Runaway Teen Lives in Walmart for Four Days

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  1. I swear someone's gonna make a movie based off of or inspired by this o.o
  2. I wonder to how come the parents didn't go to the police for a possible Missing Case person xD.

    Strange things always happen at Wallmart..>.>
  3. Yeah... That's suspicious indeed, perhaps he had a good reason to run away o.o PS: *whispers* Wallmart game (sorry if you don't know what I mean :P)
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  4. If I had a kid, I would send him to Walmart. For every day he survives undetected, he gets one hour of parental love.

    Let this be our new beginning.
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  5. That kid should be in the military. xD
  6. Really wish I could remember the name of the guy that lost his unit in World War 2 Nazi occupied Italy and avoided detection for 6 months until the wars end without speaking a word of Italian and being an ugly sonovabitch.
  7. I'm just kinda wondering how no one found him and why his parent's didn't go apeshit trying to find him. o.o
  8. It's because Wal Marts actually have secret portal rooms. Though most just lead to places you'd rather want to avoid in China.
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  9. It was only a matter of time before he ended up in child labor.
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  10. If I had a kid who I overheard saying, "I'm running away to go live in Walmart."

    The day he left I would be like, kudos to you and have the best of luck!

    Then after he got detected I would be all disappointed in them.
  11. Well, he DOES have everything he needs in a Walmart.

    Lord knows that's one of the places I intend to secure when the Zombie apocalypse happens.
  12. I know right, Walmart and Costco... What else would you need?
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  13. Hey, you guys...?

    Not gonna lie, it gets tedious halfway through.

  14. i remember that flick!
  15. All anyone wants to see is the part with Walmart
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