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  1. Hey this is slifer again. I keep coming up with some ideas. So I would like this to be MxM or MxF though I do prefer MxM. Please PM me if you're interested.

    Ok so first off I've been craving an evil sorcerer and a bard pairing. I would be the bard.

    This one is a more sci fi pairing. (This one will probably be more MxF unless you want Mpreg.) In the past (We can discuss when) a man is generally evil and has a history but he dies alone. My character goes back in time to the year when they are young to do some research. After a night of fun, my character becomes pregnant with his baby and has to return to the future. The man is distraught and when another person goes to his timeline he kills the man and goes to the future to find my character because nothing will stop him from having his newfound family. Dark romance of course.

    Recopying this prompt just in case.

    So, our characters are shifters that can turn into cats. My character runs a rehabilitation center for cats and shifts into cat form to help them as best as he can. A problem cat is brought to him, and he tries to help it but it comes to the point where the other cat attacks him. Just when my character gives up on the cat, the cat witnesses him transform from cat to human. Now your character thinks that my character is his mate since cat shifters are rare and tries to keep my character with him.
    There will be romance of course.
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