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So which, if any, are you interested in ?

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  1. Okay so I'd like to run an RP. and be in one and I've found there aren't enough here. So I'm adding to the pool hoping my interests are similar to others here. I have a few ideas, a few I'd like to recycle from years past.

    1. You were volunteered/kidnapped for a science experiment, binding human DNA with that of animals! (To be clear, this isn't a furry thing, your a Human, just you may have a tail now, And while yes CERTAIN parts of you may now be Hairier than before, you didn't sprout a muzzle.) Anyhow. The plot could go one of a few ways, 1. Escape the lab, 2, become animal based super heroes. Or wtf, why not both?

    2. Similar to 1, but instead of animals it's chemical elements. Like iron sodium oxygen hydrogen etc. Your human was kidnapped and bonded with an element, they now have powers and its altered their appearance (for instance Iron, now has metal skin, but otherwise looks normal, lithium had electric blue eyes). It also wiped their memories. Credit for this one goes to my friend

    3. Super powers based off of the astrological signs, pisces taurus, etc. I REALLYYYYY like super powers of you hadn't guessed.

    4. Just a one on one romantic. But darker. I don't mean 18+ by darker. Well i kind of do, But not ..... I mean. Yeah, nvm. Forget this one.

    5. Just a one on one not dark romantic rp.

    6. Modern Soldiers stationed in an active Warzone. Both action And day to day monotony. (What Jim up to? Think he's poopin his brains out on the john. Oh, sloppy Joes again? Yep. ) stuff like that. It cold be one unit together, or a bunch of people from different jobs abd branches that found friendship abd like to be around each other.

    So vote below on the ones your interested in. I'll only do one at a time probably, but still I'd like to know which ideas are popular and which are not.
  2. 1, 2, 3 <---- I'm in anytime bruh~

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  3. Do you have a favorite of the three?
  4. well last year there's this Rp that I made death, it's called Elemental Heroes where we make heroes from scientific table like Zinc + Iron something~

    so 2 is the one that I love
  5. Ooh... the first one sounds cool. Tiger-Man for the win!
  6. I did a monkey haha.
  7. The OOC is up for periodic experiment
  8. There's an ooc up for it. The periodic experiment
  9. Is there a link? :D
  10. Thank you though! :D
  11. The first one got me here :P
  12. Interested in 3! I've seen versions of the first two before, but the third I haven't, surprisingly.
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