INTEREST CHECK RP Idea based of computer game that is coming out.

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  1. Okay so first watch this (if you haven't already seen all this)....

    Okay so don't tell me that wasn't awesome. Now the game will eventually come out and it is a --shooter-action-open world--mmo-rpg and looks awesome though I'm not actually sure how much RPG elements will be in their. But any-ways that will probably be ages away and we have no clue how RP-friendly it is. So I thought it would be fun to do a forum RP based on it preferably
    with a group of 3-7 but I'm willing to go higher though 3 would probably be my lowest.

    So we could tweak the idea and we don't have to stay exactly to the game, and if your wonder or maybe you would be surprised and slightly scared to find out that alot of the actual trailer isn't fake Operation Black Winter and Directive 51 are actually real., Although I think it may have been sensationalised for the sake of the trailer/game concept.

    Anyways anyone interested? We can start chatting about details if anyone shows interest. If you post on this thread I'll assume you are showing interest so feel free to jump right in and start asking questions if you have any.
  2. Holy........%!&@..........this video.....holy crap. I think I'm now even more paranoid than I was before.......I didn't even know that was possible.......! I......can't even.....hang on, I need to put my mind back together....

    Yes....I would like to take part in this...
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  3. So what should we do?
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  4. Well I wanted a few more people to show interest before I go to the work of creating the RP.

    But I'm thinking that basically our RP will be about some agents who meet up in New York and have to basically try and re-establish society/save it from itself. While also trying to find out who made the bioweapon and why they did it and combating them. As well as just general chaos and people who are resorting to violence and basically becoming criminals, as well as trying to help the sick and establish basic needs for themselves and others such as food, water, oil, electricity, medicine, shelter, etc. And that doesn't even take into account the fact that the agents are supposed to be outside an really hierarchy or structure so they can work autonomously so who says that when they get together drama might happen? What if some of them decide they want to create a new country instead of rebuilding the old one? What if in fighting between agents between this and maybe about priorities of what people need becomes violent? There is lots of area for plots.
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