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    Vader stood, peering over the ledge. "Look at it, isn't it wonderful? Restoring the primordial chaos to reality must truly be, the most beautiful of arts." Below him, a near 900ft below, a riot was ensuing. One which Vader himself had instigated. Over the years he had poisoned the minds of the young Supers, turning them against the humans, each other and themselves.

    It had started as a rally and had turned into a citywide battle of epic proportions. There seemed to be no more sides, everyone seemed to have lost their minds. Some going on killing sprees, others on paths of destruction. Some fighting simply for the chance to really use their powers, and others literally to survive. It had been going on for days now and showed little sign of stopping. There were just too many people enjoying themselves. "Have you been enjoying your time in my company?" Vader began to address the now ghostly looking man that he had been grasping in his left hand. His left hand, of course, being suspended over the ledge of the now desecrated building face, all the while jesting and proclaiming about his work. The man responded by clutching tighter to Vader's forearm and screaming "Y-Y-yYY-YEAH SIR!"

    Vader laughed in such a discordant manner it almost sounded like a distorted and badly damaged church organ. "DONOTINSULTMYINTELLIGANCE!" Vader screamed the words into the man's face, shaking him violently as he did so. "I know full well you have been miserable during our conversation, the urine stain on your trousers is testament to that fact. You know cretin, I have no need for liars to be present in my company. If you can not be honest with me, then there is no hope for us Steve. Honesty, is all I ever asked of you."
  2. Peers between the branches of the trees. There was a man standing and watching the chaos as if he enjoyed or had planned it. Pinning her bright orange ears back against her head at the thought of someone so evil she grits her teeth and drops silently to the floor. Stepping steadily closer to the man she notices the ghostly pale man haning out over the ledge. The wretched stench of urine fills her highly sensitive nose and she bites her lip as not to hiss aloud. Crouching low she stays hidden and observes the conversations with her usual cat like curiosity.

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  3. With a proverbial smirk Vader turned and threw the man onto the ground, reliving him of his drawn out encounter with the face of death. "Although you have lied to me Stephen, I will not hold it against you. You have been my companion now for two days. I feel as though a romance is blossoming between us. I can not afford to throw that away, not now. Not after all that we've endured." Vader began to move closer to his captive, crouching down near him. "Can you hear the symphony below Stephen? It has such a wonderful essence, a charm eve--n." Vader stopped suddenly, catching a glimpse of cats eyes in the darkness behind his captive human Stephen. The eyes were large and belonged to a human sized creature. It could have possibly been a tiger escaped from the local Zoo. If it twas, the beast would be dead soon. His bionic suit had been built to combat a super strengthened human! A tiger would be no match for the likes of Vader.

    The streets below were becoming more restless, Vader could hear battalions of soldiers being deployed to shoot down the flying Villains. Haha! Foolish fliers, always drawing too much attention to themselves. "Hey you in the shadows, you, you silly kitty! How did you get up here? I'm sorry kitty but Stephen is not for you. He is my friend, and we shall remain this way until the bitter end."
  4. Catches her breath as the man speaks directly at her. Holding her ears back against her head she stands and glares at him. "You caused all of this chaos didn't you?" She accused stepping over her bush. Hands on her hips she flicks her tail annoyed. The chaos bellowed had killed her friends and family, if this was his fault he would play!
  5. Claire ducked under the arms of a large man with tattoos which ran along his entire body. They came to life as she passed, a large snake on his calf becoming three demensional with a slimy 'POP' similar to that of an octopus's suction cups being pulled off of wet glass. She shuddered and jumped over the thing before the man could take notice and send all of them against her. She was in luck though, a woman who's face seemed capable of turning things into acid at contact leapt on him then, melting his flesh until it was a puddle of steaming yellow and blue. That woman had been one of the few she had seen from her windows at night when the riot had first started a few days ago. The lady was crazy though, apparently being one of those weirdos who used to go to conventions and randomly glomp people until they died. Well, at least it had saved her from the snake thing.
    Claire took a few more hasty steps back, glad that no one had taken much notice of her so far in the past few days. That is, until her back pressed up against the warm skin of someone else. Someone who she could practically hear licking their lips as their eight arms went around her and began to clone itself in a circle, completely blocking her from the other Supers. The original let her go and shoved her into one of the copies and they all began to laugh at her teasingly. "What's wrong? Lost little-wittle girrrrrrl?" they all said with sarcastic sympathy, grinning at her hungrily. The copy pushed her up against another one, who spun her around three times before pushing her on to the next. "Why don't we play a game?" They rushed her at once, closing off all space until all she could see and smell was the deformed skin of the half spider, hybrid man's clones. She managed in a lungful of air and was only able to half whisper the word 'Stop'. It was enough though. They all froze for only half of a second before falling dead to the ground, blood gently streaming out of their ears.
    Claire closed her eyes against the image and ran on, continuing her initial pattern of ducking, side stepping and jogging.
  6. Perplexed for a moment, Vader then laughed again as he saw the cat-hybrid step out into the moon illuminated room. "You could say I propagated the cultivation of this fruit a little, yes. What can I say? I'm old fashioned darling. Nothing turns me on like gearing up for war, and as you can blatantly see, I have been gearing up for quite some time now." Narrowing his eyes, Vader stood, shooing Stephen into a corner as he did so. "Your tone of voice indicates you are accusing me of this crime, and are therefore enraged by it! Why so child? Does it infringe upon your life? Well listen closely you ingrate, Life is an everlasting infringement on your existence If you can not deal with that then you will be a very unhappy person. And I just can't stand those kind's of people."
  7. Claire turned around a sharp corner, praying that the most recent creature, a Super who only had to touch something and it would die, wouldn't catch her. The thing's most obvious drawback to this ability though was that it seemed to slowly be corroding its own body everytime the power was used. It didn't have much flesh left and both muscles and intestines were becoming alarmingly visable. She held her breath and silently scurried up a small brick wall which had been mainly used to show where one neighbour's property ended and the other began. Not that it was relevant any more.
    The half dead thing let out an inhuman screech as it noticed its most recent pray was escaping. Claire blocked out the sound just before it hit her ears and watched as two Supers who had been too close dropped down to the pavement in epileptic seizures. She looked around frantically until she spotted a fire escape ladder on the side of the building and began to climb, the creature hot on her heels. There were plants though; hundreds of them in pots on every few floors and it was draining the life force from the thing every time it made contact, which was good for her. By the time she had reached the roof, nearly nine hundred feet in the sky, it dropped dead, convulsing at her feet with its mouth open wide. She swalled the bile that rose to her throat and with a hefty kick, pushed the ex-Super off the escape and ran herself up to the top, panting wildly as her heart hammered in her chest.
    There were two more Supers and a human thing. Well, crud.
  8. Immediately after speaking with the cat-hybrid, a young girl suddenly appeared on the roof with them. She was panting, obviously exhausted from the amount of surviving she had been doing recently. "Hello there young one, come forth and join the party." As he spoke, a large beam of light pierced through the building, tearing through it like a lazer blade. A large chunk of the buildings top corner ha been sliced clean off, the debris of it falling almost in slow motion onto the people below. Vader ha begun to laugh, believing his luck had been in with not being dismembered by such a wild attack from below. However as he turned to see the wreckage falling, he saw his beloved Stephen sat on the small portion of roof, falling to his death.

