Ruins and Remnants

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    The floors are made of presumed cobblestone and a thick musty smell lingers in the air. A steady dripping is coming from somehere in the room, probably the cause of the wet feeling weighing down your clothes and doing no favors for the chill seeping into your bones, and as your eyes scan your surroundings you come to a terrifying conclusion: you can't see! The room you have woken in is pitch black, or maybe you have gone blind; there really was no way of telling. Suddenly, groans break the enclosing silence sounding too close for comfort and for a brief moment you feel panic. Until you realize the sounds are coming from others trapped in the same predicament. You try to communicate with them, but another realization hits right in your throbbing head and your heart plummets into your stomach.

    Who are you? Where are you? How did you get there? What is the last thing you remember?

    Possible Actions
    • Find a light source.
    • Talk to your fellow companions.
    • Take inventory.
    • Decide on your next move.

    EventMeet and Greet
    • Reward: Unlock Charisma at the end of the round. Roll 1d6.
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  2. :bandaid: Human Cleric
    A figure yawned. Rubbing their scalp, they grumbled about their aching head as they opened their eyes to... nothing. Unsettled, they blinked. And rubbed their eyes. Still darkness! "Oh sweet gods! I've gone blind!" they exclaimed in a panicked voice that could be female. It wasn't out of the reason of possibility that this panicking figure in the dark was female.

    Freaking out now, the presumed female stood in haste, something upon her person clinking. "S-..." Someone help? But what if... what if they robbed her blind? Aha... aha... Well, even blind, she still had her fantastic sense of humor! ... Had she always? Wait... Why couldn't she remember anything?

    Heart pounding, she patted herself down, clinking along as she went, feeling objects on her belt. A pouch clinked, not exactly alike to the clinking that happened every time she moved. Coins? Ugh, she couldn't remember. And with her precious taken sight, how could she know what she had?

    Nervous as a cat surrounded by cold water, she tentatively called out, "... Hello...?"

    (( Sorry for not pushing anything forward that much. Just wanted to get a feel of things first! May I ask what sort of clothing they might have on? Do they have whatever armor they had before coming there? Or something meager? Are skills something they have and have to be remembered, or something they get down the road? Sorry for the barrage :3 ))

    (( Uuuuuuugh ignore that I'm being a derp ))
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  3. :axeman: Elf Warrior​
    "Yes?" Hug replied in an annoyed tone.

    He reached out clumsily into the dark, hoping to find something to hold on to. Feeling the cold, uncaring stonewall, he slowly began walking towards the panicked voice. His head was throbbing. Too much drink, maybe, or a blow to the head. Or both. It's almost always both. The elf could see a bit better than what humans could, but it was still far too dark for his liking.

    Amidst the darkness, he saw the faint outline of a body, calling out for help, coins jingling. It wasn't the time or place to rob someone, though. He tapped her on the shoulder.

    "Can you see me?"​
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  4. Halfling Rogue ​

    The small figure, a Halfling, the size of a human child, looked around her new mysterious environment. Or at least, she tried to look around to no avail. It was black, pitch black. How did she get here? Where was here anyways? And for that matter.. Who was she? All she knew was right now, she needed to figure out where she was. It seemed to her like she was in a cave of some sort.. Maybe. She quickly dropped to the ground she began feeling around for something useful. Rocks, some twigs. Then she could start a fire. It would be small, and probably wouldn't last long, but long enough to take inventory.

    As she was crawling around, she heard some rustling sounds.. She wasn't alone. She had found a couple good sized rocks by the time and quickly felt around her waist for a pouch or a pocket on her person. As she was feeling, she found not only several pouches, but a small blade. She grinned, feeling slightly more confident and safe. She didn't let that take her off her guard, though. There were at least two others.. Finally a voice came from one, shortly after another responded. They appeared to be in the same situation as she was. Therefore, she deemed it appropriate to continue looking for some twigs, staying a sizable distance away from the voices.

    She could pinpoint their locations by their sounds, but didn't dare to approach. Even if they were just as she was, they couldn't see either. The last thing she wanted to do was get attacked for scaring someone in a dark place. 'Aha!' She thought to herself, interrupting her scheming of sorts. Some sticks. And they were perfect, dry and coarse.

    She knew that this would give her away after having been so silent, but she knew it would probably be for the better. She quietly gathered the sticks and twigs she had found, breaking the ones that were too long, and placed them on top of each other into a rough looking circle. A small hand reached into the pouch with the stones, the other grabbing her blade, holding it between her thumb and index finger as she began striking the stones together, hoping to create sparks to light the pile of wood.
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  5. In the midst of asking his question to the human woman, he heard the sound of flint creating sparks behind him. He turned around to see a small fire, and sitting triumphantly next to it was a small halfling. Resourceful, he thought, but it was an ill-made decision. They could see yes, but others could see them. The fire had already been made though, and if there were something else in this cave, it probably saw it.

    Picking up a small pebble, Hug threw it at the halfling's direction. "You. Halfling, follow my voice and stay silent."

    He planned on using the fire to lure whatever lurked here. Most probably, whatever lived here must not have seen fire before, and would be lured to it like a moth. He wanted to see what they were up against.
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  6. :bandaid: Human Cleric
    "Can you see me?"

