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  1. Hi :) I have quite a few plots so here goes!

    Devil Beside You RP?
    Anyone up for a Devil Beside You RP? PM me if interested and in case you have forgotten the 2005 Taiwanese series, here's a reminder! :P

    Dysfunctional Couple RP
    Inspired by this video:

    Asian drama/Kdrama style romance rp

    1x1 rp based on the anime version, the Japanese live action Itazura Na Kiss: Love in Tokyo, the Taiwanese version it Started With A Kiss or the Korean drama Playful Kiss?

    Arranged marriage (modern)
    Poor girl/rich guy
    Kdrama inspired plots
    Long term crush
    Deaf girl x boy
    Office romance
    Melodrama-style romance
    Romcom style

    Bad boy/Good Girl RP
    Inspired by these videos:

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  2. Hey I'd love to work out some kind of Kdrama plot role play deal !
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