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  1. OK guys it's me again and I am up for some rping to keep myself busy for the time being. I am looking for anyone whose highly active and can post multiple times of day as I'm always on and free with nothing else to really do so a few oneXone buddies could be good for me. Now then let's get started I do generally everything from anime, game, manga, or original based. So dive in and see what I have to offer also I'm not picky about posting styles as long as it's a couple paragraphs or more. I can understand when people have their off days but more to read more to work off of and everyones happy :)
    Things I love to do for original:
    Harems: I am a sucker for these I mean who wouldn't be, but I usually prefer a bunch of guys fussing over one girl as the main female lead role. So if this is up your alley let me know as I prefer playing males more over female characters.
    Romance: I'll do this but only if there's other genres mixed in since I'm not a fan of just pure romance rps.
    Things I don't like in my rps:
    Detailed sex scenes: I'm more of a fade to black leave it in the back stage kind of person so if you can respect that I would be very happy :)
    Pure Romance: Come now what good is a romance only rp with no action, comedy, or adventure thrown in. I don't mind romance but there must be other Genres mixed in please :)
    Not a fan of pure Yaoi or Yuri
    Anime Based I wouldn't mind doing:
    Soul Eater
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Fate Series: Fate Stay/Night Fate/Zero but with ocs preferred
    Saint Seiya: The original, Lost Canvas, Omega you name it also oc related but cannons can be there too
    Disgaea: The anime version but with ocs
    Log Horizon
    Tegami Bachi: This one could be an interesting test
    Bleach: Haven't done this series in ages will need to dust off my brain for sure on this one
    Other then this is all I can come up with a half asleep dead brain. So if you got any ideas of what you want to do hit me up don't be shy I don't bite :) I'm also very flexible. Hit me up with a pm
  2. I'm interested in doing the harem RP with you
  3. I'm willing to do a romance rp with you~ If you want to that is.
  4. I would love to do a action,fantasy romance rp with you.Rpibg has been kind of slow for me.:gloomy:
  5. You wouldn't happen to want something more along the lines of Fate/Extra would you?
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