    Without waiting for a word from either of the intruders, Vader lept forwards, his suit giving him enhanced human abilities. Meaning that within seconds Vader was within close proximity to his captive. He landed on the falling debris, quickly grabbing Stephen by the scruff of the neck and then again, leaping high off it like a ricocheting bullet. The force from Vaders jump even pushed the triangular slice of building back, smashing into its original structure.

    Vader watched it happen as he sailed through the air, then landed, quite gracefully considering his lumbering and heavy suit, on the other side of the street, onto another building top.
  9. Under what any typical human would of called 'normal circumstances', Claire would of just stood there and stared at the stranger with her mouth hung open. After nearly three days of pure chaos on the streets, Supers trying to kill her, average people trying to kill her, military officers trying to kill her, heck, even her own puppy tried to kill her! That little circumstance wasn't very likely to happen. Her eyes narrowed at the two men who were now about fifty feet away with blood-shed, an impenetrable mob and a drop of death seperating them. She stuck out her tongue and gave a very "Elmo in Grouchland" raspberry to the both of them, applified loud enough to set off about half a dozen more car alarms.
  10. Did that girl just, raspberry me? With an incredible amount of velocity I might add! How amusing, the audacity of it!

    He pointed over to the now damaged building across the drop and shouted. "That raspberry was very impressive young lady. I hope you wern't wishing to do my earlobes any damage with that awful noise."
  11. "Ah!!" Clamps her ears to her head trying to block out the noise and drops to her knees in pain. Hissing she shakes her head trying to get rid of the wretched ringing that clung to her ears. Flicking her tail angrily she reaches for a knife that was strapped to her waist and flung it up at the origin of the noise, missing on purpose she looks up to see the girl.
  12. He had lost sight of Commando Blazerush and what remained of his Super crew amidst the falling concrete and scattering of broken bodies. Self styled heroes and self proclaimed villains brawled this way and that, but Solemn was interested almost solely in deserving the long awaited death of his nemesis. They would run, somewhere in the city and regroup. They weren't all fools. Others would follow suit soon enough. Despite what had led them to each other's throat, they would find common ground quickly. Especially the Supers. Solemn turned his head to the building closest to him, from which a horrid sound exploded, rocking vehicles close to him; scooting them ever so slightly. Before the ragged folds of his cloak even touched the ground, he was being hoisted in the grip of a massive, inhuman arm; raising him to the lip of the roof. He stepped from the palm of his beast, allowing it to regain the tall spread of his own shadow and stared ahead at those gathered.

    They were not the group he sought, but, at least one was a somewhat familiar face, though they were separated by a street. Vader he recognized, but the women were foreign to him. Solemn balanced himself along the edge of the roof, staring ahead.

