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  1. So, I'm making an old-timey pixel-y RPG. I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace, for those familiar with it. Unfortunately, I have the artistic talent of a porcupine wearing a blind fold, and I'm constantly recycling the same characters because I simply have nothing else to use.

    Now, before you get reading further, I need to tell you that I am very very poor. My bank account currently has less than £3.50 in it. I cannot pay you for any help you give me. You would be doing it entirely out of good will. If that isn't a problem for you, you're awesome. I might be able to reward you in... other ways... for example, you could design a side quest or dungeon and I'd try to make it part of the game.

    Without further ado, I'll get onto what I'm looking for. There's no particular time limit and I can use substitutes in the meantime, but I'd need the resources by the time I've finished the game, which will be quite a while from now.

    There are 2 kinds of art I really desperately need. First, I need some pixel-y characters. Second, I need some faces to go with those pixely characters. I have quite a few character designs in mind, but to save uploading huge quantities of resources here, I think it'd be best if you could tell me what you can do and I'll give you some things to take a look at.

    An example image set:

    ikjhg.png face111.png

    The resolution of these is quite important. If they're any smaller or larger than these images, they won't be usable.

    The most important character I really need is a young girl with long, blue hair dressed in white clothes, so if you can only do one thing, i'd love if you could do that.
  2. Could you maybe give me the exact dimensions of these individual images? It's hard to tell the size of a picture just by looking at it ^.^'
  3. Ah, sure. I figured most would probably download at least the first image and alter that...

    The first image is 96 pixels on the X axis and 128 pixels on the Y axis. Each individual variant of the character is within a 32x32 area. Walking animation is automated, so the "positions" as such will need to be the same as that image.

    The second image is 96x96.
  4. ...Altering an image isn't exactly smiled upon...

    I'll see what I can do :)
  5. It isn't smiled upon? Is there some kind of secret Codex of Artist Laws that I'm unaware of? It's a free asset that's OK to use how you want as long as you don't make money off it so if copyright's the reason...
  6. Still, using the image and altering it are too different things. Some artist prefer not to alter an image because of that grey area.
  7. I see... Well, if I do end up altering any images I'll make sure to replace any grey parts with white!
  8. Ugh unfortunately something came up and I won't be able to full fill your request.
  9. May I suggest that you make your own unique characters rather than focus on something that already exists? Try checking out HeartBeast on Youtube. He has some great tutorials on RPG pixel art and just pixel art in general. Ben uses Game Maker, but it's similar to RPG maker.
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  10. Personality-wise, and partially appearance-wise, that would be the case, but since I've already used quite a few assets of one style, anything in a significantly different style would be gamebreaking, to me. There's no harm in using a pre-existing sprite as the basis of a new one; it'd just help getting the right shapes to fit the characters already there, and it'd help getting them in the right place on the image since if they're in the wrong place, the game won't handle it properly.
  11. Actually, using pre-existing tilesets/characters etc and slightly altering them is very common for doing NPCs.

    I'd do it, but haven't pixel-arted in a while, and I dunno where my RPGmaker resources are...
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