    "I can hardly see the my hand in front of my fa--"

    She grew distracted by sparks, glowing yellow light, albeit tiny. That striking sound that came right before them, what was... Flint?

    So it seemed she hadn't forgotten everything, just everything important and relevant. Hmm...

    The growing light of the fire had the amnesic woman beaming. Seeing its creator in the flame's light, she opened her mouth to praise--

    "You. Halfling, follow my voice and stay silent."

    Wait, what? "Why are we moving away from the fire?" she, dismayed, asked the darkness. Despite questioning, she moved closer to the voice. "It's a nice fire..." she muttered under her breath.
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  7. The small woman's giddy posture and expression quickly faded to that of annoyance, a sharp glare shot directly at the elf. She was relishing her achievement that she worked, well, not really hard for admittedly, but she did! His tone didn't sound like he knew something she didn't, but rather paranoid, maybe he thought something was going to notice the fire. This wasn't at all a bad thought, and actually quite understandable, but she did it for a reason.

    She might be totally blind without the fire, but her hearing was pretty well trained. "I can see you now, you know. And I didn't light this fire for you, now did I? I'm taking inventory. Thank you very much. I'll come play in a minute." She quietly retorted, opening pockets and pouches and all other storage places she could find and quickly peeked inside. "And thank you." She responded to the other. She knew she wore leather and had a blade, but now she wanted to know exactly all of what she had. Hopefully a more reliable light source, the fire would probably burn itself out soon due to its small size. She kept a hand on her blade, and remained cautious in case something were to find them.
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  8. Hug looked quite perplexed. Not many people disobeyed a gang leader, much less a halfling. Composing himself, Hug offered his advice to her once more.

    "Looks like your fire's about to go out. Hurry up and follow my voice," he half-whispered, half-yelled. "I hope you found something useful."

    The tiny fire was faltering, but if anything saw it, it'd investigate even if it went out. And then it'd be alert. And it'd be dark.

    OOC: @Noctis the Devious, are you gonna take control over monsters and npcs or is that up to us too?
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  9. :zombie:Human Mage

    With wakefulness came the very sharp reminder that it sucked to be awake. White hot pangs shot through the prone woman's head as she rubbed at her temples trying to banish the pain, and slowly they pain gave way to a dull ache which in turn was accompanied with the realization that she was not alone. Eyes cracking open she opened and closed them in quick secession trying to blink away the darkness that stubbornly persisted. Moving one hand from her temple to in front of her eyes she squinted as she flexed her fingers trying to detect even a hint of movement, she saw nothing. Matching the nothing that greeted her eyes came the emptiness that populated her mind, and for a few terrifying moments she felt hollow and weak like some discarded doll. She reached for anything, any thought that might hold her mind tethered.

    "Nona." It was name, that's right it was her name. At least it sounded like her name so it would have to do for now. With a central point to concentrate from her mind solidified itself around that simple name and began to organize itself. No other memories cleared that fog that billowed at the edges of her mind but she was not confined to solely a name. Concepts, words, language, flora, and fauna all left some kind of indent in her mind and while she had no clue where such information came from she recognized it as a truth of sorts. With her mind anchored and safe she turned her attention to the darkness that was smothering her vision.

    "Perfect." She said. Either she was completely blind or she was somewhere without even a hint of light to speak of. The latter was confirmed when sparks suddenly broke though the darkness and a small fire erupted into view. It was almost to painful to look at when her eyes were already getting so adjusted to the dark. Sitting up she looked around and tried to locate the people who had been talking through the inky black. Only the little halfling was visible currently as she sat closest to the dying fire. Listening in to the exchange between the man and the halfling Nona could not help the smirk that tugged at the corners at her mouth.

    "Such an...uninviting voice. Why should we follow you?" Her voice sweet and even tempered. From her voice alone you might have thought she believed this all a joke. However in the dark her eyes darted about in an effort to see if anything was coming their way, and after patting around at her hips she drew out a small dagger that she found resting there.

    (considering how old this rp is I don't even know if Noctis knows this is even alive.)
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  10. @Kal @Cheesecake @Zella Celeste @E.T.

    [Yes! Sorry! I moved and then anxiety and then no internet! I‘ll be taking control of pretty much any behind the scenes things since I‘m unable to take part in this roleplay myself mainly because I‘ll be kind of hard to play a character if I already know everything ^^‘]

    The fire started by the Halfling did indeed live a short life, the moisture in the room added on to the short supply of kindling playing factors; however, as the light faded, the reluctant companions soon realized they were in a room of sorts with only a flimsy door, half rotted away, separating them from the great unknown. As the last flickers of light struggled to live, they may or may not have spotted at a table filled with useful and possibly unuseful supplies; a water-logged, ratty book, two sticks (handles?) next to a small pouch of oil and cloth, a minor medical kit (disinfectants, bandages, and pain relievers), and a knapsack full of rations (enough for at least two small meals each). The only other notable features were the puddles of water formed by the constant dripping through the cracks in the cobblestone ceiling and a pile of rubble.