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What's your fave?

  1. Forum (group)

    15 vote(s)
  2. Forum (one x one)

    9 vote(s)
  3. Chat (group)

    0 vote(s)
  4. Chat (one x one)

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  1. PMs/Conversations count as forum RP

    Instant Messengers count as chat

  2. Forums.

    Chats are just too... live, for me. I can't always formulate a reply right away, and usually need some time to think about it. I'm not always able to concentrate on my RP's at the same time as other people (ADD is kind of a bitch like that sometimes), which is why forums are nice, because I don't need to be online (and focused) at the same time as someone else to write replies.

    That said, groups are just good because there are more people to bounce ideas off of, I guess. I've tried 1x1's a bunch of times, and, in every single one, I always seem to run out of inspiration and lose interest very early on. I guess I just can't roleplay with only one person for too long -- I need more players to interact with within one game.
  3. Forum.

    Chats go too fast and they just get annoying after awhile

    I am fine with Group Role plays if they have a posting order.
  4. Forum groups. I'm not fond of chat roleplaying and I have a strong preference for groups over one on one.
  5. I've done a chat RP of a D&D game and it was fun. We had about ten minutes for a post so we were all getting about 2 paragraphs out per turn. It was challenging to formulate ideas and a few of the posts were oddly paced or difficult to understand, but it made the experience all the better when everyone, including the writer is dumbfounded by a post.

    That said I haven't done any really fun chat RP's since and stick mainly to forums where I can communicate whar I want my character to do per post, and write collaborations as well, which I enjoy.
  6. I started out a long time writing chat roleplay; it was this continuous amalgamation of ideas that never seemed to stop for years and years — villains rose and fell, new world tones came to light as technology and society changed with the coming and going of a multitude of writers, and for a time it was the only thing I ever wanted to do. We had a forum where stuff happened, too, but it wasn't nearly as active.

    And then we started running dry of writers. It took a long time for things to finally die, and even with people walking out for lack of roleplay there is still the occasional scene or nostalgic monologue that people leave in the logs from time to time.

    So I started looking for a change of pace — something with a bit more genre freedom, because my first roleplay ever guided me several years with the same overall theme — and found RPG, then RPN, and finally Iwaku, which I've settled in. There was a spat of DarkMyst and an obscure forum (whose name I can't remember but I recall playing a surprisingly entertaining Doctor Who/Star Trek anthrofied RP on) somewhere in between, but that never worked out.

    Since I've started to roleplay on forums, I've discovered that I love that I can pretty up my posts a lot. And also that if I want to I can write for ever and ever and ever and nobody will complain, but I've also noticed that I'm missing the old pace and variety of chat roleplays — that we could just throw out a new plot every time we thought one up and if it was awful then our characters would just conveniently not worry about it and if we really enjoyed something we'd beat it against the wall until we'd carved a bloody equine pictogram all over the wood ...
    Okay, that last bit was getting sort of winded.

    Iwaku having roleplaying chatboxes was the biggest reason I stuck around at first, I think; and when I started really getting comfortable writing forum posts I think I was sold for good. And still am. :3

    I love the quick pace. The improvisation. The forward movement of the story. I love that feeling of being IN the moment right as it happens. With the forums, I don't get that.

    I like a single partner the most, because I get even MORE story that way and I can make playdates easier.

    But I also really adore group roleplays and having that unpredictability of multiple people making on the fly decisions. <3
  8. Group vs 1x1 = Group

    More creativity from multiple people, bigger sense of community, more minds working together, more activity, more friendships being made etc.
    However I will note most of my longest RP's have been 1x1 (Hell one of them was the most active 1x1 on the entire Guild).

    Forum vs Chat = Forum

    Forums don't demand a set time.
    If life happens you can get to it whenever and make a response without completely halting progress.
    It also gives you more time to sit down and think about the post, put effort in it.
    Plus, it's far easier to keeps logs/history of.
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