rp partner needed. (dominant characters preferred.)

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  1. OK I have several pairings I want to do.
    Demon master x werewolf slave
    Vampire master x human slave.
    Vampire master x werewolf slave
    Male teacher x male student
    Male teacher x female student.
    Female teacher x male student
    Female teacher x female student.

    Werewolf x human
    Demon x vampire
    Vampire x werewolf

    So on so forth. Any ideas let me know. :)
  2. Demon Master x Human Slave sounds awesome ! ;^;
  3. Yay! Can I be the female slave? And would you mind making the rp topic thing? I'm new here and not really sure how it works. Does it work kinda how this one does or is it different?
  4. I'll go ahead and make the rp topic then pm you when it gets made. It might help you figure out the mechanics of the site if you look at other topics? Just a suggestion.
  5. OK thanks I will. :) thank you very much I appreciate it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.