RP: The Fallen Wings: Faith's Awakening


Tetsuri Tokai

Original poster

A boy: Traveling in search of the truth behind his city being destroyed as well as everyone being killed in the process, left a orphan in a city that is burning to the ground, he is picked up by a woman who raises him as her own and teaches him the arts of the sword.

A girl: abandoned by her parents and left to defend herself alone, grows up to become a warrior who masters the shield and sword style as well as archery.

The story takes place the land of Teransho, A place blooming with life, as well as concealing the darkest of secrets.

(More details once I get a person to do the story with. You can p.m me ^^9)


Maybe I can do the male role justice.
O____Oi was requesting a girl for this rp XD​
Sorry already taken by me. Sorry! >_<
Nuu way I'll kidnap it and make it my own. ;) (After giving credit)
*places my hands in my pockets and chuckles, watching the two with eyes lowered*