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  1. I'm looking for an rp partner for a medieval rp maybe, perhaps a medieval/fantasy thing, though I don't really mind what genre. Just saying: I suck at the whole 'romance' thing, but you can fit it in somewhere if you like (though no male/male or female/female please) , just know that I'll probably just be sitting here awkwardly not knowing what to respond with.
    Also my characters tend to be a bit cruel/chaotic/bloodthirsty/murderous. So whoever I am will end up running around killing stuff at one point or another.
    I don't really have many plot ideas and I don't really mind where things ends up going, so if you have any thoughts please feel free to tell.
    I sound slightly crazy haha.

    Anyone want to rp with me?
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  2. I am down. I think a Dark Fantasy/Medieval Rp will do my soul wonders. I even have the perfect character in mind for such a dreary setting. And I am glad that romance can be taken almost entirely from the occasion. Any other idea's regarding what you're looking for or what character you'll play? I am in the mood for an action/adventure roleplay with some graphic details perhaps?
  3. Action/adventure sounds good.
    I'd probably be either a thief or a ranger-type, not sure which, I guess it might depend on the situation they'd be in.
    What kind of character were you thinking of running?
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    My viper character, Myriah. Who is a warrior/ spell sword whose vocation is a monster hunter.
  5. Hmm... I think I'll go with my ranger-type character Kyan. I came up with him ages ago but never actually used him. He's not necessarily evil, but he makes a living killing people and or stealing for anyone who'll pay him.
  6. So chaotically neutral? I can work with that, I'll work on a post and setting. I'll also describe the rp in my post in great detail. That way you get an idea for the overall plot as well.
  7. Are you still looking for partners?