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  1. As The World Burns
    Post Apocalyptic/Supernatural

    The world is in the midst of "The Burning Times" a period referred to in the Bible as The Great Tribulation. A demonic horde has broken through to this plane of existence as has wiped out nearly all of the Human race. What survives of Mankind has taken refuge in the bombed out ruins of Cairo, Egypt. However it is here that Humanity holds it's only trump card against the armies of Hell that now roam freely. Held as a prisoner of war in the Great Pyramid of Giza is Death himself, captured by the Humans during the Battle of Har Meggido, with the help of the arch angel Michael. With Death as their prisoner, Humans are now effectively immortal and can now fight back against the demon invaders. They now are planning an all out assault on Aztlan, a new demon empire set up in the wake of Humanity's destruction.

    The Schism
    * Sci-Fi/Supernatural/Fantasy

    Far into the future Humans have become the most powerful and dominant species in the galaxy, conquering countless worlds and alien races. That is until the dark coming of Dra'Kesh...an infinitely powerful and seemingly invincible supernatural horde who declared war on the Human empire. No one knows where they came from or what their origins are, but one thing was clear...they have a festering and quenchable hate of all things Human. The Dra'Kesh billed themselves as liberators and saviors to all the alien peoples that were subjugated under Human rule, but as unrelenting destroyers to Mankind. Over the course of a thousand years, the Dra'Kesh have systematically exterminated Humanity from every region of the galaxy and Humans have been pushed to the very brink of complete extinction. Now the very few who have managed to escape annihilation have launched a desperate search for a mythical power source that supposedly holds the key to life, death and eternity...a power source known only as the Schism. In a race against time and on the run from the Dra'Kesh, the last surviving Humans must find the Schism, restore Humanity and take revenge against the galaxy.

    The Knights Of Masada
    *Modern Action/Fantasy

    The Battle of Masada, where in 79 A.D. the last of Hebrew zealots made a final stand against the Romans. However this was just the latest in a centuries long war that had raged between two feuding bloodlines. In a time before time, one brother made a vow of vengeance against another brother...this was Seth, third son of Adam. His elder brother, Cain had committed murder against his younger sibling, Abel. Thus started a blood feud that would rage for untold centuries. In modern times, the descendants of Seth evolved into the Sicarii, called by the Almighty himself to be the guardians of Creation , to battle the offspring of Cain and to oppose all the forces of Baphomet. The other are the descendants of Cain, who became the shadowy Talo'Vishari....unwavering servants of Baphomet, conjurers of evil demons and arch enemies of the Sicarii. Now the Talo'Vishari are hell bent on finishing what they had started at Masada, to find a lost relic, known as the Key Of Solomon and release an army of demon warriors to be released upon the world and begin Armageddon...

    The Horseman Of The Hollows
    *Historical Action/Horror/Supernatural

    It is 1860 and the fledgling United States teeters on the brink of civil war. Recently a rash of gruesome and unsolved decapitations have been reported throughout the both the northern and southern territories. People have reported what seems to be a headless rider galloping its way through the dark forests and water ways, claiming victims. A motley crew of bounty hunters, trackers and detectives have been assembled to capture this monstrosity and put an end to the gruesome murders. In short order, they soon discover that this headless demon is actually the biblical Horseman Of War and had risen to ravage the nation in bloody civil strife. Can they stop the rampage of the horseman and avert an all consuming war that will tear a nation apart?
  2. Interested.
  3. Which one were u interested?
  4. All three, it's up to you on which you'd like to do.
  5. Well I had another person message me with interest in the "Schism" story line, so Im gonna go with that one. Im gonna start an actual OOC for the RP, so if ur still interested you can post up a character sheet.
  6. Works for me, when the OC is up post it here so I may get to it.
  7. Will do...
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