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RP Roots - The Roleplaying Community

RP Roots is a small and budding roleplaying board that, like Interrobang, caters to the every whim of the writer! We have an appropriate board for every genre you could think of - hell, we're the Wonkavater of RP forums....
But the fact of the matter is....
We're getting awful sick of each other. That is to say, us members who have been around for a while are looking for new friends! New faces! New stories! New blood (if vampire roleplays are your thing)!
So check us out. We may be small (and under construction), but we're fierce. We do not require character apps, play-bys or individual signups. We encourage silliness, creativity, magnificent bastardry, and above all, the public burning of the most blatant Mary Sues!

(It should be note that we do have a link-back forum, however, Freeforums.org has recently globally disabled guest posting on the boards. If you would like to link-back, feel free to either sign up or send the admin, Ladydragonrider, an email at scribbling_woman@hotmail.com with your personalized ad)