    "I am the yawning void that awaits beyond repose. Come, allow me to swallow your life."
  13. And now Solemn appeared on the scene. The wretch as a dangerous one indeed, his ability allowing him many clones. Not that many of them could withstand a strike from Vaders suit, however, if you find yourself mobbed by them, the situation can become somewhat life threatening. The bigger ones were always a lot of hassle too. Deciding to waste no time Vader yelled at Stephen to retain his position then launched himself off the end of the building, the force of it cracking the concrete underfoot. As he flew he took hold of one of his blades, moving it in conjunction with his velocity to bring down a vertical hammer strike on the head of Solemn.
  14. Claire rolled her eyes at the comment the suited up man across the street shouted back at her. If she had wanted to do his earlobes any damage, he would of already been half deaf by now. She suddenly went stiff. Metal softly scraping against leather about six yards away, accompanied with the sound of breathing; the other Super. Staying completely still, she listened carefully as the object was thrown and wizzed inches past her face, falling to the ground somewhere behind her. That had been close but it could of been closer, so made the assumption of it being a warning shot. Slowly, she turned on her heels so that she would be able to face the feline-like Super as she slowly back away towards the fire escape. "It was an accident," she said warily, keeping her ears more than her eyes trained on the older woman.
  15. Feels the ground shake as the beast walks up. Still holding her ears in pain she hisses at the monster. Feeling the girls eyes lay on her back Blaise turned to face her tail flicking angrily. Shaking her head roughly, letting her ears flap against her head she glares at her, "accident or no accident I could've hit you." She spews sternly at the girl. The whole town had gone crazy because of one man, what has happening to her?
  16. Claire eyed the girl suspiciously, taking a mental note on caution with the way she phrased her words. "You didn't though..." A minor explosion sounded off a few blocks away, causing the nearby buildings to vibrate with the aftershock. More screams were heard from below and she was beginning to get one of her migraines near the center area of her brain, slightly above the pinna of her ears. She closed her eyes for a second and when they opened again the area around her and feline girl was muted from almost all other outside noises. If there were no background sounds it would became a bit disturbing, like being trapped in one of those boxes where all of your senses are temporarily turned off.
  17. Solemn grinned a silent smile, listening as Vader betrayed himself to his course of action.

    "Fool," he mumbled, shadow arms snaking from the long folds of his robe, pressing their palms against the ground, flinging Solemn forward, away from the singing edge of Vader's blade, "I am not to be treated as these mewling whelps are."

    He landed with his back to Vader, the arms that propelled him trailing along behind his back, elongated and limp; an intended trap. More still wrapped around his body, though their shift was subtle beneath the surface of his vestments, touching at his chest and neck. Outstretching his arms, he let them encase his frame, covering his face and stretching along his shoulders.

    "Tell me," his voice echoed as the dust settled around his feet, "why do you hide behind your suit? What could it contain, but your frail form?"

    Those that were not attached to him began to emerge from the outer folds of his tattered robe, those little slices where light could not reach became harlequin imps; petite and lithe, rising up on wings of black gossamer. They gnashed their teeth as a swarm, and began their mad orbit around Solemn's body as he turned.

    "They will tell me. They will find a way in."

    The gathered shadow wasps quivered in anticipation, aflutter with whispering fury.
  18. He Moved! Vader slammed into the ledge of the building, his blade sinking into the concrete and breaking it apart. His momentum was passing through the wall and he couldn't stop it. He landed on the floor of the room below the roof, large pieces of rubble were strewn about the tiled floor and dust lingered in the air.

    Above, Vader could hear Solemn taunting him, trying to provoke him into answering back, provoke him into giving Solemn the psychological edge. Well Vader wouldn't bite this time. He wasn't much for talking during the heat of a fist fight. However, one thing he wasn't afraid of was running away, and right now, if he were to gain any kind of advantage, he needed to retreat.

    Without saying a word Vader quickly sheathes his sword and proceeds to slam his fist into the ground, instantly smashing through the concrete structure giving him a path to the floor below. Upon landing Vader repeated the process, tunneling his way through each floor until ultimately reaching the bottom.
  19. Claire let out an involuntary yelp and fell to the grounf of the rooftop as what felt like an earthquake vibrated through the entire structure. Her breathing came faster, waiting for the building she was on to crumble to the ground as well. She stayed frozen to the spot with her stomach pressed against the concrete underneath her until the shaking reasonably stopped, aside from the occasional shudder. That was not good, not good at all. It seemed to of come from the building across the street, the same one that stranger guy had been on along with the human. No surprise there. Standing up on slightly shaking legs, she returned the sounds back to normal around herself and the other Super. "S-sorry. Gotta run." She gave a hesitant smile before approaching the edge of the building, toes just passing the edge. There was complete havoc and disorder amonst those who were below. They didn't even seem to care that hundreds of them had already died due to this useless fighting. Imagine what they could of been capable if they had all worked towards one goal! She inched a bit closer to get a better look at where her target was. Geez... she knew she was going to regret this. After a quick prayer and surveillance of the surrounding area, she sucked in a deep breath and jumped out as far as possible, letting out an ear splitting scream at the ground as she fell.