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  1. Okay so what I’m into right now: Really want! Excited about! Happy to do!

    Furry: No real idea’s but seriously interested! No furry on human sorry; species must match. Also would love to play my avi as my character.

    An island for an old carnival; MC and YC get there when the cruise gets an s.o.s. from an island, the cruise crashes and MC only finds YC, MC assumes you are the only other survivor. In reality we are not alone and the s.o.s came from the old crew who worked the island only the people on the cruise did survivor the crash but not the crew as the crew turned cannibal for survival. Now we must find a way to get away before they themselves are eaten too.

    Fandoms: (OC ONLY!! NO CANNONS!)
    Game of thrones (Just started so be kind!)
    Hunger Games: Districts can win as teams for the 50th anniversary

    Kinks: (Wanted/Allowed)
    Age difference (No more than 10 years)
    Dirty talking
    Orgasm control
    Pegging (MxF obviously)
    Public sex
    Risk of/or being caught masturbating or having sex
    Rough sex
    Sex with an audience

    Kinks: (Big no-no’s)
    Extreme pain/torture
    Honestly everything in the body stays in the body! (scat, golden showers, throw up)
    Vicious stretching
    (If not on this list assume I’m okay with it ask if you want to make sure)​

    Little guidelines:

    • I post about one-four paragraphs but I will usually respond with what you give me, no one liners unless in conversation and even then I don’t particularly like it. If I post first it could be anywhere from 4-9 paragraphs, this is not a usual post I promise.
    • I do FxM and MxM only! MxM has to have a good plot but willing to do it, also willing to play male for FxM but again has to be a very good plot for me to consider this. If we do MxM no sissy super girly boys sorry.
    • You will be no less then beginner: please have basic spelling and punctuation. Also have to post at least once a day (unless something comes up and pm me please; after 1 week I will considered the rp closed and you no longer wanting to rp. If you have writers block please just tell me I hate when my partners just go silent.) I prefer multiple posts a day because I love rping and get excited for my stories.
    • Plot/Sex: The lowest I will go is 30/70. If at any time I feel it’s all sex I will stop replying and you will either be pmed or blocked depending on if this happens more than a few times.
    • Time zone: I’m Pacific Time and would love an rp that is available between 8pm-2am PT you will move up to first choice no matter what if you rp in that time. I will of course accept others but really looking for that time spot.

    If you have any question please ask away. If you want one that has no plot just give me a few jots of what you might be willing to rp and we can work together to make a great rp! Do not expect me to come up a plot on my own, I can but I don’t like to. It takes time since I have to read over what you like and match it with what I like and then come up with a plot. I will try to erase plots that are taken but honestly at this moment I’m on my phone more than anything because my net is being shittastic. This will be fixed hopefully by then end of this week nov30th-dec6th. I will also always pm if I will be offline for more than 12 hours; also always look at my profile I update pretty regularly if I will be away on my usual online time. If You don't like what you see here and would still like to rp outside of this list please pm!
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  2. I'll happily do dark Fae and light Fae with you! ^-^
  3. Awesome! Would you like forum or pm? Did you want to pm for more info?
  4. We shall pm and plan ^-^
  5. Still looking for one more person!
  6. Pince x princess/maid sounds fun
  7. I also want to do harry potter
  8. Werewolf alpha X werewolf bitch sounds fun!
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