Attacking with just a weapon

    1. First check your STRENGTH is a larger number than your weapon's WEIGHT. (I'll let you choose your weapons weight, so long as it's sensible. If anybody can come up with a better way to calculate weight, please tell me). Also, you need to have activated a rank that's same or higher than your weapons (unless it's a basic level weapon).
    2. Roll for the weapons base ATTACK DAMAGE. The base attack damage range is (5>WEAPON'S WEIGHT*RANK POINTS>5). The dice code is
      Total=0, replacing X with 11, and each number in the weapon's base attack damage range in chronological order corresponds to a number of the dice in chronological order Eg. A rank two sword that weighs 20 scones has a base attack range of 35 to 45. If I rolled a three, then the base attack damage I would use would be 37.
    3. Add (your AGILITY-opponents ARMOUR POINTS) to the base attack damage. The armor points have the similar rules as weapons. Your STRENGTH must be higher than its WEIGHT, and its armor points are (WEIGHT*RANK). No range for armor points though. Eg. A rank two plate of armor weighing 15 scones has 35 armor points. Your agility is 21. 21-35=-14 37(+)-14=23. The attack damage has gone down to 23.
    4. If there are any active spells that effect weapon attacks, calculate their effect now. Eg. A metal spell boosting all sword attacks by 50% is active. 50% of 23 is 11.5. 23+11.5= 34.5. The attack damage has risen to 34.5.
    5. See if the attack will hit. First use the calculation (your ACCURACY- opponents SPEED). If the number is 0 or negative the attack fails, if it's 100 or over it's a success, if it's between 0 and 100 continue to the next step. Use the dice code
      Total=0 again, except replace X with 100. If the number rolled is the same or lower than the calculation number the attack succeeds. If it's higher than the calculation number, the attack fails. Eg. Your accuracy is 71, the opponents speed is 26. 71-26=45. The number rolled is 32, so the attack succeeds.
    6. If the attack succeeds, your opponent takes damage in the following manner, (opponents HEALTH POINTS-ATTACK DAMAGE). Eg. The opponents health points are 150. 150-34.5=115.5. The opponents health points have been lowered to 115.5

    All magic type rules
    You can only cast up to three spells a post. As soon as mana cost is worked out, subtract it from your mana points, even if the attack ends up failing. You must always calculate if it will hit or not, in the same manner as weapon hit chance.
    Boosting magic
    A- Potions. You can create one potion each three turns. You can carry up to five potions at once, but in the COMPETITION DUELS (not other duels), you may only start with two.
    1- Choose whether you want to create a mana or health restoration potion. Eg. A health restoration potion.
    2- Decide how many points it will restore. Eg. 20 health points.
    3- Take away half the points of the stat you didn't chose for the potions energy. Eg. Take away 10 mana points from your total mana points.
    4- Now the potion is made you can drink it to regain the set number of points for the set stat. Eg. If my friend drinks the potion they'd regain 20 health points.
    B- Weapon enhancement. You may enhance one weapon every three turns. You can only have two weapon enhancements active at once. Posts only count if they are the attackers or opponent for post duration. A weapon can only have one enhancement at a time.
    1- Decide the element, rank, and post duration for your spell. Eg. Flame at rank 2 for 3 posts.
    2- Work out the mana cost, by ((post duration*10)+rank points). Eg. 3*10=30. 30+20=50. The mana cost is 50.
    3- The spell effect is (mana cost+(intelligence/3)). Eg. My intelligence is 20. 20/2=10. 10+50=60. The spell effect is 60.
    4- If there are any field spells which effect spell enhancements active, take into account their effect (including element difference) now. Eg. A water spell reducing all enhancements by 10% is active. Water is +75% effective against fire, so the water spell effect is -85%. 85% of 60 is 51. 60-51=9. The fire spell's effect has lowered to 9.
    5- Enhance a chosen weapon's attacks by the final enhancement spell effect. Eg. I have a sword. All its attacks are +9 now, and it possess' the element fire.
    C- Stat relocation. You can relocate up to 50 of your own stat points every three of your posts. You can relocate up to 25 of your opponents stat points every three of your posts. All relocations last 8 posts that you or your opponent post.
    1- Decide your target, how many points you want to relocate, from which stat, and to which stat. Eg. 35 of my stat points from health to strength.
    2- The mana cost is (stat points being moved-intelligence).

    To be continued...