Rufia's getting back on the saddle.

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  1. So basic introduction's first I would assume, I'm Rufia. Sometimes known as Lightning not to be mistaken for The Lightning laawl. Setting that aside, I haven't had a Mature Roleplay in quite some time, mainly because something has been keeping me from some for around a month? I think? Point is, I want to get some started so here I am, requesting for partners once more~

    Roleplay Elements I Loove. :D

    • Good Storyline, (In other words not completely centered around sex.)
    • Unique Characters
    • Psychological Development
    • Aggressive Partners
    • Reluctant Love
    • Forbidden Love
    • Something occasionally kinky.
    • Pirates
    • Fantasy
    • Medieval
    • Modern
    • Apocalypse
    • Werewolves
    • Anthros
    • Roughness
    • Rugged Characters

    Roleplay Elements that I have a neutral outlook on. ._.

    • Sci-Fi
    • Vampires
    • Slavery
    • Yuri
    • Too Odd Pairings (By too I mean just plain out weird. Like Thirty yr old woman with a 18 yr old boy. *shivers)
    • Horror
    • Furries

    Roleplay Elements that I just dislike. D<

    • BSDM
    • Rape
    • Brutality
    • Angst
    • Beastiality

    wow i have alot likes :o

    So yeah you probably have a general idea set up about me and the kind of roleplays I usually partake in. For my literature skills I think I can satisfy those who like large paragraphs and alot of detail, that kind of stuff. I post often, unless my studies have managed to consumed me, but don't worry it doesn't happen that often. Muhaha.

    So yeah, I have some storylines in mind but I would love for you guys to share some of your plots and we may just start a roleplay between each other that will hopefully lead to a healthy fun friendship. :D
  2. Allo there! First I must ask... What is the difference between anthems and curries because they are the same to me.
    That aside I do have a plot forming for a human and anthro role play if I may interest you. If not I do love a good medieval/fantasy play that I'm sure we could work something out with.
  3. What are your thoughts on steampunk pirates with werewolves thrown in for the hell of it?
  4. I've been interested in doing a pirate themed rp for about a good year or two, but the one a friend and mine did kind of fell through.
  5. I'm quite interested in a medeival fantasy between two forbidden lovers.