RP Pals, Anyone?

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  1. Hi, there! I'm just looking for anyone willing to be friends and roleplay with new and socially awkward gooby like myself. I don't care if it's a group, one on one, a new or recommended thread, or if you just want to be friends, really. :)

    Honestly, I'm open to any type of rp as long as it's not overly mature.

    Just let me know if you're interested in anything!
  2. ^o^ Aloha! ^_^ From one new member to another, let me introduce myself- I'm Knives, and it's wonderful to meet you.

    Anyway, if you are looking for new rps, I've got one up that you can just jump into if you like, no profile required. It's in the Jump In roleplays section, called "The Path To Becoming Human" (https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-path-to-becoming-human.32374/)
  3. ill be your friend :P i love meeting new people, and i also like to roleplay so o.o i guess that would help me make the cut hah
  4. Alright, sweet! :3
  5. I'd be happy to RP with you.
  6. Alright, guys, what should we rp? should we brainstorm then start a thread, or...
  7. Do you have any particular types of RP that you prefer?
  8. Depending on what you guys are doing, I might be game. I'm looking for more roleplays to keep me busy while I'm at home. It's a pain copying posts from my laptop to my cellphone (No internet at home), but it's worth the bother.
  9. I like Medieval fantasy with Horror themes, some fanfiction, some Victorian era or Puritanical with horror themes.
  10. Hello! im new to this website too! Maybe we can role play together ! I like to role play wolves. you wanna become pals?
  11. Whoa! So many replies! I guess at this time I should introduce myself.
    I essentially rp anything from romance to horror (this includes animal rps, so wolves are fine, Mayflower :3) but I guess my favorites include anything fantasy in general.
    So I'm really fine with any rp type in general just so long as it'd pg-13 and under (so, no sex or overly terrifying and graphic gore).
    Just let me know if you'd like one on one, group, or just a general jump in thread that we come up with. :3
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  12. Anything is fine with me.
  13. mmm...since a couple of us are on right now should we just brainstorm until we come up with something we like?